Thursday, July 26, 2007

c'est la vie

heyya ladies and gents.. i dont really have that much to say this time, but seeing as how i havent been updating for some time, due to the tight schedule of the violin training and the start of the new sem, so i guess, since im not doing anything at 2 30 in the morning, i thought, why not update the blog? so wut if my lecture is at 8 in the morning? bak kata the indian guy dlm iklan astro, "ive got time!". haha.

lets kick things off with a bit of update in the orchestra department. well, as it turns out, i will be performing in the concert.. yay! i guess i'm good enough to play the songs.. or it cud be due to the fact that all the mistakes that i make arent loud enough to be heard in the midst of all the other sounds.. hehe. no matter, i get to perform, and that good enough for me, for now, at least. it is also quite encouraging to know that ppl are actually paying to see this thing, this performance. rm 3. quite cheap, or shud i say, bloody cheap, considering that the show starts at 8 30 pm and ends at midnight approximately, performances not only from the Classical & Jazz Orchestra, but from the Indian Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Keroncong group, Gamelan group, and the UTP choir, and to top it all off, 3 new artists will be performing there : cheryl samad, ultimat, ijan. so its really REALLY cheap! im not quite sure if these 3 ppl can actually sing, but... who cares. haha. apparently they're all releasing their new album, and their releasing it here in utp, so for those that are fans to these 3 ppl, or grup, come on down and visit UTPO Symphonyfest '07.. bit of advertisement here. hehe. sorry bout that. dtg la tgk ak perform. bl lagi.. hehe.

apart from that, i just started my new semester... so far, it has been uneventful. in other words, boring.. haha. i didnt even bother to arrange my timetable this time, i just followed the timetable of my friend.. damn lazy. the only thing that probably adds a little bit of excitement in my day to day life at the moment is the fact that i have long hair, up to my shoulders. some of you ppl would probably yawn rite now, especially the girls, but considering that im a boy, and the guards at UTP actually issue fines to boys with long hair, im practically always on the lookout for the blue-coats, trying to escape the law is always a thrilling experience..  but i do have a secret weapon. hehe. my snow cap. i never really wear the thing, i cant really tell why i even bought the thing, but the thing about snow caps is that when you wear it, its going to cover your head, concealing your hair.... so, if i wear the snow cap, the guards cant tell if i have long hair! hehe. pretty ingenious huh? although i dont think that many ppl approve of me wearing the thing, i always get weird looks from my coursemates whenever i wear it. there was this one guy that actually said "nmpk mcm ppuan..". haha. no comment mate. you can never please everyone.

a year ago, when i first entered utp, i wore a bracelet (not quite sure wut 'gelang' is in english..). its nothing fancy really, gelang mekah.. the name comes from where ppl usually buy it, Makkah Al Mukarramah.. the only thing wrong bout it is that it looks like the bracelet indian women like to wear... it LOOKS like it, but its definitely not the same thing, its made of plastic, its either red or black. the indian bracelet is usually gold... im not really sure why, but i liked wearing it.

