Saturday, November 28, 2009

biggest loser

no, the title is not referring to me. -_-"

and yes, i do feel that answering questions that people have not yet asked is cool, even though they weren't even planning on asking.

selamat hari raya korban everyone.

it's the holidays and i felt like updating.

good luck to everyone taking the SPM, especially my brother. atamanna laka kullataufiq.

i took arab last semester btw.

finishing the last semester means i only have one more semester to go before i graduate. which means i must be working sometime soon. which i do not know if i am ready to do.

i could postpone the working by studying. further studying. its not that bad of an idea, nowadays its so competitive, you'd want to get any advantage you can over other people. but then again actually working instead of just sitting around doing nothing would be a nice change for me.

i'm still figuring things out. honestly i wouldn't really know what i'd do my masters in, but lets not waste this blog entry thinking about those boring stuff.

what i wanted to talk about was the biggest loser. the reality tv show where you come in admitting you're fat and torture yourself to make yourself skinny.

there are some things in life skinny people can never understand i imagine, and the hardships of being fat may just be one of those life's mysteries thingy.

i was watching the show just now with my mother and these people were saying "oh i got this way because i never exercise" and "i wanna lose weight for myself / my daughter / my family etc2".

life isn't fair. no it isn't. these people were complaining they were fat and were crying on television in front of millions of people basically because, well, they were fat and they couldn't get thin. what i was thinking at the time was that they are millions of people all over the world that would not only cry, but probably cry out blood if it meant that they could be as fat as these guys.

life is never fair to some people coz we are constantly wanting what we don't have. skinny or starving people wanna be fat, really fat people really wanna be thin. and it really isn't anyone's fault whether they're thin or fat. most of the time.

i am a very bad example when it comes to body weight. i never exercise (even my character in Sims 3 doesn't like exercising). i like eating chocolate and ice cream. i sleep to the point it hurts my head sometimes. yet i am still underweight.

some people exercise all the time, go on diets, but still get fat. like i said, it's rarely that person's fault. but sometimes it is.

some people blame their low metabolism for the reason they're being fat. but exercising boosts your metabolism. so if you have low metabolism but you exercise, you'd still have normal or high metabolism. so, if you're fat and you think its coz of your low metabolism, exercise.

some people say they go on diets, but still they don't lose weight. i think the key here is mindset. i shall take the example of a friend of mine. he says he's on a diet, and he skips his lunch. BUT, anytime there's free food around, bye-bye diet. or maybe he skips lunch, but dinner time, eats double than what normal people would eat. tell me HOW is that in any way dieting?

more people should have my mindset when it comes to food if they want to become all underweight like me. if i'm hungry, and the food is just regular food, i'll just eat until i'm not hungry or skip the meal altogether. people might say its unhealthy to skip meals, and yes, it is unhealthy, but so is eating double than what you're supposed to. plus, there's a humongous difference between eat until you're not hungry and stuff yourself until you can barely breathe.

if you do skip meals, when you do eat, don't cover back what you skipped, coz that would defeat the purpose. just eat what you would normally eat. coz i think there's only one stage of hunger, at least for people in countries that aren't suffering from starvation, so don't go compensating for your imaginary extra stages of hunger.

why on earth am i writing tips for losing weight? i have no idea. this must be the most boring post ever. but seriously, it's just pathetic to see this people actually crying because they're fat. in the malay language we call being fat 'sehat' which is also the word for healthy. haha. if you're fat, you're healthy, which is not the case most of the time, but still, you're probably a lot healthier than the people that are starving themselves to death.

imagine that there are people starving, not having ANYTHING to eat AT ALL for the next month, that can't even cry even if they wanted to cry coz of lack of energy, and here we are crying our eyes out coz oh i had too much to eat. boohoo. that's just not right people.

i know i'm being really mean to people that are having weight problems, i've been skinny all my life, what do i know about how fat people feel. but i do know. the thing about us humans is that we really like to make things personal, rarely do we see things from other people's perspective. everyone has their own problems, yes everyone does have their own problems, only difference between fat people and everyone else is that their problem is physical, i.e everyone can see it.

what if someone is stupid. stupid as in not intelligent. what if someone is emotionally scarred. what if someone is having fears that he can't overcome. what if someone is heartbroken. what if someone is too thin to do something. what if someone is not good-looking. what if someone IS good-looking and is being judged more by his/ her looks than what he/she thinks. what if someone is having low self-esteem. what if someone is lonely and depressed. what if someone is addicted to drugs and hates himself for it but can't bring himself to stop using.

there are so many problems in this world. being fat is just one of them. suck it up. if you're not as smart as other people, study harder. if you're not as slim as other people, exercise harder, or wait, here's a thought, accept yourself as who you are and think about the people that are worse off than you. if you're skinny as hell and do not have any close friends around to hang out with during the weekends and spend your time updating your blog, screw what people think and have fun on your own. haha.

"Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy."

