Monday, December 10, 2007

the day it all began...

today was like any ordinary day. i woke up somewhat early by my standards, around 11. had breakfast, although i should be eating lunch. roti telur. teh. (what do they call roti telur in english anyways?) my eating schedule is never normal during the holidays, due to my abnormal sleeping pattern..

after grabbing a bite, went straight upstairs to continue playing this new game i just started playing. World of Warcraft. the game's not bad, not bad, although im not very good at it at the moment. continued playing till evening, stopped because frankly, my butts fallen asleep and i got left behind twice by my group in the game. huhu.

had a bit of lunch, and its 5 pm. i sometimes feel that eating is a burden, im really the 'eat to live, not live to eat' type of guy. im so lazy i feel eating is too much work, with all the chewing and the swallowing... haha. maybe i should get an IV for my next birthday. huhu. besides staying alive, most of the time i eat because if i dont, my mother gets somewhat angry.. so i guess im more of a 'eat to not get scold by my mother' type. haha.

went to bed. yup. i slept some more. why? ntah la. no, i wasnt tired. but thats what i do sometimes when i get bored. i force myself to sleep. haha. i think im getting better at it. cant remember the last time i couldn't sleep. one heck of a way to pass the time eh? ;P... although having too much sleep does have its side effects.. for one thing, its addictive. sleep, among other things, is something you can never get enough of. if you eat, when you're full, you stop eating, but if you sleep, when you're done sleeping, you still linger in bed and if not for that important thing you have to do, you wouldnt mind sleeping for a few more hours.. :P be warned though, too much sleep can make your head a bit dizzy.... trust me, im an expert. :P

woke up. time for dinner. dinner is the only meal which i eat on time. because if i eat too late, there wouldnt be anything to eat. haha. had pizza today. yeay! havent had one in a long time. also had the seafood lasagna and some garlic bread. did i mention my favorite type of food is fast food, specifically italian food? hehe. well, so far the only italian food ive ever had are pizzas, lasagnas, spaghettis... dunno any other italian dishes anyways, but the ones ive had are nice, so im guessing i like italian food. for this type of food, i dont mind all the chewing and the swallowing.. hehe. bring it on!

finished eating.. that was nice. went on to watch some tv. watched this movie with nicholas cage in it, the weather man. its about this weather guy, whose basically losing his family since he got divorced with his wife. so he tries to patch things up with his ex-wife so that they can be one big family again. very interesting movie. the moral of the story is things dont always go the way you plan it, but you live with it anyways.. "sometimes in life you just gotta chuck some things.." very interesting indeed. i wonder what my life would be 19 years from now.. =) ever really wondered what you would be doing in the future? i think about it all the time. what work ill be doing, am i really going to be a chemical engineer, how rich will i be, what my family would be like, if i am ever going to have a family, will i lead a fulfilling and successful life or be one of those ppl that waste their lives... only time will tell.

after that movie, nothing good was on tv, so i went back upstairs to my computer, and here i am. today was like any other day, except that today is my birthday. or should i say yesterday was my birhday. its 1 12 am rite now. its amazing really, how something that means so much to someone, can be of absolutely no meaning whatsoever to another. for instance, today, its my birthday, surely its a big deal for me, but to the guy next door, its like any other day. in fact, the other guy is having the right idea. it IS like any other day. i dont feel any different. i look the same as i did yesterday. im still the same person. i still act the same way. probably the only difference is that instead of saying 18, i now say 19 if someone asks my age.. so why celebrate anyways?

ive never really had a big birthday party. usually its just a quite dinner with my family, only the food is somewhat special than it usually is, and i get a present. so ive never really wanted a big fancy birthday party. and as i grow older, i realise that as it really is like any other day, the excitement slowly fades away.. i remember as a kid, i used to get so hyped up i would blab about my birthday a week earlier. haha. and when i was in school, how i would be completely mum about the whole birthday thing, acting all natural, but secretly waiting to see if anyone cared enough to remember it.. hehe. but nowadays, its like any other day, except for the fact i was born on this day, 19 years ago. no more blabbing, no more keeping mum. wait, i still keep quiet,  but only because not to make a big deal out of it. hehe.

but, as always, i do look forward to the wishes. who wouldnt be upset not to be remembered on the day they were born? but i never really cared for presents.. (why do we give presents on birthdays anyways?) and it seems even though sometimes it may not seem like it, a lot of people still remember my birthday. hehe. thanks guys. and so today, like the year before, i celebrated my birthday with my family. only this year we had pizza, last year we had cake, if memory serves me correctly. the only truly big birthday ive had was in pasum.. it wasnt all that big, coz i wasnt even there on my birthday, a relative of mine got married on that day (talk about stealing your thunder! haha.), but i got all these presents, and everyone was wishing me, so it was great! but the best part was when i got to the house where everyone was gathering for the wedding. i just arrived, went inside, and almost all of my relatives were there in the living room. and suddenly, everyone in the room started singing happy birthday..! wow. that was the best bday ever.

i guess i now understand why some ppl like to go all the way when it comes to their birthday party. perhaps i knew that all along, just wasnt that obvious. when you have a brain as cluttered as mine, writing your thoughts down in a blog helps alot. hehe. anyways, i guess that explains why i try to wish all my friends on their birthdays, and if possible, give them a present, or at least treat them to dinner or something (apart from being a good friend, of course..:P). after all, it is the day you were born. if no one cared if it was your birthday, wouldnt that be depressing? so, ppl, if someone you know is having his or her birthday, wish him/ her happy birthday. its a small gesture, but it goes a long way. it may be like any other day, and he or she may act like there's nothing to it, but to them, there's no other day like it. take care ppl. chow.

p/s: even though it is my birthday, in case i missed your birthday, happy belated birthday! :P

Thursday, November 8, 2007


bosan. bosan kan? duh... if you werent bored, you probably wouldnt be here. a friend of mine asked me to update my blog... so, here goes.. :P

dont want to talk so much this time. lets try to simplify things a bit. summarise everything up in short paragraphs.. coz it seems i never have the time to write long ones, so maybe if i wrote short ones, id be more motivated to update often. hehe.

soo.... what to talk about.... reunions. yeah. im having one, in less than a months time. friends from pasum. again. haha. it seems like these are the only people i stick around with, the ones i keep in touch with regularly, without any obligation to do so.. haha. there are ppl you talk to because you want to, and there are those ppl you talk to because you have to, because you meet them everyday, and it would be somewhat impolite not to. ive talked bout this already before. i tend to talk bout things over and over again, am i getting forgetful? huhu.

reunions. it isnt so easy to organise one. believe me. my friends and i took like a few months just to organise this one, and we're a group of ten people. yes, ten. imagine how difficult for those old schools, universities, to organise their reunions. even with my small group, some of them cant make it. quite dumb, isnt it? i mean, we arranged for this thing months before, and for some bloody reason, one guy got involved in something and cant make it. pardon my language. not too happy bout it. there's a bloody reason why we plan things like this early, so that nothing goes wrong, so that everyone can make it. ugh. humans. to err is human, i guess. and i should know, i am one. haha. oh well, lifes like that.

what else... should i talk bout the exams? nah... ive talked bout that loads of times.. why is it that students can never find anything else to talk bout except for studies when we're breaking the ice, or meeting and old friend, or anything for that matter...? or is it just me? am i turning into a geek? arrghh! cant be. i barely study at all !! haha. maybe its one of those topics. something common. not too personal, yet not TOO common. just nice to break the ice. i hope so. dont think im a geek, and not too keen turning into one, either. hehe.

