Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jangan ketawa.

Something less serious to lighten the mood of the blog. =)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perfect Love

While randomly surfing the net for stuff to read, I stumbled upon a very interesting article on our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. In general it was about how he treats his wives with kindness and compassion, but what really caught my interest was this particular part that was trying to show how our Prophet loved his first wife Khadijah.

I would say that most of us know the story, how he loved her so much that when she passed away, the year was known as "Tahun Kesedihan" because of how much he grieved. But how sad was he, how much did he really love her, we can only imagine.

I think this article helps us imagine it better.

(Its in Bahasa Melayu, so hopefully you guys understand. XP)

Cinta kasih Nabi terhadap Khadijah tergambar dalam riwayat berikut ini: Setelah Khadijah meninggal dunia, Rasulullah menikah dengan Aisyah. Suatu hari Rasulullah sedang berada di depan rumah. Tiba-tiba Rasulullah meninggalkan Aisyah menuju kepada seorang perempuan. Rasulullah memanggilnya dan menyuruh perempuan itu duduk di hadapan-nya kemudian mengajaknya berbicara.

Aisyah bertanya, “Siapakah perempuan tua ini?” Rasulullah menjawab, “Inilah sahabat Khadijah dulu.” Lalu Aisyah berkata, “Engkau sebut-sebut juga Khadijah padahal Allah telah menggantikannya dengan isteri yang lebih baik.”

Ketika itu marahlah Nabi sampai bergoncang rambut di atas kepalanya. Lalu beliau berkata, “Demi Allah, tidak ada yang dapat menggantikan Khadijah. Dialah yang memberikan kepadaku kebahagiaan ketika orang menghinaku. Dialah yang menghiburku dalam penderitaan ketika semua orang membenciku. Dialah yang memberikan seluruh hartanya kepadaku ketika semua orang menahan pemberiannya. Dan dialah yang menganugerahkan kepadaku anak ketika isteri-isteri yang lain tidak memberikannya. ” Mendengar itu Aisyah tidak dapat memberikan jawaban. Hadis ini diriwayatkan dalam Shahih Bukhari dan Muslim.

I dunno bout you guys, but i felt sad the first time i read it. It shows a more human side of him. The sadness of losing a loved one. Despite him being the greatest human being ever created and ever WILL be created, we sometimes forget the most fundamental thing about him; he is still only human.

I think in a way this allows us to try and be more like him. To try and follow in his footsteps, because it reminds us that we can try to be more like him, although maybe not to the level he is, of course.

Another thing I felt was how deep his love was for his wife. The wordings in the article may not be exactly what he said, after all, I only Googled, not exactly the most trustworthy research tool, but look at how carefully constructed the sentences are. He remembers and states why he loves her so.

See, people often assume that the opposite of love is hate. But I think the correct opposite would be indifference (lack of interest, concern or sympathy). This requires some explanation.

Let's say you're in love with someone. He or she then does something that breaks your heart, so because of that you hate that person. But where does that hate come from? Aha. Being betrayed by the one you love. So basically you hate that you love him/her so much. Its kinda like that song with ne-yo and rihanna, hate that i love you.

Whereas indifference means you don't really give a crap what that person does. THAT means you don't have any feelings whatsoever towards that person. Which I think is the proper opposite.

I hope people understand when they read this, coz if not, that was a waste of my 5 minutes. lol.

Anyways, the point I was trying to stress on doesn't have anything to do with hate, it was that he remembers her very clearly, he misses her for very detailed reasons. I'd like to think that when you love someone and you cherish her, you remember even the tiniest details about her, what you like about her.

I think love stories and movies always incorporate this into the storyline. "I love the way your hair smells in the morning, I love the way you smile when you look at me, almost like there isn't enough space on your face.." Lol. Yea, that sort of stuff.

So in my opinion he was an affectionate person, a romantic. Key point here is "with his wife". Some people just spout out these words without a moment of hesitation, sometimes even without feeling, just to get what they want, or in some cases, the girl they want. he he. and of course most girls fall head over heels with these very fancy, lovely words.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to mean what I say, and lets face it, if you've only known this girl for like 2 weeks, no way in hell will you "climb the highest mountains and swim an ocean of fire" for her. LOL. I seriously doubt it. But perhaps, later in the relationship, maybe when things are more serious, or maybe when you're married, you say these sort of things and it won't sound so far-fetched.

