Monday, May 28, 2012

Random anecdotes.

its a funny thing, life.

it surprises you in ways you can't really imagine.

like how a couple of weeks back, someone said the most random thing to me in an elevator.

i was going back home, and was already in the elevator when I saw a guard rushing out of the office.

i guess its our building's policy for the guard to like patrol every floor at night time, every few hours or so.

i've seen this guard a number of times before, but never really had anything to talk about with him.

so anyways, clearly he was trying to get into the same elevator as me (so that he wouldn't have to wait) so i held it open for him.

he seemed thankful when he entered the elevator, so i simply smiled.

"balik ke dik?", he said, trying to strike up a conversation.

"aah.", i replied, not able to come up with anything more.


"hari ni saya ada hal sikit, jadi kena balik awal", i added, trying to sound friendly.

despite the time being already 8pm, he didn't say anything of it.

i guess he was used to seeing people from this floor going home late.

what he said next came out of nowhere.

"sebab saya tengok awak ni, macam personaliti tv al-hijrah.."

"haha ye ke" (the laugh was a lot louder than is potrayed)

"haah... jadi awak kerja dulu, kumpul contact.. lepas tu bukak bisnes", he continued.

the lift was already at ground floor.

"erm boleh lah, tunggu 2 3 tahun saya kerja dulu, haha", i said before exiting the elevator.

Guards say the darndest things.

what on earth compelled him to say that, i will probably never know.

he must've been watching for a time, suggested a colleague.

never mind, its really not that important.

i shall keep you guys posted in case a career change is imminent.

the other day, as per the usual, i went out for movies with my colleagues on wednesday night.

we do this every week, you see.

its kinda like a tradition now, we've been doing it since january, at least.

(fyi any of you guys wanna join, you can just let me know, email me or whatever)

So last week's movie was a chick flick : what to expect when you're expecting.

we don't normally go for this type of movies, but that's the only one we haven't watched, so chick flick it is.

my conclusion from that movie is that pregnant women are scary.

they're emotional, mean as hell, cranky all the time, they pee anytime they like, and here's the extremely fun part :

the husband has to be nice to be her no matter what.

it was also my conclusion that i am not ready for marriage yet.

true, it is a movie, its mostly exaggerated to make it a comedy, but still, there is still some truth to it all.

i thought to myself, i am not ready to be a husband just yet, i am far too selfish to be one.

let alone a father.

but life, always has something up his sleeve.

the next day, i went to work as usual, went for lunch like i normally do with my colleagues.

what was abnormal was what transpired after lunch.

i was checking my facebook, when i saw a message notification.

it was a girl.

i didn't recognize the name.

"salam. hi there. did you just have lunch at wisma cosway just now?"

I went from -_- to O_O.

"OMG am i being stalked?! sedikit cuak", I tweeted.

(high 5 to anyone that read that one.)

"wassalam. yes. sorry but who are you?"

"Im no one that you know except that i always bumped into you walking nearby my office. sorry to bother"

ok stalker alert.

long story short, after some digging and stalking of my own, i found out that she has been doing this with a number of people.

i guess she is desperate. or a very agressive yet picky girl. or just likes the thrill of chatting up guys.

i will probably never know, coz after a while i stopped replying to her messages.

here i was thinking "im not ready to be a husband" and along came life and said "oh no you're not gonna give up that easily. here, have a girl".

to be honest, aggressive girls are refreshing. a nice change from all the "im pretty, so call me maybe?" type of girl.

Maybe..... not.

Its actually pretty comfortable being single.

i have no obligations, my work keeps me busy, and on the weekends i normally stay at home and play computer games. and on alternate weekends i balik kampung and see my parents.

life is good, life is simple.

but my parents want to see me get married.

they've been dropping hints so often its no longer subtle.

maybe i should REALLY get off my lazy bum and find them a daughter-in-law.

i know i said i was going to, but i haven't really done anything to actually expedite the process.

i feel like i owe it to them, seeing as how they want it so bad.

hmm.. much to think about....

much to think about.

in the meantime, lets play some Skyrim... lol. joke.