Tuesday, October 7, 2008

raya n puasa.

yelah, yelah, aku update... lolz.

hello everyone.. slmt hari raya. maaf zahir n batin. halalkan makan minum. sekiranya ada hutang saya yang masih tak terbayar, sila lah ingatkan..

now that thats out of the way, i shall now talk about things i like about puasa n raya in random order. haha. what kind of introduction is this... -____-"

i like raya. it is the one time where everyone is so nice to each other, no one seems to be quarrelling, all arguments are put aside for that one day, and long lost friends pop up out of nowhere to visit you. you suddenly start talking to people you havent talked to in ages, and they too with you. you get to meet all your relatives (most, if not all), be it close or distant ones.. n o yea, did i mention you'll get loads of cash from your suddenly rich aunts and uncles..? hehe.

i used to look forward to raya so much when i was a kid. but now, it just feels like any other holiday. huhu. sad, i know, but its the truth. i dont really care bout the money i get anymore. the only thing i look forward to during raya is the long holiday and the chance to meet most of my relatives at the same time. huhu.

also, its kinda hard to get into the holiday spirit when there's tons of work to be done... i actually had nightmares of not submitting my assignments, not finishing my projects.. haihs. raya is just not the same anymore... i still like it, dont get me wrong, but its just not the same....

owh yeah, the thing i liked most bout this raya, is when my parents talked about when i was young. according to them, i didnt like to smile when i was a kid. haha. my dad told to me, "you were so grumpy, that when this one time you actually smiled to the bread-seller (i bought bread and other junk from this bread-seller almost everyday, fyi), he actually gave you free stuff because he was so happy to see you smile". lolz. when i smiled, i actually got free stuff. maybe my brain at that time stored that little bit of info, coz nowadays i smile almost all the time. i even smile when im in trouble (imagine the joker, but not as scary. haha) . my brain is subconciously trying to get me more free stuff. haha.

i laugh at my own jokes all the time eh? haha. i think its like the sitcoms. they add in the laughs to help make the show funnier. laughter is contagious. so when i laugh at my own jokes, hopefully you'll laugh at them as well. or laugh at me for being so pathetic. haha.

well that was one thing they told me about my childhood. there are other stuff, but i shall not write them here. want to know more, ask me personally. hehe.

erm, getting back to the topic of raya n puasa, apart from that, there was hardly anything special bout this raya. been there done that. huhu. im actually quite bummed because for this raya i couldnt meet most of my cousins and relatives. eh wait, i did meet most of them, but i didnt meet them all at once... i was with one family during the first day of raya, then they left to go somewhere else, and then another family came, and then they left and another family came... etc2. you get my drift. so of course i met most of my relatives, but its not as fun as meeting all of them together at the same time... huhu.

thats about it for raya. what about puasa... o yea, i had sahur with my eyes closed that one time. haha. and after finishing my plate of rice did i realise i had an extra lauk that i didnt see... haha. padan muka. malas sgt. but it was nice to be able to actually SLEEP before sahur. when i got home, my mum would wake me up for sahur. but in UTP, i was the one that was waking ppl up for sahur, most of the time anyways. i have problem waking up, as you all may have already known if youve been following my blog (lolz), so in order to be able to sahur, i usually dont sleep before sahur. i only sleep after sahur...

sometimes, if i were to accidentally fall asleep before sahur, my whole house would not be having sahur. haha. it happened on the last day i was in UTP before i went home for the raya holidays. since it was the last time we were going to have sahur together, my friends and i had planned to go out of UTP for sahur. BUT, most unfortunate, i fell asleep. i fell asleep, so nobody was awake. nobody was awake, therefore nobody woke up for sahur.... haha. funny eh?

so now you guys know why i skip my classes oh so often during the fasting month. at least its for a good reason rite? hehe. (alasan...)

oh yeah, one more thing i'd like to talk about puasa. i used to think that in the fasting month, i would be able to save some cash, since i wont be eating during the day. only after reaching raya did i realise how wrong i was... huhu. during puasa, i eat during sahur time, (which is around 4 am for me n my housemates in UTP), and during berbuka puasa. during non-fasting months, i eat during lunch and dinner time. so even though its puasa, i still eat the same number of time each day! haha. perhaps even more, because during sahur my brain is thinking "eat as much as you can! so that you wont starve to death during the day!". haha. and while breaking fast " eat as much as you can! you almost starved to death during the day, now is the time to recover!" haha.

what makes it worse is that, during puasa, you cant help but want something special to eat during berbuka puasa (break fast, not breakfast). during regular months, i only eat regular food, just to not go hungry, maybe occasionally ill go for something nice. but during fasting month.... huh. its as if i'll die if i dont eat delicious food.. haha. and of course, slightly more delicious food would cost slightly more. and dont get me started on the jamuan buffet berbuka puasa n etc2. haha. therefore, fasting month not equal to saving month. haha. i save better during regular months.

and thats all for now i think. overall, although its not the same as before, i still like raya n puasa. if i dont celebrate n enjoy raya n puasa, what else will i celebrate? when i think about it, its not all that bad. every year's celebration of raya n puasa is unique in its own way. 10 years from now, i'll probably look back to this year and say "those were the good ol' days..". hehe. and its true, isnt it? you have to agree with me on this one. if you look back to your raya celebration 10 years ago, you'd definitely say those days were the best raya you've ever had. i cant exactly remember what i was doing for raya when i was 9, but i know for sure, i enjoyed it a lot. :)


"mawi dah kaya,

siti dah datin,

selamat hari raya,

maaf zahir dan batin."



cant help but laugh at my own jokes. double lolz.

dah la ni pun curi pantun org. triple lolz.

haha. what the fish.


thats all for now ppl.

take care. chows.