But then again I'm old-fashioned, what do I know. Being single, not exactly the expert, am I? lol. A close female friend of mine even started calling me her "GBF" nowadays. GBF stands for "Gay Best Friend". wtf. zzz. haha. (though i may have introduced the word to her. me and my big mouth.)

Anyways, thats all I wanted to say. I think there are plenty of opportunities to learn and improve ourselves, even in the most unexpected ways, especially so if we have the best human being in the world as our role model. And what better time to do so than in the month of Ramadhan.

I leave you all with the only song in my playlist at the moment (for quite some time now.) I have this habit of listening to the same song over and over again until i'm bored with it. Mostly cause I'm lazy to actually list down the songs I like, but partly because its a nice song, and a nice song should remain nice to your senses even after repeated listens. Don't you agree?

Take care. Peace.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

3 in a row.

first one was one with a HR company.

they interview on behalf of another company.

overall performance : quite good. received positive response.

lessons learnt
  • always show off your communications skill, big plus.
  • always read up and show effort and interest. also a plus, and in some cases, VITAL.
  • fresh grads can't really ask for much

second one was with a chemical engineering consultant company.

overall performance : bad. very bad.

lessons learnt
  • older more experienced people have very high expectations. everest high sometimes.
  • when interviewing for technical position, be damn sure you have appropriate technical knowledge!
  • everything happens for a reason, so if things don't go your way, learn from mistakes and accept that its for the best.
  • never bulls**t bout stuff unless you're POSITIVE interviewer doesn't know. epic rofl.
  • einstein's theory of relativity is true, 5 minutes does feel like an hour under right conditions
  • people sometimes blame you for the stupidest of things. smart people are sometimes jerks.

third one was with tyre company.

overall performance : okay. :)

lessons learnt
  • Jobstreet sometimes sends you alerts for jobs that require years of experience when you're a fresh graduate. -_-""
  • even so, don't give up and try anyway. The Big Guy up above works in very mysterious ways.
  • asking questions about job shows interest.
  • making stuff up as you go is okay if it makes sense.
unrelated note to interviews
  • meeting up with friends is always fun.
  • going out from 8 am to 11 pm on ramadhan may not be good for your well-being.
  • being friendly sometimes leads to unexpected discoveries.
  • Masjid besi in Putrajaya is so big you could probably play football inside.
  • chemical engineers in malaysia are probably separated by only 3 degree separation. (i.e : friend of a friend of a friend = all the chemical engineers in malaysia)
  • RM 50 worth of petrol is roughly half a tank for a Persona.
  • There is no such thing as a "pressure pump." epic fail.
  • There is a fine line between fun sarcasm and mean sarcasm.
  • Huge karipap at Murni is called "Roti Dragon", not roti dinosaur or roti monster. lol.

  • Honey dew is definitely the best drink there.
  • Some people have auras that cause other people to self-bahan. epic rofl.
  • Setiap orang ada rezeki tersendiri.
  • OU cinema seats are really comfortable. caution : may induce involuntary sleeping.
  • Repoman is a nice movie. :)
  • green = go, yellow = go faster, red = go really2 fast in KL.
  • Girls instantaneously generate limitless amount of energy when the words "sale" or "discount" are plastered on clothing shop windows, EVEN when complaining of tiredness mere seconds earlier.
  • dictionary, thesaurus and "dinosaurus" are types of books. super epic LOL.
  • making fun of other people is fun, but you have to accept being made fun of also. (refer to kelab menembak rule no 1)
  • using point forms makes for shorter posts and message still gets across.
and the last one
  • shopping for interview clothes is tough, so when in doubt, send an MMS to mak. epic rofl.
fyi, pic was taken way before i went to interview, so no i did not went to the interview looking like a hippie.

till next time.

peace. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

welcome to my world.

again, very short post.

just wanted to let you guys in on what i was doing last week.

i just love the life-like animations that blizzard makes. i've loved it ever since i was a boy, even now as a slightly older boy, i still love it.


sometimes you just have to let the inner geekazoid loose.


