Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cost indicator.

It was love at first listen. Plus she's like really cute. :P

Forget about the price tag? My mother always told me if you're spending money on food, then you can forget about the price (tag).

So to me, I don't mind spending most of what I earn on good food. I am a bit fussy when it comes to eating, which would explain why I was slightly thinner back in the day.

But apart from food, I seldom splurge so carelessly. I always think twice, or even thrice when wanting to buy something.

I like having loads of money. Sometimes not to spend. Just to know I have lots of it. Haha.

I think some people have the opposite idea. Money is to be spent. If you have excess money, then its for spending.

Why not keep money instead? You'll never know when you'll need it. Plus that brand new hi-tech phone isn't gonna be so hi-tech in 2 months time. Or that cute dress isn't gonna look so cute in 2 months time (coz you're probably gonna buy another cute dress and forget all about the last one.)

But I guess I'm in no position to talk. Different people have different interests. Some people would go hungry just to get that new iPad. Some would sell their iPads for new shoes.

The price tag is important though. When you're eyeing that new gadgetron or salivating over that RM100 steak at Victoria's Station, just remember that some people can barely afford a simple plate of rice with lauk.

I sometimes grumble on my own, thinking about how average my salary is, when some of my colleagues, with the same qualifications as me, are earning almost twice as much.

But seeing as how I'm earning twice as much as one of my housemates, I try to grumble less.

Knowing that we are weak, He sends us reminders almost everyday, to guide us to the right path. And sometimes I feel blessed that I am lucky enough to actually notice His reminders, when so many others do not.

I am not a good person. Although I do know that I am trying to be one.

And for the time being, that is good enough.

Peace and love.