geeks.. what is the exact definition of a geek? yeah. i havent talked bout this before. although the topic did come up in my everyday chit chat, once or twice. how DO you tell if you're a geek or not..? is there a fixed standard, as in the number of books you read per week, or something? its all a blurr, really. my opinion, really depends on you whether you think you're a geek or not. if you dont think that you're a geek, who cares what other ppl think, rite? so even if your idea of an exciting afternoon is deriving the MacLaurins series (mathematical equation, btw. i AM a geek... *sigh*. haha), as long as you think you're not a geek, then you're not, friend. dare to be geeky. =)

moving on. what else do i have to say? life is so boring these days, i cant even think of something interesting to write about. aha. remembered something. hamsters. a friend of mine, has two hamsters, and apparently, the hamsters, well, being hamsters, did what hamsters do best, and now, she has 2 big hamsters and 6 tiny ones, (when i say tiny, i mean, really tiny, according to her, smaller than duit 10 sen..). so, the story goes that she doesnt really want to keep the offspring, so she's giving them out to ppl that want them... and after hearing so many of her hamster stories, haha, (cant get enough of them,really), i asked her for two of the baby hamsters. haha. imagine, the king of slackers, is going to take care of two, extremely fragile creatures. haha. i dunno what i was thinking... haha. but, its a challenge. maybe these little rodents will turn me into the responsible, matured, person im destined to be. eceh... haha. i like hearing updates about those little critters, so im guessing when i have some of my own, ill probably enjoy telling stories bout them, so to all those blog hoppers(thx ayol for the term.. =) ), look out for more of my blogs in the future. ( i always say ill update my blog often, but i never really do it. haha. sori guys. ill try to do it this time around.)

last paragraph, ladies and gentleman. update on my life. haha. erm, i was the emcee of a raya dinner recently. haha. i thought i sucked real bad, but ppl r saying that i only suck a little bit, so not that bad.. haha. although there was that one time, when my mind went blank, and i couldnt say anything, so i said,... 'please enjoy your dinner?'. oh God. THAT, was embarassing. haha. not bad for my 1st attempt. erm, took my deans list cert on that night also. nice. looking forward to taking more of those in the future. hehehe. hopefully. what else.... oh yeah, my dad's bday. slamat ari lahir ayah... =) my bday's on the 10th of December ppl, try not to forget. :P but if you do forget, oh well, cant really blame ya. there's at least 6 billion ppl on earth at the moment, im just another name in the crowd. but if you did NOT forget, thanks mate! dont really expect any gifts, just a simple wish would be great. =)

the actual last paragraph. hehe. cant wait for the exams to end, bored to death. i havent gone to a shopping complex to hang out, for months. geek? yup... cant really say anything to defend myself. not the coolest of ppl. haha. and not exactly the friendliest. ;P but definitely one of the cutest... (did i hear someone barf?) haha. kidding. all the best in life, live life to the fullest, life's too short to live a half-life. if that even makes sense. haha. chow. =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

In summary.


at last, i finally hv the time, the determination, the stories, the lack of anything else to do, to write my blog... how long has it been? too long, i should say..lets see how this one goes... not sure if my writing skills are as good as they were, assuming that they were good at any point.. huhu.

lets start from way back, shall we? convo performance. it was ok.. nothing special bout it, really. hehe. but the benefits were great! i got food coupons for a week, one week of free food.. huhu. who wudnt want that... good food tastes great, but FREE good food tastes even better.. hehe. whats more is that i got about RM 18 per day worth of coupons. yeah, RM18. dats like two days worth of food coupons for me.. and dats if i eat western food on both days. since the coupons expire when the week ends, it was western for lunch, western for dinner, and if it were possible, probably western for breakfast as well... i rarely eat bfast, even thought some say its the most important meal of the day, i rarely eat it (in utp that is..). but with the coupons, i went and have me one hell of a bfast (compared to the usual plain water..).. huhu. and still, i have extra coupons... even if i were to buy some of my friends dinner, i would still have extra coupons... happy times, happy times. and did i mention im getting paid to perform during the convo? haha. free food, and getting paid. nothing beats that. hehe. oh yeah, not forgetting the main thing, the performance was ok, not bad, although im still doing lots of mistakes.. more practice required..

motorcycle accident. huh. nvr saw this one coming. but i guess if you can predict an accident happening, you wouldnt be calling it an accident... here's how it happened. i was riding my motorcycle that one night, it was dark, didnt really see that the road was quite sandy, so when i went in a corner a wee bit too fast, i braked, and bam! next thing i know, i was on the road sliding to the side.. ouch. at first the shock was overwhelming! i didnt even realised what had just happened. and just my luck, no one was around at the time. so with the shock, and the lack of knowledge on what to do on such an incident, i just yelled out 'tolong!' a couple of times and waited for people to come to the rescue.. haha. quite dumb, i shud say. after realising that no one was there, then i came to my senses... started pushing the motorcycle bit by bit, bcoz i was pinned under the motorcycle, you see, thats why i was just waiting for someone to come, bcoz lets face it, motorcycles arent exactly the lightest things in the world, especially when your feet and hands are bleeding and God knows where else... finally got the motorcycle off, stood up, called up the owner of the motorcycle.. oh yeah, forgot to mention, the motorcycle wasnt mine. double ouch. no reply. called someone else. it was around this time that someone finally came around.. stopped the guy, and asked him to help me pick up the motorcycle, and if possible, send me to a clinic. did i mention im still bleeding here? haha. oh yeah, whats more miraculous is that my handphone still works! yeah, it still works! bcoz the first thing that i noticed after i stopped sliding on the road was that my handphone was sticking out of my pocket, and not from the hole where i slide my hands in, apparently a new hole, made during the sliding process.. huhuhu. sedey giler. but at least it still works, even with all the scratches and cracks... score one for motorola... huhu.

moving on, just as the guy that i stopped was going to give me a lift, out of nowhere, a friend of mine, passed by the area.. completely by chance! well, sort of chance, it just so happens he had to do something and he had to go thru here to get there. the place that i fell down wasnt exactly the busiest of places, but i guess you guys guessed that when i said i yelled help and no one came... so instead of the guy that i stopped, my friend took me to the clinic.. although, i have to say something. the guy that i stopped for help, seemed somewhat reluctant to help me. i mean, if it was him that fell down, and it was me that passed by, i probably wouldnt think twice bout taking him to the clinic.. but he seemed somewhat, unwilling to do so. ah well, some ppl just dont have the moral values that i have.. haha. but i guess im lacking in humility when i say that. and thats bout it, my friend took me to the clinic, where the owner of the motorcyle was already there, the guy that i called after i called him, called someone else to get him... the damage on the motorcycle was minimal, in case you're wondering, becoz my feet was trapped between the road and the motorcycle. ouch, but it sounds a lot worse than it is actually.. i think. huhu. and thats bout it.. had to walk like a robot for a week, hurts like hell, especially when taking a bath... some ppl said "kenapa bagi kena air?! mmg la sakit..." but then, if i didnt let water hit the wound, it wouldnt be clean now, would it?  and thats bout it... nothing much. huhu. although i did learn a very valuable lesson from this. an accident is called an accident, becoz ppl dont plan to do it, it just so happens..... the reason why there's a speed limit on our roads and highways, is bcoz, although u may feel comfortable driving at fast speeds, u may not be able to react once sumthing unexpected happens.. oh yeah, thanks to the friend, achul, that helped me when i was in need, a friend in need, is a friend indeed, as they say, and to all that visited and helped me during my healing period.. your help is greatly appreciated, i only hope that i can repay your kindness someday... and one more thing, never do things that your parents dont approve of, because when they dont approve of it, God wont approve of it either, and something bad's bound to happen.. my parents dont like me riding the riding the motorcycle, but since its the easiest and most convenient mode of transport in the university, i cant really avoid using it.. long story short, i learned my lesson.. the hard way. hehe.