there's actually a story behind that. mak lompor and abah (my aunt and uncle..) just got back from haji at the time and naturally, they bought some stuff for the ppl back home. they didnt really buy anything specific for me, so i asked them for the gelang mekah and a flexible ketayap.. my first one (the gelang) was black, it looks a bit more manly, hehe. but it breaks easily, the gelang, especially if you dont take care while wearing it.. so in the end, it broke off, the whole thing, in fact theres an unbelievably interesting story on how i lost the gelang, but, no need to tell it here. hehe. suffice to say, it now sleeps with the fishes in UM lake.. hehe. so, i kind of got attached with the thing, so i asked mak lompor for another one, but she said, "warna hitam dah habis la, warna merah punya ada la, mak ada lagi satu...". usually the red bracelet is taken by the girls, the guys usually take the black coloured bracelet, but since i had no choice, i thought what the heck.. so i took it. it lasted longer than its predecessor, if im not mistaken, i ended pasum wearing that red bracelet, and nobody seemed to give a crap then, but apparently, things arent the same at utp.. i have no idea wut the hell is wrong with a guy wearing a bloody bracelet, i mean, it doesnt make me look less of a man, does it? or is it because of the fact that it looks like an indian bracelet? anyhow, only after i tell ppl that its a bracelet from mekah do they actually shut the hell up.. "ni bkn gelang keling, ni gelang mekah, kalo dah pegi mekah tau la..". senyap terus. but while conducting an experiment in my organic chemistry lab, i spilled some chemicals on the bracelet and it actually melted and fused to my skin! wicked... at first because of the red colour, i thought that the chemical actually melted my skin!, but upon closer inspection, gelang tu yg cair rpnya.. so thats how/why i stopped wearing bracelets... and now the snow cap is causing so much commotion. dont these ppl have anything better to talk about??!! but this time, i dont give a crap wut ppl say.. ske ati aku la nk pky ke x. korg nk ckp apa... it keeps me from getting a rm 30 fine, whilst all you guys do is talk shit about me, so i'd choose the snow cap over you guys any day... muahaha. and it has been PROVEN to work! just this morning, there was sort of a road block at pocket D (the place where i usually go for my lectures...) the blue-coats are looking for 'victims', ppl to issue their nice little rm 30 fines... and wouldnt you know it, i left my damn snow cap in my room! of all the days, the day i forgot to bring it with me is the day the guards decide to have their Operasi Saman Bdk2 UTP... so i had to run back to my room and grab it. i already got a fine once for having long hair, im not going to get another one.. and the cap worked perfectly... the guards didnt suspect a thing. i was so thrilled, i actually jumped in joy.. hehe.

oh yeah, i forgot, i already know my results from last sem.. i intended on telling ppl in the last blog post, but since i accidentally deleted the first post, i left that part out, i was getting bored of writing the same thing over and over again. neways,  for this time, i got deans list. hehe. not bad eh? i guess the semi-hard work paid off. huhu. i'll try to aim higher this time around, and i'll even try to work even harder.. hehe. there's definitely more ppl getting into the deans list this time around. i guess ppl learn from their mistakes, well, most of them at least. not to say that i dont play around anymore, i still play around, but i guess when its study time, its study time, when its play time, its play time. and i TRY to make the study time longer than the play time, although most of the time the play time is a lot longer.. haha. what to do..

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, and ive finished reading it! WOOHOO! 9.5 out of 10 stars! 0.5 missing because of the high price i had to pay for it. i didnt know that tesco sold it at 69.90 at the time i picked it up at mph... huhu. oh well, at the very least i got the book early, i got a harry potter paper bag and a harry potter mug. all is not lost. all i can say about the book is that its a marvellous ending to such a great series. although it is sad to imagine that there wont be anymore harry potter after this one. i'm a big fan, i guess. harry potter is probably the only 700-pages book that i actually LIKE to read.. haha. never really read long novels before i read harry potter. only short ones. never followed a novel series before. yeah, im gonna miss harry potter. its the feeling you get when a nice series ends.. its similar to the feeling that you get when you see the Lord of The Rings : Return Of The King... "aiseh, wut will i look forward to in the coming years?...." yeah, something like that. all good things come to an end, i guess. c'est la vie...

i dont think i have anything else to write for this time. and its already 3 43 am. time to go sleep. writing a blog takes up at least an hour. for me, at least an hour. most ppl have very simple blogs. mine's quite long, so no surprise there. but its one of my favorite past times, when i feel like it, it is very entertaining, and very fulfilling when you know ppl read it. i guess it depends on the person. some ppl in this world simply loathe reading and writing. some ppl just cant do enough reading, they bring books everywhere, and some ppl such as myself, like to write, simply to fill up their time, for reasons even i cant explain. i like reading blogs as well. i read almost every blog i come across, but most of the time, its like 5 sentences long, or its actually the lyrics of some song... so, not worth my time, unless its dedicated to me.. hehe. but, thats really up to the person, its their blog, its entirely up to their creativity on how to fill it up. just like its my snow cap, its entirely up to me on how or if i want to wear it, and my hair, its entirely up to me how i style it or if i want to keep it long or short, and, entirely up to me and me alone to pay up the fine should i get caught... hehe. take care ppl. chow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

musical disaster..

