Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Layout!?!


who would've thought i'd actually update my layout?! haha. it was unplanned. i visited my own blog, (haha), just to check n see if anyone left any comments. and i saw that it was blue in color. erk. i dont recall it being blue before...

then i realised that friendster had new designs for its blog... probably realising that ppl do read blogs on friendster, they decide to spruce up the designs and all that, probably to keep up with the other blog websites. so, it automatically updated my old boring layout to a new clean-looking blue-colored layout.

which looked weird to me. haha.

so i browsed thru all the layout designs, before choosing this one. this one looks, relaxed. peaceful. calm. hehe. hope u guys like it.

erm, sumone commented to me that i am mixing english and bm too much, and i should start using proper english in my blog. again, i would like to remind everyone that this is not a place for you to learn english! haha. plus im not exactly the best person to be learning english from, as there are lots of blogs out there that have a very high level of english-ness (see how bad my english is.. huhu) to it. some are even written by englishmen (and women, of course) , so you would assume that their level of english is far greater than mine. hehe. im from malaysia, so i tend to speak a little manglish, though i try not to.

just thought id post something before i take my nap before sahur. oh yeah, its the fasting month, and my sleeping schedule is far from normal. even in normal conditions, some consider it to be abnormal, now.... its even worse. i find myself unable to wake up for morning classes nowadays. haha. big surprise there. which is not so funny anymore considering i promised my mom i would not skip anymore classes.... huhu. dont get me wrong, im not PURPOSELY skipping class, its just that sometimes i cant wake up from sleep, sometimes the lecturer organizes a boring adjunct lecture which has no relevance whatsoever to what is coming out in my tests and exams (i study for exams n tests, not knowledge. huhu), so you cant really blame me for skipping all these classes. huhu.

the number of assignments for this semester is astounding! its as if the lecturers are giving as much assignments as humanly possible before we, the 3rd year students go for internship! haha. imagine, one subject actually has 3 assignments in one week... if that isnt deliberately torturing students, i dont know what is. huhu. perhaps the lecturers think that the abundance of work they give us will actually HELP us in improving our grades. well, its not helping. the number of assignments given is not directly proportional to knowledge gained by a student. haha. its not. even without ANY assignments at all, a student can still excel in his/her studies if he/she wishes to and works to achieve it, and even with ALL the assignments in the world, a stubborn/ignorant student wouldn't gain a thing from all the work he/she has done, if he/she blindly finishes all the assignments without taking a second to understand what he/she is doing, i.e copying. hehe. with so many assignments to be handed in, one can only assume the regular students, such as myself, (or should i say the lazy students, haha), would be copying some, if not all of the assignments... in my humble opinion, lecturers shouldnt give too much assignments. give one per week, tops. that way, students will actually have the time to do the assignments themselves, and by doing so learn more about the task at hand, instead of having to skip class to copy an assignment that he was supposed to do days ago. lolz.

lets stop talking bout studies shall we? im sleepy enuf as it is. erm, i still havent got an internship placement. some friends have already gotten offers, and the number seems to grow by the day. im somewhat shaken, but overall im still optimistic that ill get a relatively good placement. i cant really expect the companies to come beg me to be their intern with an average cgpa.. huhu. some of the companies standards are so high, i dont even meet the minimum requirements to apply for intern, so i decided not to. ah, who cares. in the end, if i still dont get a placement, UTP will secure one for me, so nothing to worry about, really. its just that, obviously everyone has their own preference, where they want to work, what company they want to work with, and i myself am not excluded. but if its not meant to be, then so be it. lets not worry bout things that are uncertain. things will sort themselves out eventually. (slacker mode engaged.) haha.

erm, thats it for now, i think. oh yeah, ive got this one friend who apparently is grammar-crazy nowadays. haha. she deleted her entire blog, partly because she doesnt like all the grammar mistakes that she did. haha. i is not the knowing why she doing that thing, (please dont delete my blog. haha), but she should relax... haha. there's nothing wrong with using bad grammar in your blog. so long as you get your message out, and the blog-hoppers enjoy reading it, its all good... and this post is partly because she asked me to post sumthing. haha. i dont even know if this one is a good post, because im just rambling about random stuff. ill let you guys decide.

eyh, i really should get to sleeping. need to wake up for sahur coz it seems im the chef on duty for tonite. haha.