what else.... hmm. let me think. my studies? yeah, i guess i cant talk bout that for a bit. my study sucks these days. ive become ever so lazy nowadays, i barely do anything at all other than relaxing and enjoying myself... and my test & quiz results show it... real bad. im starting to worry if i can repeat last semester's performance, let alone make it better. oh well, we'll see how that one goes.

oh yeah, ive gotten involved in a charity project of sorts. its called khidmat bakti siswa. erm, basically, its like a homestay program, but unlike a homestay program where you pay to stay and have fun, enjoy village life, this homestay, you pay to stay in someones house to do charity work for the village. huhu. as bad as that may sound, it was quite fun. relaxing. well, there were times when i was stressed, partly because i was part of the organizing comittee, partly because i was damn tired at the time, hehe, but, overall it was a fulfilling experience. to actually contribute towards the improvement of something... for example, one of the things we did was clean up the graveyard in that area. the graveyard at first was a total mess. full of grass, weeds, in fact some of the bushes at the place totally covered up some graves. but when we were done with the place, you can totally see the difference. and that brings a sort of satisfaction... unexpected, i must say. honestly, i joined the thing to get a certificate, ive never joined anything since ive been in utp, and of course to do some good, but never thought that doing something good for no reward whatsoever would be fulfilling. huhu. listen to the so-called slacker talking. but as joey from 'friends' once said, "theres no such thing as a selfless good deed". because when you think about it, no matter how selfless an act you commit, you've gotta admit, you still feel good about it afterwards.. example, you give some money to the poor and needy, sure, you lose a couple of bucks for ppl you dont even know, but deep down inside, you're happy that you can help a fellow human being out. so, not exactly selfless. haha.

and thats pretty much it. huhu. one month of my life, in summary. cant write too detailed, the details are quite blurry now, bcoz it took me long enough to write the damn blog. hehe.

lets talk bout some stuff that havent happened, but probably are. my group of friends from pasum are trying to organise a reunion, for the 1000th time. haha. its just that it never really happens, somebody's bound to have something on that date, and so its not exactly a full reunion if not everyone's present. some are just too... whats the word im looking for.... too... for lack of a better word, too full of crap. haha. sorry. i cant find the word im looking for, probably because it doesnt exist. although there is a word for it in bahasa melayu. ngade2. for some itsy bitsy reason, they dont want to come to the reunion. or they just dont give a crap bout meeting up. example, ive asked ppl to meet up with me when i come to kl, lets say a few days in advance, and when the actual day comes, they say im too far away too meet up laa... "siapa suh u dtg" la.... i mean, wtf? i came 300 km from ipoh just to meet you guys (not all, a select few), but you cant travel 20 minutes by lrt to meet me? haha. damn. real nice friends i have. and its the same with this upcoming reunion. ader je mslhnye. nk gerak sama2 la. nk tuka tmpt la. nk bwk kete la. xtau tmpt la. i mean, wut the hell is the bloody problem? does it really matter where we meet up?? it doesnt really matter where you meet, or how you get there, or what you do once you're there, or how in the blue hell you're supposed to go around, or if you're un-friggin-familiar with the area, its who you meet up with.. huh. pardon my lack of politeness. lets just say, you havent met your parents for one year. would you give a crap if the only place you could meet them was at the summit of mount kinabalu? or in a stinking public toilet? no. you wouldnt. although this may not be the best of comparison, considering we all love our parents a lot more than our friends.. but as engineers say, its an ideal situation. you see, in engineering, most of the things that we study are in ideal state, meaning, its absolutely perfect, with no flaws. it doesnt happen in real life, but we study it anyways so that we can compare the real life cases with the ideal ones. so in this case, the ideal person or people to meet would be ones parents, but in real life, the ones that we havent met is our friends. hehe. enough engineer talk. it really depends on how much you want to meet up with your friends. i once went on a get-together with some friends, and i ended up sleeping in an airport, much like the movie 'the terminal'. haha. but, i didnt get mad at the guy that planned the trip, its not his fault, but it may have made us a lot closer in the end, considering neither of us pointed the finger to anyone of us.. friends till the end mates. although there was a certain someone that was responsible for that particular disaster, a girl, huhu, but in the spirit of ramadhan al-mubarak, ill refrain from mentioning the name here. oit. back to the original topic. erm, basically, i dont really care where we meet, dont really care what we're going to do there, what i do care about is that everyones there. sure, i want to be comfortable, i want to have fun, but to waste more time rethinking where to go after all the plans have been made, thats just plain useless. oh well. they say that great minds think alike, if im one of the great minds, i guess the friends that are still rethinking all this stuff arent so great-minded. hahaha. or it cud be the other way around. just kidding ppl. i can only ask that we put aside all the useless squabling on how to get there, whether we should gather up before going, and just concentrate on getting there, plan on where to stay, where to go, what to do, and who to contact in case of emergencies. yup, i think thats bout it. but if you guys still want to discuss these things, fine by me. the normal lifespan of a human being these days in average is 67 years old. im 18 now. so theoretically speaking, i have another 59 years to go to reunions, so no hurry guys. hua3. but seriously, try to hurry things up. while im still young. haha.

i think ill stop here for now. hehe. ive got a plant visit tomorrow. im visiting a chemical plant or something. a cement factory if im not mistaken. at 8 30 am. its 3 30 am now. hehe. selamat berpuasa to all muslims.  may we all improve ourselves during this holy month, if not drastically, a small improvement is better than nothing at all. dunno when ill be writing again, most probably not in the nearest future, my procrastinating habits are taking a toll on me, a whole lot of stuff to do in such a short amount of time. hehe. till i find the time, the initiative, the lack of stuff to do and the lack of stuff that needs to be done, hehe, take care, stay young, chow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

friends i don't like?

peculiar title eh? i thought so too when i saw this term the first time. i was reading a bulletin a friend of mine put up when i came across it. "Honestly, do you have a friend you don't like?" at first i thought, "how weird is that, how can you still be friends with someone you don't like!?" but after taking the time to think about it for a bit, i guess its absolutely TRUE... when i think about it, yeah, sure, i like my friends, i'd do almost anything for some of my friends, but there are times when i cant even stand them! (and im sure there are moments when they cant stand me... huhu). even with my closest friends, i get into arguments or squabbles sometimes...