Bob Kelso from Scrubs.

ok enough crap for now. bubye. take care.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Be afraid. be very afraid.

yes i am finally free.

which means i have some time to waste updating my blog.

yes i am aware that i did not blog in october.

because i was too busy with my studies.


moving on. seeing as how its the critical week for most students, most of the blogs i frequently visit aren't being updated. or they're just using that as an excuse for not updating. (like me, sometimes :P). since no one is updating, i might as well update mine.

few weeks back, i went home despite threats of doom from my plant design project mates, specifically the girl in the group, lets call her lady gagah. ahaha. see everyone is under immense pressure of meeting the deadline, and blissfully happy me has the time to go home, so some people weren't too happy about it. haha. but i went home anyways. its not like i didn't do my work or anything. just had to go home for some errands i needed to take care of.

anyways, not what i wanted to talk about. fast forward, it was almost sunrise, i was going to sleep after working hard on my part of plant design report, (in case my group mates decided to read), when i saw something on my bedroom floor....

that suddenly moved.


oh my god what the bloody f**k!



katak rupanya. syaitan betul.

i have never been a big fan of frogs. just don't like em.

or any reptiles for that matter. jap, are frogs reptiles?

amphibians kot. tak kisah la.

after screaming like a little girl, i tried to lead the frog out of the house. its too gooey for me to be touching it, so i was like guiding it on where to go rather than picking it up like a man should. hahaha.

and continued yelping like a sissy everytime it decided to jump in an opposite direction.

gosh if there were girls in the house at the time, i'd probably never end up getting married. hahaha.

after much directing, much jumping done by both the frog and myself, (perhaps i was jumping a bit more than the frog), i finally led the amphibian out of the house. fuh. took me awhile too. hour plus i think, because i couldn't get it to go where its supposed to go. they should make this a sport, frog-directing.

let's hope for my sake the frog doesn't go telling on me to a princess that tries to kiss it. that would be embarassing.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="222" caption="frog prince yang kecik hati kerana aku takut ngan dia."][/caption]

some things that you're afraid of when you're little, but there are some things you're just afraid of, no matter how old you are, and no matter what you do about it.

when i was little, i was so afraid of the dark and/or ghosts. like really, really afraid. everytime i wanted to take a shower, i'd need to have someone accompany me and stay outside the door. and i'd be trying to force my eyes open everytime i take a bath, so that i can see if there are any ghosts lurking around. haha. scaredy cat.

but that was when i was little. haha. i think maybe the ghosts are afraid of me nowadays, being so sarcasticly evil.

i was also afraid of heights. and i still am. see there are things you can overcome, like fear of ghosts and stuff. but some, you can't. as far as i can remember, i've been trying to get rid of my fear of heights. everytime i go somewhere high, i try to look down to the ground below and get rid of it. but its just not possible. no matter what. no matter how many times i try, that fear will still be there.


but, they say that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. how this applies to my fear of heights, i do not know. hahha

people say that what you are afraid of now usually has something to do with what you were frightened with as a child. some people are afraid of cats, however unbelievably cute some kittens may be, some people are afraid of cats, probably because a cat scratched them when they were little, maybe.

i don't think anyone ever frightened me with ghosts or frogs or anything when i was a kid. frogs are just gooey. its not fear. its unlike-ness. haha. i do not fear frogs, i only dislike them.

what else. oh yes, i have a weird fear of talking to people i'm not familiar with. it takes a lot of courage for me to go talking to someone i've never talked with. it sometimes is ridiculously hard for me to go talking to someone, so i just shy away unnoticed, and sometimes its not just people i don't know, sometimes even with people i know, i'm a bit hesitant to go talk to them. this particular trait of mine sometimes makes matters more complicated than it should be.


although i might go around boasting what a smooth-talker i am, in truth i'm not. well not naturally. if you see me smooth-talking someone, yea thats probably not me. haha. or high from sleeping too much.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="260" caption="yes, this might be me, if i was 7 years old. (or mat salleh)"]yes, this might be me, if i was 7 years old. (or mat salleh)[/caption]

the reason why i never posted pictures in my blog before is because its kinda difficult with the friendster blog. im not sure how its like with blogger and all that, but its a bit difficult with friendster. but i thought i'd give you guys and girls a treat this time. (and also because i don't have much of anything else to say). o yea, i dislike troublesome things, but then again, who does.

fear of hurting someone's feelings. yes. that's another fear. the thing about being sarcastic all the time, you sometimes go overboard on the sarcasm and hurt someone's feelings. and it has happened quite often to me. if you are one of the people that has been offended by me in the past, i truly am sorry and it probably wasn't my intention to do so. probably. hahaha. (see how bad i am, its a miracle i still have friends).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="342" caption="the dog might very well be me."]the dog might very well be me.[/caption]

ok i'm getting bored. i dislike being bored. while writing this i actually went reading some random singaporean girl's blog coz she looked pretty in her profile pic. lol. what to do, a guy is still a guy, unless he's gay. hope ya enjoyed the post with the pictures.

till next time, take care friends.

all the best in life.

(no i am not being sarcastic..)


(i think)