Friday, August 13, 2010

breaking the silence


happy ramadhan everyone.

do your best to be the best, especially so in this month.

a good motivational video i think.


p/s : peace is salam in english.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

things i'll never say 2

its funny how some people are so similar in so many ways, yet have very different lives.

my friend A (from here) is back in UTP now, coz he's doing some research for his supervisor. i kinda went back to UTP last week coz i wanted to get my final transcript. for job hunting purposes. which i have failed to hunt down... for two months now...

but thats besides the point.

seeing as how UTP is in the middle of nowhere, and he really doesn't have anyone else to hang out with, i stayed there a bit longer. not like i'm doing anything anyways.

so we chatted and reminisced about the good ol' times we had here, updated ourselves with job status of other friends, and of course, relationship status.

some got engaged, some couples broke up ,some are working, and some have just simply disappeared from the face of the earth. usual stuff.

which is when he suddenly remembered about B, the girl we talked about in class. he tells me that this girl broke up with the new bf not long after that, and funny thing, wanted to get back with that guy shortly after the break up. -_-"

pfft. crazy girl.

we are so similar, him and me. yet we have very different lives.

so i asked him, any new stories, him always being the guy with the interesting story to tell and all.

he smiled a smile that would've made the joker proud. lol.

he then went on to talk about another girl, lets call her C then, since A and B have been taken up. from what i understand, C is this long-time close friend of his, they go out every once in a while, chat every now and then, quite close i would say.

so when C wanted to go out this one time, he thought nothing of it. it was a typical outing. always nice to meet up with a friend.

".. but at the end of it, when we were saying our goodbyes, i sensed something... different. i kinda got the vibe that she was like into me or something", said A with his serious face on.

"pfft, blah la ko, bajet la...", was what i said, while acting like i wanted to leave the table. lol.

"lah, betul la, ko xpernah rasa macam tu ke." A said with a slightly angered look on now.

i can't honestly say that i haven't, so i said "fine2, what happened next".

he kept quiet and looked for signs. obviously he wasn't gonna go confront the girl based on some gut feeling he had. and yes, there were signs. again he ignored them, thinking he could've misinterpreted them. i mean, who knows what girls have in their brains. lol.

but that was before the girl confronted him. epic.

if anything, A is one hell of a story teller, i think. building up suspense like that. i was literally and figuratively on the edge of my seat. lol.

but i digress.

moving on, C confirmed what A was afraid of, for some reason she fell for him. she says its probably a phase.

but it got a wee bit too uncomfortable for A. not that he didn't like her, just not in that way. they've been friends for so long, and suddenly this, felt weird he said.

he thinks its probably because they talk all the time. so he thought it would be a good idea for them to take a break. not talk to each other for a bit. she didn't want to "take a break", but agreed to do so anyways.

in the so-called break that they were having, she emailed him once saying sorry she made him feel uncomfortable, and told him to "take your time".

and so he did.

it was only later did A find out that their definition of "time" are two completely different things. he was thinking maybe days, if not weeks.

for her it was probably hours, if not minutes.

roughly one week after the confrontation, A says he got a few texts from C. desperate-sounding texts. "VERY desperate-sounding", he said, over-emphasising the word VERY.

(fyi, i read the texts. VERY.)

it was just one week, and this girl seemed desperate to "get back together". obviously not the reaction he was looking for. definitely not ready to end the break. so he blew her off.

another thing i know about A is that altho he's a nice guy in a general, if he is pissed or annoyed, no more mr nice guy. so he might have been a bit harsh on the girl.

of course he didn't tell me what he said, but i kinda guessed, us practically living together for 4 years.

in the end i think she got tired and gave up. not just gave up "getting back together", gave up on their friendship altogether.

".. the friendship we had just isn't worth it anymore. so just forget whatever. so long."

clearly A didn't want things with C to end that way. he had the best of intentions, taking a break to preserve the friendship, trying to not make it awkward. for him mostly, because she didn't seem to have any problems with it.

but, as we know, things don't always turn out the way you want it to.

"ah, no matter," said A, finishing up his story, "she was kinda annoying me anyways, pestering me all the time. don't think it would've worked out either way".

again, its so funny how some people are so similar in so many ways, yet lead very different lives. personally, i think i would've done the exact same thing he did, but so far my life is just about as exciting as watching fungi grow on a dead tree stump.

i asked A what if another week she texts him again, asking to put things in the past or what, and he said, "i think i'll just forward back her own text to her, i'm sure its self-explanatory, after all she wrote it".

bloody sarcastic bugger, this guy. lol.

i guess in the end, no matter who we are, what we do, what we're like, we make do with what we have, and try to make it work.

or not.

have it your way. :)