so surely there are friends that i dont like. friends that i just cant be around. but that is somewhat weird since if you cant be around that person, can you really call that person your friend? i guess the answer is yes, probably because you dont have a choice. your life is somewhat intertwined with his/hers. there are some friends i would gladly run away from, simply because our personalities dont match. there are certain types of ppl that i cant mix with, no matter what. why? because when im around these ppl, i cant be myself. most of the time, thats the reason. one thing about me, is that im no hypocrite. i dont tell lies. im probably not so good at concealing my emotions, especially if its anger... when im angry with you, there's no such thing as "yasin ni mcm marah je..."... when im angry with you, you'll definitely KNOW. because i'll tell it straight to your face that im angry about something , with the exception of certain ppl, of course, such as my parents, family. i care/respect these ppl too much to be that angry with them...

so, probably the number one person i cant be around is ppl that cant admit to their mistakes, or doesnt take thrashing (when they deserve it) very well... i simply cant stand this kind of ppl and they probably cant even look at me without turning into stone or sumthing.. haha. when you make a mistake, whats the right thing to do? well, in my book, you apologise and/or try to make things rite... these type of ppl dont do that. in their book, "when i make a mistake, the last thing i want to do is apologise... coz that'll make me look more idiot-like than i already am.. no, i should deny ever making a mistake, blame everyone else, and if that doesnt work, shut up and completely ignore the person scolding me until he/she leaves... yeah! damn i'm clever!..." yeah, from what ive seen so far, thats probably how they deal with things in life... i cant possibly do something like this, im far too responsible to just deny whatever mistake i do, well, most of the time, at least. plus, if im doing the scolding, and suddenly the guy ignores me, i know i have to stop, bcoz he's not responding to the scolding and by the face he's making, i know he's offended... but you cant imagine how i feel!! i cant truly describe how i feel when this happens. angry, because the person at wrong isnt admitting his mistakes or apologising, and bloody frustrated, for....  ARGHH!! yeah, thats it. ARRGGHH!!! although this is how i feel, that idiot doesnt know this, because all he/she can get through his/her thick skull is "that bloody bastard scolded me.. i am truly hurt". so i try to patch things up, even though my heart is on the verge of breaking in half.. but one can only hold on for so long.. lets just say that these type of ppl, i do talk to once in a while, but i dont get too close to them... i guess i consider them my friends, with the word 'friends' here meaning ppl i hv to talk to, but dont want to...

2nd type of person i cant be around is, ppl that cant accept my type of humor. for those that dont know, im very very sarcastic. i think i got it from my father. why do i say that? well, i didnt really realise it at first until a close friend of mine pointed it out to me a few years back. i was telling him the joke that my father made when my family went to a kenduri. there was this one kid sitting at the same table as us. he was quite the hyperactive one.. always moving around, playing with his food, and we were enjoying his company... then, while eating, he burped real loud... huhu. and my brother, or was it me, that said, "uish, kuatnye sendawa...! hehe". then, the kid asked me "sendawa tu apa?" haha. before i cud answer him, my father said "sendawa ni mcm rabbit, tapi telinga dia pjg sikit... " hahahahaha. this one guy sitting in front of me almost choked (aper 'tersedak' dlm english?) on his drink... haha. so, sarcasm runs in the family. haha. like father, like son, they always say. ke mana tumpahnye kuah kalau tak ke bawah. haha. moving on, later i found out that jokes like these, not everyone can comprehend.. huhu. in fact, some are actually offended by these types of jokes. of course once in a while i slip in some nasty comments such as "2+2=5? You're a freaking 'genius'!".. hehe. but its all in good fun. i dont mind ppl doing that to me. but some just cant take it. and if i do one about them, they get offended, then either get angry with me, or try their best to hurt my feelings back, which was never my intention.. it was just plain teasing. apparently, no matter how smart some ppl are, they cant appreciate such a simple form of fun which is sarcasm.. so, with me not being able to change my true nature of being sarcastically funny all the time, i think you can figure out why these type of ppl cant stick with me for too long...

i dont like being used. nobody likes being used. i had a friend once. yeah, had. i dont feel like calling this guy my friend anymore, bad as that may sound. he seems to have the idea that im he's private money lender or something, and instead of actually returning the money when he has some, he seems to think that he doesnt have to. oh yeah, sure, when he wants to borrow the money, its all "ill pay you as soon as possible...". nothing but lies. me and this guy were quite close at school, which is the reason why i dont mind him borrowing my money, and why im dumb enough to believe all his crap. so when we finished school, we didnt contact each other that much for some reason. until recently, he contacted me, asking me how am i, what am i doing now, all those stuff. he even asked me when i was coming home. thinking how close we were back then, i thought then that maybe he really did want to get together and catch up on lost times.. although theres always that small voice saying "he's just doing this to gain something from you.." . i guess i should always listen to that small voice, as it turns out he only wanted to meet to borrow my cd player.. haha. and to think i actually, truly thought that he actually wanted to see me just for the sake of catching up.. haha. yasin, yasin. how foolish you are. i normally dont say any names in my blog, but this time, ill make an exception. he probably wont be reading this blog, probably cant considering his 'extremely high' level of english proficiency, but ill say his name anyways. Am, go to hell. f**k the hell off. you are no longer my friend, and if memory serves me right, you probably never were...

hmmm... lets talk bout something as. the orchestra. yeah, i like being in the orchestra. going for training is one of the things i look forward to every week. i dont know most of the ppl in the orchestra, im only close with the other violinists, but still, i look forward to the training sessions all the time. probably because i like playing the violin. its not that i cant play in my room, but if i play in my room, it wont sound so nice.. hehe. the orchestra is now getting ready for the convo performance, and it seems that before the convo performance, there'll be one small performance.. cant wait for that. huhu. its exciting really, performing on stage. there's a certain thrill, certain excitement you cant get anywhere else. hehe. i can see now why some very old artists still like to do concerts even though they look old enough to be my grandfather... haha. and some of them are grandfathers... huhu. my violin skills arent improving that much these days, due to the lack of training, but i guess it'll improve slowly.. rome wasnt built in a day.

so i guess thats about it, my friends. yes, for those that read this blog, i consider you ppl as my friends. why would i do such a thing when i dont even know who is reading this blog? to me, it doesnt really matter who's reading this, what matters is that you're reading it. it means you care about my life, about my feelings, or at the very least, you care about what i have to write. so thank you, friend (and cousins, of course. hehe). it is hard to find a true friend these days, one that understands you, one that without any hidden agenda, truly cares about you and your well-being. therefore, i feel truly blessed, despite the fact that some ppl arent exactly my friends, i am lucky enough to have true friends, friends that i would follow to the ends of the earth, to the deepest depths of the ocean, the farthest reaches of the galaxy, simply because, i know that these ppl would do nothing less for me. chow.

"Remind me that we'll always have each other,
when everything else is gone."

