Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time out.

Even when you are really passionate about work, you still need time for yourself.

Work-free time.

I see that now.

My father told me, don't push yourself too much, you might burn out and simply not have any interest in work anymore. You simply cannot work.

And i was pretty close to that a few days back.

I was trying so hard to finish before the due date, i barely had time for myself.

Which obviously was not good.

Now i'm at my hometown, and im enjoying a good nite's rest, company of my parents.

The only thing i want right now is to play games. but i guess i can do that tomorrow.

i miss those days when i had time to play games. i dont anymore.

when i come home, i have enough time to eat, chat with my housemate, and sleep.

not much time for myself.

i really do look forward to the weekends now.

and experience monday blues.

which is a good thing actually!

because when i was working 7 days a week at my previous company, there was no such thing as monday blues, because well, you work every damn day.

you feel blue every day. haha.

thank God i've escaped.

thank God for everything.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reality of an engineer.

I just HAD to share.

Because its true, except for one thing.

You make big bucks in the oil and gas industry if you're in big oil and gas companies like Shell, Petronas, etc.

You dont make the big bucks doing all the work in consultancy companies. We're basically broke. haha.

But I think I'll stay. Read the article to know why.