Saturday, September 15, 2007

In summary.


at last, i finally hv the time, the determination, the stories, the lack of anything else to do, to write my blog... how long has it been? too long, i should say..lets see how this one goes... not sure if my writing skills are as good as they were, assuming that they were good at any point.. huhu.

lets start from way back, shall we? convo performance. it was ok.. nothing special bout it, really. hehe. but the benefits were great! i got food coupons for a week, one week of free food.. huhu. who wudnt want that... good food tastes great, but FREE good food tastes even better.. hehe. whats more is that i got about RM 18 per day worth of coupons. yeah, RM18. dats like two days worth of food coupons for me.. and dats if i eat western food on both days. since the coupons expire when the week ends, it was western for lunch, western for dinner, and if it were possible, probably western for breakfast as well... i rarely eat bfast, even thought some say its the most important meal of the day, i rarely eat it (in utp that is..). but with the coupons, i went and have me one hell of a bfast (compared to the usual plain water..).. huhu. and still, i have extra coupons... even if i were to buy some of my friends dinner, i would still have extra coupons... happy times, happy times. and did i mention im getting paid to perform during the convo? haha. free food, and getting paid. nothing beats that. hehe. oh yeah, not forgetting the main thing, the performance was ok, not bad, although im still doing lots of mistakes.. more practice required..

motorcycle accident. huh. nvr saw this one coming. but i guess if you can predict an accident happening, you wouldnt be calling it an accident... here's how it happened. i was riding my motorcycle that one night, it was dark, didnt really see that the road was quite sandy, so when i went in a corner a wee bit too fast, i braked, and bam! next thing i know, i was on the road sliding to the side.. ouch. at first the shock was overwhelming! i didnt even realised what had just happened. and just my luck, no one was around at the time. so with the shock, and the lack of knowledge on what to do on such an incident, i just yelled out 'tolong!' a couple of times and waited for people to come to the rescue.. haha. quite dumb, i shud say. after realising that no one was there, then i came to my senses... started pushing the motorcycle bit by bit, bcoz i was pinned under the motorcycle, you see, thats why i was just waiting for someone to come, bcoz lets face it, motorcycles arent exactly the lightest things in the world, especially when your feet and hands are bleeding and God knows where else... finally got the motorcycle off, stood up, called up the owner of the motorcycle.. oh yeah, forgot to mention, the motorcycle wasnt mine. double ouch. no reply. called someone else. it was around this time that someone finally came around.. stopped the guy, and asked him to help me pick up the motorcycle, and if possible, send me to a clinic. did i mention im still bleeding here? haha. oh yeah, whats more miraculous is that my handphone still works! yeah, it still works! bcoz the first thing that i noticed after i stopped sliding on the road was that my handphone was sticking out of my pocket, and not from the hole where i slide my hands in, apparently a new hole, made during the sliding process.. huhuhu. sedey giler. but at least it still works, even with all the scratches and cracks... score one for motorola... huhu.

moving on, just as the guy that i stopped was going to give me a lift, out of nowhere, a friend of mine, passed by the area.. completely by chance! well, sort of chance, it just so happens he had to do something and he had to go thru here to get there. the place that i fell down wasnt exactly the busiest of places, but i guess you guys guessed that when i said i yelled help and no one came... so instead of the guy that i stopped, my friend took me to the clinic.. although, i have to say something. the guy that i stopped for help, seemed somewhat reluctant to help me. i mean, if it was him that fell down, and it was me that passed by, i probably wouldnt think twice bout taking him to the clinic.. but he seemed somewhat, unwilling to do so. ah well, some ppl just dont have the moral values that i have.. haha. but i guess im lacking in humility when i say that. and thats bout it, my friend took me to the clinic, where the owner of the motorcyle was already there, the guy that i called after i called him, called someone else to get him... the damage on the motorcycle was minimal, in case you're wondering, becoz my feet was trapped between the road and the motorcycle. ouch, but it sounds a lot worse than it is actually.. i think. huhu. and thats bout it.. had to walk like a robot for a week, hurts like hell, especially when taking a bath... some ppl said "kenapa bagi kena air?! mmg la sakit..." but then, if i didnt let water hit the wound, it wouldnt be clean now, would it?  and thats bout it... nothing much. huhu. although i did learn a very valuable lesson from this. an accident is called an accident, becoz ppl dont plan to do it, it just so happens..... the reason why there's a speed limit on our roads and highways, is bcoz, although u may feel comfortable driving at fast speeds, u may not be able to react once sumthing unexpected happens.. oh yeah, thanks to the friend, achul, that helped me when i was in need, a friend in need, is a friend indeed, as they say, and to all that visited and helped me during my healing period.. your help is greatly appreciated, i only hope that i can repay your kindness someday... and one more thing, never do things that your parents dont approve of, because when they dont approve of it, God wont approve of it either, and something bad's bound to happen.. my parents dont like me riding the riding the motorcycle, but since its the easiest and most convenient mode of transport in the university, i cant really avoid using it.. long story short, i learned my lesson.. the hard way. hehe.

what else.... hmm. let me think. my studies? yeah, i guess i cant talk bout that for a bit. my study sucks these days. ive become ever so lazy nowadays, i barely do anything at all other than relaxing and enjoying myself... and my test & quiz results show it... real bad. im starting to worry if i can repeat last semester's performance, let alone make it better. oh well, we'll see how that one goes.