Dig - Incubus

Thursday, July 26, 2007

c'est la vie

heyya ladies and gents.. i dont really have that much to say this time, but seeing as how i havent been updating for some time, due to the tight schedule of the violin training and the start of the new sem, so i guess, since im not doing anything at 2 30 in the morning, i thought, why not update the blog? so wut if my lecture is at 8 in the morning? bak kata the indian guy dlm iklan astro, "ive got time!". haha.

lets kick things off with a bit of update in the orchestra department. well, as it turns out, i will be performing in the concert.. yay! i guess i'm good enough to play the songs.. or it cud be due to the fact that all the mistakes that i make arent loud enough to be heard in the midst of all the other sounds.. hehe. no matter, i get to perform, and that good enough for me, for now, at least. it is also quite encouraging to know that ppl are actually paying to see this thing, this performance. rm 3. quite cheap, or shud i say, bloody cheap, considering that the show starts at 8 30 pm and ends at midnight approximately, performances not only from the Classical & Jazz Orchestra, but from the Indian Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Keroncong group, Gamelan group, and the UTP choir, and to top it all off, 3 new artists will be performing there : cheryl samad, ultimat, ijan. so its really REALLY cheap! im not quite sure if these 3 ppl can actually sing, but... who cares. haha. apparently they're all releasing their new album, and their releasing it here in utp, so for those that are fans to these 3 ppl, or grup, come on down and visit UTPO Symphonyfest '07.. bit of advertisement here. hehe. sorry bout that. dtg la tgk ak perform. bl lagi.. hehe.

apart from that, i just started my new semester... so far, it has been uneventful. in other words, boring.. haha. i didnt even bother to arrange my timetable this time, i just followed the timetable of my friend.. damn lazy. the only thing that probably adds a little bit of excitement in my day to day life at the moment is the fact that i have long hair, up to my shoulders. some of you ppl would probably yawn rite now, especially the girls, but considering that im a boy, and the guards at UTP actually issue fines to boys with long hair, im practically always on the lookout for the blue-coats, trying to escape the law is always a thrilling experience..  but i do have a secret weapon. hehe. my snow cap. i never really wear the thing, i cant really tell why i even bought the thing, but the thing about snow caps is that when you wear it, its going to cover your head, concealing your hair.... so, if i wear the snow cap, the guards cant tell if i have long hair! hehe. pretty ingenious huh? although i dont think that many ppl approve of me wearing the thing, i always get weird looks from my coursemates whenever i wear it. there was this one guy that actually said "nmpk mcm ppuan..". haha. no comment mate. you can never please everyone.

a year ago, when i first entered utp, i wore a bracelet (not quite sure wut 'gelang' is in english..). its nothing fancy really, gelang mekah.. the name comes from where ppl usually buy it, Makkah Al Mukarramah.. the only thing wrong bout it is that it looks like the bracelet indian women like to wear... it LOOKS like it, but its definitely not the same thing, its made of plastic, its either red or black. the indian bracelet is usually gold... im not really sure why, but i liked wearing it.

there's actually a story behind that. mak lompor and abah (my aunt and uncle..) just got back from haji at the time and naturally, they bought some stuff for the ppl back home. they didnt really buy anything specific for me, so i asked them for the gelang mekah and a flexible ketayap.. my first one (the gelang) was black, it looks a bit more manly, hehe. but it breaks easily, the gelang, especially if you dont take care while wearing it.. so in the end, it broke off, the whole thing, in fact theres an unbelievably interesting story on how i lost the gelang, but, no need to tell it here. hehe. suffice to say, it now sleeps with the fishes in UM lake.. hehe. so, i kind of got attached with the thing, so i asked mak lompor for another one, but she said, "warna hitam dah habis la, warna merah punya ada la, mak ada lagi satu...". usually the red bracelet is taken by the girls, the guys usually take the black coloured bracelet, but since i had no choice, i thought what the heck.. so i took it. it lasted longer than its predecessor, if im not mistaken, i ended pasum wearing that red bracelet, and nobody seemed to give a crap then, but apparently, things arent the same at utp.. i have no idea wut the hell is wrong with a guy wearing a bloody bracelet, i mean, it doesnt make me look less of a man, does it? or is it because of the fact that it looks like an indian bracelet? anyhow, only after i tell ppl that its a bracelet from mekah do they actually shut the hell up.. "ni bkn gelang keling, ni gelang mekah, kalo dah pegi mekah tau la..". senyap terus. but while conducting an experiment in my organic chemistry lab, i spilled some chemicals on the bracelet and it actually melted and fused to my skin! wicked... at first because of the red colour, i thought that the chemical actually melted my skin!, but upon closer inspection, gelang tu yg cair rpnya.. so thats how/why i stopped wearing bracelets... and now the snow cap is causing so much commotion. dont these ppl have anything better to talk about??!! but this time, i dont give a crap wut ppl say.. ske ati aku la nk pky ke x. korg nk ckp apa... it keeps me from getting a rm 30 fine, whilst all you guys do is talk shit about me, so i'd choose the snow cap over you guys any day... muahaha. and it has been PROVEN to work! just this morning, there was sort of a road block at pocket D (the place where i usually go for my lectures...) the blue-coats are looking for 'victims', ppl to issue their nice little rm 30 fines... and wouldnt you know it, i left my damn snow cap in my room! of all the days, the day i forgot to bring it with me is the day the guards decide to have their Operasi Saman Bdk2 UTP... so i had to run back to my room and grab it. i already got a fine once for having long hair, im not going to get another one.. and the cap worked perfectly... the guards didnt suspect a thing. i was so thrilled, i actually jumped in joy.. hehe.

oh yeah, i forgot, i already know my results from last sem.. i intended on telling ppl in the last blog post, but since i accidentally deleted the first post, i left that part out, i was getting bored of writing the same thing over and over again. neways,  for this time, i got deans list. hehe. not bad eh? i guess the semi-hard work paid off. huhu. i'll try to aim higher this time around, and i'll even try to work even harder.. hehe. there's definitely more ppl getting into the deans list this time around. i guess ppl learn from their mistakes, well, most of them at least. not to say that i dont play around anymore, i still play around, but i guess when its study time, its study time, when its play time, its play time. and i TRY to make the study time longer than the play time, although most of the time the play time is a lot longer.. haha. what to do..

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, and ive finished reading it! WOOHOO! 9.5 out of 10 stars! 0.5 missing because of the high price i had to pay for it. i didnt know that tesco sold it at 69.90 at the time i picked it up at mph... huhu. oh well, at the very least i got the book early, i got a harry potter paper bag and a harry potter mug. all is not lost. all i can say about the book is that its a marvellous ending to such a great series. although it is sad to imagine that there wont be anymore harry potter after this one. i'm a big fan, i guess. harry potter is probably the only 700-pages book that i actually LIKE to read.. haha. never really read long novels before i read harry potter. only short ones. never followed a novel series before. yeah, im gonna miss harry potter. its the feeling you get when a nice series ends.. its similar to the feeling that you get when you see the Lord of The Rings : Return Of The King... "aiseh, wut will i look forward to in the coming years?...." yeah, something like that. all good things come to an end, i guess. c'est la vie...

i dont think i have anything else to write for this time. and its already 3 43 am. time to go sleep. writing a blog takes up at least an hour. for me, at least an hour. most ppl have very simple blogs. mine's quite long, so no surprise there. but its one of my favorite past times, when i feel like it, it is very entertaining, and very fulfilling when you know ppl read it. i guess it depends on the person. some ppl in this world simply loathe reading and writing. some ppl just cant do enough reading, they bring books everywhere, and some ppl such as myself, like to write, simply to fill up their time, for reasons even i cant explain. i like reading blogs as well. i read almost every blog i come across, but most of the time, its like 5 sentences long, or its actually the lyrics of some song... so, not worth my time, unless its dedicated to me.. hehe. but, thats really up to the person, its their blog, its entirely up to their creativity on how to fill it up. just like its my snow cap, its entirely up to me on how or if i want to wear it, and my hair, its entirely up to me how i style it or if i want to keep it long or short, and, entirely up to me and me alone to pay up the fine should i get caught... hehe. take care ppl. chow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

musical disaster..

