Wednesday, April 9, 2008

enough about me, lets talk about you!

been busy. sorry. no updates in a long time. hopefully none of u guys were actually waiting.. huhu. bet u guys thought i act stopped blogging. haha. no lah. just too busy / lazy to write.. act, im still busy rite now, having a test tomorrow, but what the hell.. felt like writing, and didnt really feel like studying... :P

so, whats up with you guys? yeah. im trying a different approach. writing about somebody else for a change, instead of blabbing on and on about my life. as if anyone really cares. hahaha. some ppl are having their final exams, so ive heard. good luck to those guys. some ppl i see have started writing back on their blogs (ibs). nice job man. looking forward to more posts, although if you do stop for a long time, i understand. writer's bloc. ahaha. suke atie ko la.

erm, and it seems, due to the stress of the exams, some ppl are actually thinking of quitting blogging altogether (ayol).... maybe i should've included this in my previous slide.. haha. oit, jgn la stop blogging... what will i do if i cant read your blogs.. relax la. dun go deleting the posts just yet. keep it for fun. buat cam aku.. marinate (not sure its spelled this way.. ahaha) your blog for a bit.. bl dah rasa nak tulis, then go ahead. so, dun stop blogging ayol!! we love (and by we i mean myself and your other blog readers..) your blogs, albeit the sometimes not-so-perfect grammar and stuff. alaa, relax la. who says ur english isnt improving, im sure as hell it has improved quite a bit, maybe you just dont notice it... besides, im sure everyone makes grammatical errors sumtimes... i very the sure, the peoples that u thinking have perfect grammar, are havings very the bad grammar... ahahaha. (this does not imply that im one of the perfect-grammar guys, this just shows my grammar is very bad. OBVIOUSLY. haha) so, in conclusion, jangan la stop blogging. continue ah blogging eh? hehe. do it for the fans! hehe. ttba rs nyesal lak correcting ur grammar.

actually, im not even sure if she's reading this stuff. hehe. after all, it's been like two months since my last post. oh yeah, for those that don't know, ayol is a friend from pasum, an EXCELLENT blogger, and a very happening blog-hopper (can't really remember what was the term she used to describe herself...) anyways, she likes to write blogs and likes reading blogs as well. and her blogs, if i do say so myself, is quite ENTERTAINING. she updates often, talks a lot about lots of stuff, but mostly bout food, travel, and generally life. here's the address, check it out if you guys have the time.

DEFINITELY loads more fun than my boring and plain, all-words and no pictures blog... hehe. dah puji melambung2 dah ni, kalau tutup gak blog, tak tau nak ckp apa dah. n oh yeah, ayol, if ur reading, got problems wif my ym, so cant really pm u. huhu.

okay, enuf bout other ppl. let's talk bout me. ahaha. i got nothing to say really. my life is really as boring as i say it is. haha. but what the heck, you guys took the time to come here, might as well say something... erm... lets see. joined the chemE carnival committee. (chemE = chemical engineering.) actually, i just got back from one of the events, and after a whole day of working non-stop, finally the event that my department was assigned to, is done, with great success. of course, there were certain bumps and blocks along the way, but all in all, it was a success... shouout to CnP department of ChemE Carnival 2008, u guys rock! (or shud i say gals, since im the only guy in the department... ahahaha). looking forward to work with u guys again in the future. thanks for everything!

i guess i should've said what exactly was the event all about, but... malas la pulak. ahaha.... ok la, ok la, i'll tell u guys, since u guys asked so nicely. ahaha. basically just boring study related stuff, the first event was the Chemical Paper Presentation Competition. 7 groups, present a paper on a renewable energy, and the best gets picked to represent UTP to National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACES). the 2nd one, the one that just finished was the Chemical Engineering Dean's List Award Ceremony. (btw, i didnt get one last sem. huhu). oh yeah, interesting to note, i was the mc for the dean's list ceremony. hehe. reason for this is, i was in charge of finding the emcees, and since my batch's got a test tomorrow, practically no one wants to be, everyone wants to study... so, i kinda volunteered myself. hahaha. since i still have to go to the event anyways, coz i'm part of the committee, so why the hell not.. hehe.

oh yeah, back to someone else. my bro got offered to go to a boarding school. hehe gud for him. dunno how he's doing there, but from what i hear from my parents, so far so good.. he's coming back home this weekend, so i intend to go back, but im not really sure if i can, since i'm actually skipping one event that i have to attend in order to go back. plus, a friend kinda asked me for a big favour, which is to be the mc for ANOTHER event, Majlis Anugerah Kolej Kediaman (MAKK).. huhu. but i said to her, i'll think bout it first.

for some reason, i feel like im being marked as an mc nowadays.. haha. personally, im not really sure if im cut out to be an mc, coz im not really known for my spontaneity (again, is this the right spelling? haha. ayol, take note. me = loser wif bad spelling :P ) and in my opinion, an mc should be spontaneous, just in case something unexpected happens, and you're not just standing there like an idiot, trying to say something smart, but just coming up with "errrrr......" haha. but tonite, i tried to be somewhat spontaneous, since some things didnt turn out as planned, and i think i did okay.. hehe. although i did call out the vip, for an event that wasnt there. ahaha. that was embarassing. haha. but thank God the vip was the 'cool' type, so she didnt really mind. again, sorry mrs head-of-chemical-engineering-department, please dont kick me out of the university. hehe.

what else can i say about the people around me? oh yeah, couple of my friends are going to bandung, indonesia, tomorrow. wicked eh? they're going because the event that they joined, Technology, Education and Career exhibition, had excess sponsors, so their using the extra cash to treat the hard-working committee members. huhu. oh, in case ur wondering, no, the event that i joined, isn't THAT big, that we get to go to another country, once we're done. huhu. mine's just a small one. so small that we actually don't have enuf sponsors.. haha. but lets not talk bad bout my event. after all, the lecturers that came for the event were actually impressed, considering that we put up a good event, even though we didnt have sufficient sponsorship... :P

well, i think ive run out of things to say. i hope you guys liked the new concept. write about other ppl in ur own blog. hehe. trying to be less self-centered. don't want to end up a cocky bastard when im older. huhu. although i think im slowly turning into one... haha. note to self : write more about other ppl. hehe.

till next time.