Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic of Epic Epicness

Short post (again) to let people know what I'm currently into.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Won't explain much, title pretty much explains itself. Its a comic-turned-movie. Like really2 funny, and fun to watch. I also liked the soundtrack, here's one of the songs i like.

In general life is looking up. Looking on the bright side of life now. Funny how you're one day a nocturnal creature, the next you're this 50 year old guy that sleeps after dinner. How one day you're doing absolutely nothing with the time that you have, the next you wish you had 25 hours in a day. Life's like that I suppose. Only thing predictable about life is that it is unpredictable.

In the process of work I have learned so many things, most of which don't really relate to work. One, never be arrogant with what you have. I used to be so proud of my degree, but working has taught me that a degree is only a piece of paper. The guy I'm learning from at work didn't even finish high school. Despite that, he's currently one of the few experts left in the factory, and people come to him for advice on what to do almost all the time. Lesson in humility.

Next, always be grateful with what you have. If you're not grateful with what God has given you, then how can you expect Him to give you more? And grateful doesn't mean you're settling for something mediocre, it just means you're thankful for what you have, but at the same time strive to improve.

My school had this Latin motto, Bene Orasse, Bene Studuisse, which translates to Pray Hard, Study Hard. When translated into Malay, it became Berusaha dan Berdoa. I'm thinking they left out one crucial part. My motto now is Berusaha, Berdoa, Bersyukur.


Till next time, enjoy!

Peace from the Black Sheep. :P

P/s : Go watch Scott Pilgrim if you haven't! EPIC! I heart Sex Bob-Omb! rofl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Relativity of Life and How Unrelated Mine Is.

short post to let people know i'm alive.

i'm alive.


though i don't really have that much of a social life these days (or the days before), so you could say i'm kinda not alive.

does this make me undead?

why undead anyways? why not un-alive.

guess it doesn't sound as catchy.

work is demanding a lot more from me than i expected.

first it demands that i wake up early. real early. 4 30 am.

thats usually about the time i go to sleep during my uni days.

which would explain a lot about my attendance (or lack of it).

i don't mind, since i get to sleep after work, which is 3 pm. plus i avoid the rush hour traffic, always a plus in my books.

but now work is robbing me of my weekends as well.

apparently the company failed to mention that i'm "obligated" (not exactly required) to come in during the weekends.

or any other time the factory runs.

which is all the time. till the end of time.

which inadvertently is sucking the social life right out of me. yeah i'm close to fully dead now.

my co-workers don't really mind though, probably coz they're 50+ and their days hitting the night clubs are probably long gone.

but the job does have its plusses. (not sure thats a real word)

its a multi-national company, so experience working in a company like this is bound to be recognized.

the benefits here are awesome, as barney would say it. (stinson, not the dinosaur.)

i'm learning something thats extremely useful, something i always thought was beneficial should i get the chance to learn, and so here i am.

the people are generally friendly, i'm trying my best to try and fit in this very friendly environment, so that should improve my people skills.

(yeah, when you think about it, "i prefer to work with machines rather than with people" isn't exactly something a friendly person would say, so i guess i'm not that friendly.)

but it does have its low points.

as explained before, unusual hours, work on weekends (though it comes with "allowance"), not so high salary (as compared to other people with my qualifications), long learning period (still learning how to do my work) and lastly, huge responsibility.

(if the factory stops, chances are i'll be one of the people blamed. lol)

but i complain too much.

sure some people might get better pay, don't have to work on weekend's, all that stuff, but there are still some people that are still worse off than me, working under the hot sun all day and getting lower pay than me.

(i instead work in a small room with a huge air-conditioner, that sometimes makes me wonder if they're purposely trying to freeze me to death, or probably train me to get acclimated with Hanover weather.)

so here i am, trying to hold on, trying to make myself enjoy this thing that i'm doing.

you need to work to continue living.

i did not realize that before.

College Yasin - extinct.

Factory Worker Yasin - alive and well.

hey, after all its only been 2 months. first step is always the hardest.

guy teaching me has experience of 42 years in this place. so this place can't be that bad.

though i have seen people missing an arm walking around.


fyi, i still have mine though. both of them. (much emphasis on still) lol.

oh another downside, only guys factory, very few girls. fail.

i think i can count the number of girls i see in the factory with my fingers.

(coz i still have my 10 fingers)


ignoring the fact that this would be a very good time to consider switching from hetero to homo, learning new stuff is hard. which is why i'm sometimes down.

coz i'm required to learn stuff from scratch.

according to my boss, my colleagues, being in their 50s, "have reached their hard disk capacity, and cannot absorb any more data. theirs is a 512MB hard disk, almost full, and mine is an empty 1GB hard disk"

though he's not very up to date with computer technology (coz we now have 1 terabyte (1000 GB) HDs and 1GB memory card is about as big as my little pinkie fingernail), he's an Excel-wiz and he's a real nice guy.

ok enuf bout work, lets talk bout something else.




nice weather we're having nowadays huh?

peace, take care.