i wrote a new post during the day, but due to some unforeseen consequences, i accidentally deleted it. damn. haha. so i guess i'll be pretty much re-writing what i wrote in the day. damn.. haha. cud've used all dat time to practice playing the violin.. haha.

for those that dont already know, im back in utp, for orchestra training. yeah, im in UTP Orchestra nowadays, imagine that. though id have to say, im not really that good. i think they took me in, simply because they're desperate. they dont have that many ppl in the violin section, so, they took in real newbies like myself.. huhu. seriously, im not being modest. before the training week, the only song i really knew how to play was twinkle2 little star.. haha. yeah, its lame, i know, but its a start... so neways, we were told to come back early for orchestra training. 2 weeks early, to be exact. my lectures dont start until next week.. huhu. the things i do for ppl i barely even know.

its been rumored that we (me and a couple of my friends that are also newbies..), were called back to perform for UTP Convocation, this coming August. and the rumours turn out to be true. at first, i thought, thats almost 2 months of practice time, coz the convo is at the end of August, so i guess, wut the hell, it can be done. what i didnt know is that other than the convo, we were supposed to perform for 2 more shows, the 1st one being in the same week the lectures open. meaning ive got about a bit more than 2 weeks to prepare, to learn all those complicated songs, in 2 weeks time. shit. haha.

and so, me and friends started practicing. as hard as we could. every day of the past week, we would practice. and our fingers have paid dearly for it. see, when you play the violin, you're going to have to press the strings, and the strings arent.. how can i put this, soft to the touch. needless to say, after the 2nd day i think, my tips of my fingers have gone hard.. the 1st day, it was hurting after long hours of playing, but on the 2nd day, i think i got used to the pain, probably coz it was already hard at the time. it is said that to play the violin well, your fingertips actually NEED to be hard, so that you can press the string harder, making sure the note that you're trying to play wont be distorted, or sumthing like that. hmm. interesting huh.

neways, after a few days of practicing, i think i really did improve, quite a bit. i read the notes (yg taugeh2 tu...) a bit faster than i did before (although i still need to write them down most of the time..), i dont have to look at the violin while playing (although i still look sumtimes, mostly coz of habit..), and believe it or not, i can actually play the hard songs. definitely not as good as the senior players, im no musical prodigy, but ive improved. i didnt miss any practice sessions. i guess i really want to be good at playing the violin. partlly because i dont want to screw up the upcoming performance. imagine, the whole orchestra performing, as harmonious as can be, with the hall full of spectators, then, out of nowhere, an out-of-tune sound comes out. the entire orchestra stops, and stares at the person responsible, YOU. huhu. i wouldnt want to be that person...

i was a bit upset about something though. the conductor, the guy that runs the orchestra, you know, the guy that moves his hands all around, acting like he's actually doing something important, (hehe), had a rather unpleasant announcement for the new guys of the orchestra, namely me and my friends. he said that if we arent up to par for the performance next week, we werent going to be able to perform. theres nothing wrong with it actually. whats bad about it is that ive been training the whole week, while the other orchestra guys have been slacking off, and they get to perform.. aiseh. if i knew i wasnt going to be able to perform, i wouldnt be training so damn hard. haiya ini orang ah.. but i guess he's only doing whats best for the orchestra.. he's quite strict when it comes to the orchestra... still, to expect us to be at the same level with ppl already playing for years, impossible man.. oh well. que sera sera, whatever will be, will be...

lets talk bout sumthing else. have you guys seen the new harry potter movie? its quite good actually.. considering that the movie tries to stick to the book as much as possible, with only slight deviations.. i only wished that there were more about the order though.. the order of the phoenix, in case you guys dont know..the books are real nice, thick as they may be, the language in it is understandable.. hehe. unlike some books, where the language in it, im not even sure if its english anymore.. huhu. so far ive only read book no 4, 5 and 6. and i actually pre-booked the final book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows... hehe. although im not sure if ill be able to pick it up on its release date, 21st July.. orchestra training.. again.

well, thats bout it for this time. i actually wrote a bit longer during the day, but ive lost the feel to write. probably coz of this orchestra thing. draining the life out of me. huhu. wish me luck ppl. ill sure as hell need it..

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

matters of the heart

heyya...  blog time. so, what have you learned about abdullah yasin from the previous blog...? quite a lot actually. you've actually gone through more than half of his entire life, at the moment.. if i was actually writing an autobiography, it would have been a very short one.. if you compare it with other ppl's autobiography. no wonder ppl write autobiographies when their old! haha. there's not that much to write about yourself when your young... imagine that. i consider myself to be very young, still very young, considering that on top this table, where the computer im typing this blog with is situated, theres a clock, a table clock. its my fathers table clock, and its at least ten years older than i am. haha. funny huh.

i intend on continuing where i left off the last time, but lets have a recap of whats happening in my life rite now first. basically, nothing. haha. nothing to report other than i went out with some of my school friends today. 2, to be exact. there were five of us actually, but each of my friend brought a friend. its quite pathetic to imagine i was actually SO desperate to go out with some friends, i didnt mind going out with only two other friends. haha. beggars cant be choosers. whats even more pathetic is that these were the only ppl i cud actually get hold of, i cudnt find anyone else that would go out with me. haha. im starting to sound like a loser now, arent i? haha.

for one thing, my class during my late years of secondary school wasnt very big. there were only 21 students in the class. 4 guys, 17 girls, if i remember the numbers correctly. with so few ppl, you'd think we would be quite united, quite close, wouldnt we? haha. not really. there was that one time, where the class was literally divided to 3 parts. The good guys, the bad guys, and the guys that didnt give a crap. haha. but we'll get to that later, if we ever get there. safe to say that i was close to some friends, but not that many people stick to their friends once they find new friends.. its amazing really, how ppl can be so close with one another one minute, and the next be complete strangers. how ppl can just break the bonds of friendship, simply because they havent met as often as they usually would.. i guess thats how u truly tell how ur friend is good one. distance. we've discussed this before, in my first blog entry, so no need to go further.

neways, getting back to the trip out, one friend brought his boyfriend. damn. how the hell are we supposed to have fun if she's going to be all lovey dovey with the boyfriend? needless to say, the outing didnt turn out quite the way i expected it to be. i mean, we havent met each other for more than a year, would it kill you to leave ur boyfriend for one damn day?! haiya... well, to be fair to the boyfriend, he did provide the transportation.. still, boring.. plus, i noticed something on this trip. the friend that came with the boyfriend, i'd have to admit. she's cute. pretty. but NOOO, thats not what i noticed on this outing. im getting to that ppl. haha. what i noticed was the boyfriend isnt what you girls would call "hot". haha. but judging by the number of "ugly boy, hot girl" couples ive seen so far, no big deal. but the thing is, this guy's a bloody jerk! seriously man. ntah la, maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i would never call my girlfriend "bongok" no matter how dumb of a mistake she made...(assuming i have a girlfriend, which i dont.. haha. kna letak disclaimer la kt each blog. spupu2 ku mempunyai mata yg tajam, pantang nmpk lain sket..! :P) and you know what the girl did? she laughed, as if the whole thing was funny. somehow i cant find the humor where the person you love calls you stupid. maybe its because im a guy. my ego is bigger. but i would never be with someone that calls me dumb, just because i made a mistake. humans make mistakes. to be called dumb by someone you dont know is hard enough, to be called dumb by the person you love, it breaks your heart, literally. my heart, at least. i just cant see why these two ppl can get together. i mean, the girl is hot, i'll tell you that, guys in my school have been drooling over her for so long, and some still are. the guy, ntah ler, ak xnmpk la hensem nye kt mana. haha. so my point here is, how blind love is. and how some ppl are so desperate to have someone in their life, so desperate not to be alone, that they sometimes stoop so low to have someone. its not my place to say who's meant for who, i know, but still, have some dignity. find someone that really deserves to have you, respect yourself. its really sick to see how some ppl are just suckers for love.. stay rich, stay cool, stay single. hehe.