oh yeah, ive gotten involved in a charity project of sorts. its called khidmat bakti siswa. erm, basically, its like a homestay program, but unlike a homestay program where you pay to stay and have fun, enjoy village life, this homestay, you pay to stay in someones house to do charity work for the village. huhu. as bad as that may sound, it was quite fun. relaxing. well, there were times when i was stressed, partly because i was part of the organizing comittee, partly because i was damn tired at the time, hehe, but, overall it was a fulfilling experience. to actually contribute towards the improvement of something... for example, one of the things we did was clean up the graveyard in that area. the graveyard at first was a total mess. full of grass, weeds, in fact some of the bushes at the place totally covered up some graves. but when we were done with the place, you can totally see the difference. and that brings a sort of satisfaction... unexpected, i must say. honestly, i joined the thing to get a certificate, ive never joined anything since ive been in utp, and of course to do some good, but never thought that doing something good for no reward whatsoever would be fulfilling. huhu. listen to the so-called slacker talking. but as joey from 'friends' once said, "theres no such thing as a selfless good deed". because when you think about it, no matter how selfless an act you commit, you've gotta admit, you still feel good about it afterwards.. example, you give some money to the poor and needy, sure, you lose a couple of bucks for ppl you dont even know, but deep down inside, you're happy that you can help a fellow human being out. so, not exactly selfless. haha.

and thats pretty much it. huhu. one month of my life, in summary. cant write too detailed, the details are quite blurry now, bcoz it took me long enough to write the damn blog. hehe.

lets talk bout some stuff that havent happened, but probably are. my group of friends from pasum are trying to organise a reunion, for the 1000th time. haha. its just that it never really happens, somebody's bound to have something on that date, and so its not exactly a full reunion if not everyone's present. some are just too... whats the word im looking for.... too... for lack of a better word, too full of crap. haha. sorry. i cant find the word im looking for, probably because it doesnt exist. although there is a word for it in bahasa melayu. ngade2. for some itsy bitsy reason, they dont want to come to the reunion. or they just dont give a crap bout meeting up. example, ive asked ppl to meet up with me when i come to kl, lets say a few days in advance, and when the actual day comes, they say im too far away too meet up laa... "siapa suh u dtg" la.... i mean, wtf? i came 300 km from ipoh just to meet you guys (not all, a select few), but you cant travel 20 minutes by lrt to meet me? haha. damn. real nice friends i have. and its the same with this upcoming reunion. ader je mslhnye. nk gerak sama2 la. nk tuka tmpt la. nk bwk kete la. xtau tmpt la. i mean, wut the hell is the bloody problem? does it really matter where we meet up?? it doesnt really matter where you meet, or how you get there, or what you do once you're there, or how in the blue hell you're supposed to go around, or if you're un-friggin-familiar with the area, its who you meet up with.. huh. pardon my lack of politeness. lets just say, you havent met your parents for one year. would you give a crap if the only place you could meet them was at the summit of mount kinabalu? or in a stinking public toilet? no. you wouldnt. although this may not be the best of comparison, considering we all love our parents a lot more than our friends.. but as engineers say, its an ideal situation. you see, in engineering, most of the things that we study are in ideal state, meaning, its absolutely perfect, with no flaws. it doesnt happen in real life, but we study it anyways so that we can compare the real life cases with the ideal ones. so in this case, the ideal person or people to meet would be ones parents, but in real life, the ones that we havent met is our friends. hehe. enough engineer talk. it really depends on how much you want to meet up with your friends. i once went on a get-together with some friends, and i ended up sleeping in an airport, much like the movie 'the terminal'. haha. but, i didnt get mad at the guy that planned the trip, its not his fault, but it may have made us a lot closer in the end, considering neither of us pointed the finger to anyone of us.. friends till the end mates. although there was a certain someone that was responsible for that particular disaster, a girl, huhu, but in the spirit of ramadhan al-mubarak, ill refrain from mentioning the name here. oit. back to the original topic. erm, basically, i dont really care where we meet, dont really care what we're going to do there, what i do care about is that everyones there. sure, i want to be comfortable, i want to have fun, but to waste more time rethinking where to go after all the plans have been made, thats just plain useless. oh well. they say that great minds think alike, if im one of the great minds, i guess the friends that are still rethinking all this stuff arent so great-minded. hahaha. or it cud be the other way around. just kidding ppl. i can only ask that we put aside all the useless squabling on how to get there, whether we should gather up before going, and just concentrate on getting there, plan on where to stay, where to go, what to do, and who to contact in case of emergencies. yup, i think thats bout it. but if you guys still want to discuss these things, fine by me. the normal lifespan of a human being these days in average is 67 years old. im 18 now. so theoretically speaking, i have another 59 years to go to reunions, so no hurry guys. hua3. but seriously, try to hurry things up. while im still young. haha.

i think ill stop here for now. hehe. ive got a plant visit tomorrow. im visiting a chemical plant or something. a cement factory if im not mistaken. at 8 30 am. its 3 30 am now. hehe. selamat berpuasa to all muslims.  may we all improve ourselves during this holy month, if not drastically, a small improvement is better than nothing at all. dunno when ill be writing again, most probably not in the nearest future, my procrastinating habits are taking a toll on me, a whole lot of stuff to do in such a short amount of time. hehe. till i find the time, the initiative, the lack of stuff to do and the lack of stuff that needs to be done, hehe, take care, stay young, chow.