i wrote a new post during the day, but due to some unforeseen consequences, i accidentally deleted it. damn. haha. so i guess i'll be pretty much re-writing what i wrote in the day. damn.. haha. cud've used all dat time to practice playing the violin.. haha.

for those that dont already know, im back in utp, for orchestra training. yeah, im in UTP Orchestra nowadays, imagine that. though id have to say, im not really that good. i think they took me in, simply because they're desperate. they dont have that many ppl in the violin section, so, they took in real newbies like myself.. huhu. seriously, im not being modest. before the training week, the only song i really knew how to play was twinkle2 little star.. haha. yeah, its lame, i know, but its a start... so neways, we were told to come back early for orchestra training. 2 weeks early, to be exact. my lectures dont start until next week.. huhu. the things i do for ppl i barely even know.

its been rumored that we (me and a couple of my friends that are also newbies..), were called back to perform for UTP Convocation, this coming August. and the rumours turn out to be true. at first, i thought, thats almost 2 months of practice time, coz the convo is at the end of August, so i guess, wut the hell, it can be done. what i didnt know is that other than the convo, we were supposed to perform for 2 more shows, the 1st one being in the same week the lectures open. meaning ive got about a bit more than 2 weeks to prepare, to learn all those complicated songs, in 2 weeks time. shit. haha.

and so, me and friends started practicing. as hard as we could. every day of the past week, we would practice. and our fingers have paid dearly for it. see, when you play the violin, you're going to have to press the strings, and the strings arent.. how can i put this, soft to the touch. needless to say, after the 2nd day i think, my tips of my fingers have gone hard.. the 1st day, it was hurting after long hours of playing, but on the 2nd day, i think i got used to the pain, probably coz it was already hard at the time. it is said that to play the violin well, your fingertips actually NEED to be hard, so that you can press the string harder, making sure the note that you're trying to play wont be distorted, or sumthing like that. hmm. interesting huh.

neways, after a few days of practicing, i think i really did improve, quite a bit. i read the notes (yg taugeh2 tu...) a bit faster than i did before (although i still need to write them down most of the time..), i dont have to look at the violin while playing (although i still look sumtimes, mostly coz of habit..), and believe it or not, i can actually play the hard songs. definitely not as good as the senior players, im no musical prodigy, but ive improved. i didnt miss any practice sessions. i guess i really want to be good at playing the violin. partlly because i dont want to screw up the upcoming performance. imagine, the whole orchestra performing, as harmonious as can be, with the hall full of spectators, then, out of nowhere, an out-of-tune sound comes out. the entire orchestra stops, and stares at the person responsible, YOU. huhu. i wouldnt want to be that person...

i was a bit upset about something though. the conductor, the guy that runs the orchestra, you know, the guy that moves his hands all around, acting like he's actually doing something important, (hehe), had a rather unpleasant announcement for the new guys of the orchestra, namely me and my friends. he said that if we arent up to par for the performance next week, we werent going to be able to perform. theres nothing wrong with it actually. whats bad about it is that ive been training the whole week, while the other orchestra guys have been slacking off, and they get to perform.. aiseh. if i knew i wasnt going to be able to perform, i wouldnt be training so damn hard. haiya ini orang ah.. but i guess he's only doing whats best for the orchestra.. he's quite strict when it comes to the orchestra... still, to expect us to be at the same level with ppl already playing for years, impossible man.. oh well. que sera sera, whatever will be, will be...

lets talk bout sumthing else. have you guys seen the new harry potter movie? its quite good actually.. considering that the movie tries to stick to the book as much as possible, with only slight deviations.. i only wished that there were more about the order though.. the order of the phoenix, in case you guys dont know..the books are real nice, thick as they may be, the language in it is understandable.. hehe. unlike some books, where the language in it, im not even sure if its english anymore.. huhu. so far ive only read book no 4, 5 and 6. and i actually pre-booked the final book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows... hehe. although im not sure if ill be able to pick it up on its release date, 21st July.. orchestra training.. again.

well, thats bout it for this time. i actually wrote a bit longer during the day, but ive lost the feel to write. probably coz of this orchestra thing. draining the life out of me. huhu. wish me luck ppl. ill sure as hell need it..

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