overall, the outing was lame. i hate to admit it, but it was lame. even my friend said it. but what was interesting about the outing was that i met someone that i havent met in awhile.. another classmate of mine. i was with one of the friend, the one without the bf, when we met her. she was with a boy. but instead of saying hi, she just acted as if we werent there. she did notice, but she didnt stop to say hi. she just walked past us, laughing, while talking to her boyfriend. amazing how ppl change. and again, here is another example of a person that cant be without someone in her life. as far as i know, she has at least 7 ex boyfriends. and those are the ones i know about. God knows how much there actually are. haha. and judging by the look of this new one, im guessing lucky number 8 isnt too far off. haha.

it is human nature to find someone to love, and to be loved in return. i'm human too (really!?!? haha), i intend to find someone someday, but i want that someone to actually deserve my love, and i will do my very best to deserve her love, not just someone you could pick up from the streets. i guess some people just dont see that. i pity them. love yourself, before loving others (ive heard this somewhere, not sure where, any ideas?).

another issue that always comes up when dealing with ppl that have bf/gf is what happens when they need to choose between their lover and their friends. its not a "i want you to leave ur friends if u want to be with me" thing, although this sort of thing does happen, but its more subtle things. heres an example. your classmates at school, whom you havent met for years, is asking you to go out tomorrow. at the same time, your boyfriend/girlfriend, whom you just finished talking to on the phone five minutes ago, is asking you out on a date at the same time tomorrow. so which would you choose? to me, it would be obvious, i would choose the friends in this particular case. but some ppl are so deeply in love with their partner (up to the point of being an idiot), they tend to forget, abandon their friends, just like that. thats just not right! exactly like today, the couple had to leave early, something came up. my friends and i had some stuff to take care off, so they said they'd be back to pick us up later. yeah rite. they left and they never came back. damn. thank god we didnt wait for them. my friend and i took a cab home. really, is this how you treat your friends? hmm... simply ridiculous. im just too tired to say anything to that friend. she did apologise for not picking us up, but really, are you truly sorry? hmm. things like this really piss me off. i dont mind you guys wanting to hang out wit ur partner, for all i care, go rent a hotel room for a couple of nights if you want to "hang out" wit ur partner so damn much, but at least treat your friends with some respect, if not equal respect to your partner. i was the one that asked you out, yet you leave me hanging for someone that i didnt even invite. what the f*** la wei.. sorry for the profanity, what the hell doesn quite capture the emotion that im having rite now. haha.

treat your friends with respect. you may love your partner with all your heart, but who knows, you guys might be breaking up the next day. its the friends that stick thru, real friends that stay with you, rain or shine. i'm not saying that all my friends that have girlfriends/boyfriends are like this, some do give me the respect i deserve. i hv one friend that once said, "if i hang out with my gf too much, u let me know aite?". some ppl are aware of the fact dat if u hang out wit ur girl/boy too much, u neglect ur friends, u're gonna lose some friends. and as for this guy, he knows, and unlike some ppl i know, he actually cares bout how his friends feel, even though he wants to meet up with his girl. ppl like this, i dont mind. i like. i respect ppl like this. its not wrong to meet up with ur partner, no... its not wrong, but dont overdo it. the trick, to me, i think, is balance. keep everyone happy, u'll be happy as well. at least thats what i think. what would i know about things like this neway? haha.

ahh.. nice to get this stuff out of my chest. i dont have much to say this time. the blog isnt as long as the last one... when i started writing the blog, i had every intention to continue to where i left off the last time, when i was in standard six, the spit thing. but, somehow, somethings r better said than written.. :) plus, if i write everything bout myself down, that wouldnt be fun now would it? haha. wheres the fun in knowing someone by reading? you get to know someone by talking to the person, interacting with the person.. not just by reading something. its like im some sort of machine, and the blog is my instruction manual.. haha. plus, i would be losing my mysterious charm. hehehehe. like it ever was there.. oh yeah, update on the things i want to do during the holidays, i now know how to sew a button on my shirt. hehe. i just learned it on monday, i think.. hehe. cool new skill. trying to think up of more things to learn.. oh yeah, i am quite interested in learning a foreign language, though i havent had the chance yet.. we'll see what life has stored for me soon enough. till next time, chow!

p/s: if im not mistaken, the correct spelling for 'chow' is ciao. i think its an italian word, meaning goodbye. i knew this all along, but somehow i prefer spelling it chow. just thought you guys might want to know dat, in case u havent already..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

story of a boy

*i find it necessary to state here that, this time, my blog is very long. very. so, proceed at your own risk! hehe (risk of falling asleep kot.. haha)*

hey ppl. its my 8th blog posting. my fav no i guess. probably coz i was born in 1988. yeah. n im at d moment, 18 going on 19. its d holidays, n im practically doin nothing at all at home. basically wake up, eat, watch tv, n then go back to sleep... argh, pure boredom. time to write a blog...

who wudve thought, my blog cud reach no 8?! n wit ppl actually reading it? haha. dats a plus rite there.. so... wut to talk about dis time? its not like i got nething to say nehow.. oh yeah, if u guys havent noticed, i reverted the font size back to the original size, bcoz it looks nicer wit d small font. the big one jz looks..., ugly. haha. maybe i shud learn to see the beauty in ugly, like jason mraz said. have u guys heard his new single, "beauty in ugly"? its nice. he made it based on the "ugly betty" series. not the spanish/latin (dat part of the world neways..) version, the english version. yeah, theres n english version. i jz found out recently. haha. silly me.

so.. wut to talk bout here. hmm... lets talk about someone. who? hmm. me, of course. haha. not dat i dun wanna talk bout u, i wud luv to, but, i dun really know who u r, i cant really keep track how many ppl read my blog, n i cant write bout all you guys now can i? it occured to me, most ppl dont even know who i am, except for ppl dat ACTUALLY know me. weird huh? not really. my family (sepupu included.. :P), sure, they know who i am, where i was born, where i went to school, stuff like dat. i doubt dat most of my frens know much bout me... not their fault really, i mean, look at my profile, "Hometown : Ipoh, Smallville, Gotham City, Zion, Minas Tirith.". haha. jz my way of having fun. in case some ppl havent noticed wut so funny, i have to say, either you have never really read my profile, or you need to watch more movies.. or, actually understand what the movie is saying, instead of jz watching d moving pictures. haha. Ipoh is actually my hometown, im not bluffing here, born and raised here, Smallville on the other hand, is where the Man of Steel, Superman grew up, Zion, the underground city where the last remaining humans lived (The Matrix trilogy), Minas Tirith, erm, not sure how to describe this place, maybe you should just go watch the lord of the rings... so you see, theres a lot of crap in my page, so i wont go into detail (dont want to spoil it for those dat havent realised all this stuff.. haha.. i pity you..)

