Thursday, May 17, 2007

3 down, 3 to go

its d middle of d exam week. i'm tired. i havent had enuf sleep. my sleep cycles a bit wacked at times like these. ive still got a lot more to study, but i decided to stop and write for a bit, its relaxing, and i get to see how my english is doing. if i read my blog n see lots of bm, it means my english is getting real bad.. haha. tp kalo sikit2 xksh la, i did it on purpose.

so far ive finished my hse(health safety and environment) exam, my intro to engineering thermodynamics exam, and just today, my structured programming. allow me to stray away a bit; what is it with ppl and d word test n exam? so weird sumtimes. i mean, a test and an exam, quiz, wuteva, in principle, its still d same rite? if i mix up d other words (cant think of ne rite now, brains all messed up..), its  like they dont care, but if i mix exam with test, ppl go like "ehem, its not a test,  its an exam, an examination...". haha. its like ppl r insulted when i mix them up. maybe coz for exams, they study like hell n to degrade it to a mere test, would be an insult to the effort they put in.. haha. maybe. i dont, jz 4 d record.

moving on, the hse test. it was alrite. quite easy. or shud i say, as easy as it gets. y? bcoz d questions r bein taken from tutorials, previous tests, quizzes, n most of d hard ones r already posted in elearning as 'hints'. haha. 4 those dat dont know, elearning is utp's education website, sumtin like dat, where students get all d notes from, d lecturers give announcements at, post d results of 'tests', (yes tests, not exams, for ppl dat r concerned wit d use of d word) latest events held in utp.. stuff like dat. but ppl r saying bcoz da test is a piece of cake( y do they use this term neways? do u know how hard it is to make one piece of cake??!! haha), they r goin to raise d bar for an 'a' grade from 85 to 90... wut the hell???!!! a more polite version wud be wut the heaven??!!, but not feeling too polite rite now. man, i was targetting this as one of da subjects to get an 'a' on... ish. leceh tul. sng sgt pn xleh dpt a, ssh sgt, apatah lagi. bankai!

next, thermo. hehe. dis is one of d feared exams. at least to me. considering for my last test, i got called by d lecturer to his room coz of my "excellent" results. see if u can spot d sarcasm here.. (coz sum ppl r oblivious to sarcasm, they accept things as they are, and dats a damn shame, sarcasm can be so fun!). neways, i was like completely unprepared for d exam, in d sense if i went for d exam during d start of d study week, i would be worried if i cud even pass the exam. so neways, i went and met the lecturer, wit a fren of mine accompanying me, for moral support i guess, haha. surprisingly, d lecturer, whose image was the "if u hv no idea wt im teaching, i'll WACK U ON D HEAD!!" kind of image, (u guys can imagine this kind of lecturers rite? d no nonsense kind, jz in case sum dont understand my english, and if u dont understand what no-nonsense means, then u, r full of nonsense. haha.) wasnt as mean as he publicised in class. ntah la, maybe he was in a gud mood or sumtin dat day, he was quite nice la, no yelling or wut, he was smiling all d time, teaching me step by step on how to do d test (more like guiding me thru d test, coz he's not one to give out solutions, he just guides u on how to solve it, and leaves it at dat). i guess it wasnt dat surprising to find out that other than me, no one came to see him yet bout their tests. he really does look like he has a stick up his *** in class.. haha. no offense. just writing wut i see. guess dats y ppl say u shudnt judge a book by its cover. neways, after dat little episode, i realised how easy dis stuff is, IF u study, dat is. so, thermo went from impossible to possible dat day. hehe. so i tried, studied my *** off, haha, n i think i did considerably better than i did in d two previous tests. my only regret is dat i didnt follow dis subject constantly, its an interesting subject, really, the study of enthalpy, entropy, heat and work transfer.. hehe. im boring u ppl, i know. n 4 d ppl dat have not heard of enthalpy and entropy b4, dont worry, u dont need to know wut it is.

SP? not simple plan ppl, structured programming. c language. language of computers. hehe. i can speak to computers, how cool is dat?? haha. maybe not as gud as micah in heroes, but still, its a start. hehe. dis is one other subject dat i target an 'a' for. y? coz ive learned dis subject b4.... kt pasum. i actually wanted to drop dis cos, ye lah, coz ive learned it already, why take it again,but unfortunately for me, d lecturer, seemed skeptical of my knowledge in c language, and decided to ignore my request. he seemed sumwhat cocky, mcm dia x consider lgsg d probability dat maybe this student can actually do c language. mcm dia sorg je leh buat. ntah la, maybe dia xcaya kot. biar lah. but in the end, it wasnt so bad, coz dis subject cud help me in my cgpa... so, bcoz ive already learned dis b4, sng je la kt dlm lecture. ppl started noticing, these two boys from pasum r gud in c language! haha. but to be honest, at first, yeah, it may seem like we r very gud in programming, but actually we're not dat gud.. its just dat we had a head start. in d tests, there were a few ppl dat got marks higher than us, but they didnt get noticed.. all in all, sp wasnt so bad. ok lah. dunno if i wud get an 'a' or not, but at least i tried. dats wut matters most.

so, 3 down, 3 to go.  my asasi test, (i dun giv a damn if it is an exam, im still calling it a test!), my fluids exam, and my meb test. pray dat i get thru d exams ok, bcoz theres a possibility dat i might hv to repeat my asasi next sem, my test results werent so gud. to those dat r concerned, do not worry too much, it wont affect my cgpa, its just a university requirement, worse comes to worst, ill jz hv to repeat it next sem. xnk la repeat kan, buang masa je, so ill give it my best to not fail dis course. fluid n meb, the two killer subjects. havent done ne preparations for dis two. we'll see how it goes. more sleepless nites ahead i guess.

theres one more subject i havent mentioned, engineering graphics. EG. technical drawing, using autocad, stuff like dat. it doesnt have a final exam, its an all coursework and test course. so im done with dat subject like a month ago. dis is d final subject dat im targeting an 'a' for. hopefully, it'll help me in my pointer for this sem. i've promised my parents a better pointer this semester, wudnt want to break dat promise, so im giving it my very best to score for this semester, and maybe i wud learn my lesson and start studying constantly for next semester.. haha. its hard to do, studying constantly, trust me, ive tried it tons of times, but it doesnt work wit sumone as lazy as me. haha. so, again, pray dat i make it thru d exam week in one piece, wish me all d luck dat i need, and i'll see u guys during the sem break! hehe. take care ppl. chow.