so, where to start. from the beginning i guess. i was born on 10th December 1988, or 1st Jamadilawal (cant remember the year in hijrah..). year of the dragon, according to the chinese calendar. the date doesnt really have much significance in history (other than my birthday, dat is. hehe). oh wait, it does. it is said that alfred bernard nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the founder of the nobel institution (the ppl dat gives out the nobel prize every year) died on this date, n they give out the nobel prize every year on this very date, if im not mistaken. boring stuff. moving on.

i was born in hospital besar ipoh (ipoh general hospital). i grew up in a few places, but all of them in ipoh. gunung rapat (or is it maju rapat? not sure.), kg temiang, n finally, puncak meru. i dont really know this, but its said that i first walked on my own in front of the ipoh train station, in the garden in front of it. my mother told me this, i was too young to remember it. i dont know when i first talked, and i cant really remember when i rode my first bicycle. forgetful boy, i am. haha. oh yeah, ppl say dat when i was born, i was very dark-skinned. mcm keling la, haha. mak lompor told me, and she did show me a picture of me at the time. d reason im saying dis is dat a lot of ppl r telling me dat im light-skinned, when i think im dark-skinned. ye lah, not exactly black, tapi kalo nk kata putih tu xleh la kan. plus, when i look at my photos, nmpk coklat je. haha. not putih. ntah ler, mata org, kta pn xleh nk ckp apa.

erm, when i was small, my mother works in kl, while my father works in ipoh ( if i got their story rite..). so i stayed in ipoh, and my mother would come back every week to see me. i cant remember all of this though. haha. im just telling you what ppl told me. oh yeah, when i was small, (not sure how this goes coz im still in d part where i cant remember), i was taken care by my opah (nenek), atok, and my aunt and uncle. so, till this day, i call dat uncle "abah" and the aunt "mak lompor". y mak lompor? hehe. coz after my mother got transferred to ipoh, their family moved to kuala lumpur, or in short, lompor. haha. she did ask me to jz call her mak, but then how would i differentiate her from my mother? haha. now i call them by different names, but still its difficult to determine which one is it when someone says "yasin, mak pggl". haha. i call my parents "mak" and "ayah", btw.

oh yeah, for those dat just now me by aymni or yasin, my full name is actually abdullah yasin bin mohd nasir. not mohd yasin or abdul yasin or just yasin, like some "frenz" once thought. n d yasin, only 1 's' ye. haha. xksh la. my father gave me this name. my brother's name, my mother gave it. initially, my father had planned to give my brother's name a name dat started with an "abdullah" as well, but apparently it was my mother's turn to give a name. haha. but thats another story. lets move on to the part where i can actually remember most of the stuff. as far as i can remember, i was already staying at the house in kampung temiang (funny name, i know, still, no other kampung like it.). before that i stayed at gunung / maju rapat, but i cant remember. i had my share of friends here, in kg temiang. but there are those ppl that arent exactly what one would call friends. there was one incident dat i remember to this day. i got hit on the head with a rock. haha. sounds funny. but its not. imagine a kid throwing the rock. imagine him being about 50 meters away. he cant really throw the rock to hit me directly, so imagine him throwing the rock as hard as he could into the air, and imagine the rock dropping from a very high altitude i should say, being propelled with the force of gravity, and landing, wouldnt you know it, on my innocent head. ouch. till this day, i have no idea why they (there were a couple of ppl doing the throwing, but that lucky bastard was the one that actually hit me) did that. i remembered crying. but i dont remember experiencing pain. weird huh? but i do remember vividly how ballistic my pak long was when he found out. for ur info, my paklong is about as tall as i am, and he's big. how big? his arm is probably as big as my hip. i remember him taking off my shirt to wipe the blood of my head. i remember the face of the guy that was trying to calm him down. and let me tell you, dat guy was scared. damn scared. uish, kalo pak long ak ngamuk, lari je la. jgn nk buat pe dah. haha. i remember dat we went to the kid's house. i remember dat he got one hell of a wacking in front of me from his father. its not a story dat i would tell my grandchildren, haha, assuming dat i will have some someday, but i will remember it till the day that i die... needless to say, i never again talked with dat guy, and his accomplice. but i was still close to their younger sisters. oh yeah, both were older than me, and both had sisters as old as i am. i am somewhat hoping to meet them, their sisters, i mean, coz wouldnt it be cool to actually meet ur childhood friend when ur all grown up? maybe we'll meet, maybe not. time will tell. apart from them, sometimes, i do accidentally bump into some of my friends when i was small, but either i cant remember them, or they cant remember me, or, after not meeting for so long, u tend not to care. there was that one time, a friend of mine is friends with my childhood friend. i tried to contact her, but unfortunately, lets just say that dat friend of mine is no longer a friend, so connection lost.

forgive me, for i cant remember when exactly that event occured. was it before i went to kindergarten, or after? cant remember. hehe. so moving on, tadika. hehe. tadika perpaduan kuala pari to be exact. hehe. this was fun. i remember being ketua kelas. hehe. i recall myself having many friends. though most of them are only blurrs in my head. i also remember dat it wasnt an all boys tadika, there were girls there as well, but i dont remember talking to them at all. haha. in fact, i cant really say there were girls at that tadika, coz i cant seem to remember even one face or even one name. but i do remember my teacher. she was very sweet. in fact, even when i was in standard one, she still greets me. teachers rarely do that. most of the time, students are supposed to be greeting the teacher, but this teacher greeted me. i can still remember the day dat dat teacher "krm slm" to me thru my fren. hehe. i wouldnt mind being able to meet her again today. aha. here's something interesting. i remember that in drawing class, the only thing i knew how to draw was a rainbow. haha. and it had all d colours dat i had. a colouring set usually has 12 colours, so usually my rainbow has 12 colours. haha. ak mmg xpndy lukis pn, smpy skg mcm tu. tu yg kalah win lose or draw tu. haha. but i remembered being at the top of my class, coz on graduation day, i was told to read a story book, in front of all the parents.... huwaa!! dasat la yasin. haha. but i guess i should have practiced reading the book, coz i got stuck with one word. haruan. as in the fish. i was pronouncing it as ha-ru-an instead of har-wan. haha. kelakar biler igt blk.... i wasnt the most well-behaved student then. hehe. and i still am not today. hua3. i remember getting into fights. i remember throwing rocks at the roof of someones house. hehe. nakal tul. in my younger self's defense, the house was very near the tadika, and there were rocks lying all over the place, the owner of the house is simply asking for it!! haha. at the off chance the owner of house is reading this blog, sori la makcik, sy bg pihak kkwn sy mntk maap. hehe. as for the fights, i remember punching this guy, and his tooth fell out! HELL YEAH MAN! YOU ROCK YASIN! Unfortunately, my mother didnt think so. huhu. to be honest, i didnt really think i was doing nething wrong. i get into fights wit my brother all d time at home, y is this ne different? (altho, i nvr punched my brother in the face, let alone punch out his tooth.) neways, my mother said, "abg jgn la gaduh....", and so i stopped fighting at the tadika. in fact, i nvr fought in primary school or secondary school (except for two occasions.. but we'll get to that in due time.). quarreling, of course, but nvr fought. hehe. i guess i do listen to what my mother says sometimes, even though its not dat obvious... hehe.

im having so much fun writing all this stuff. hehe. never thought it would be so much fun reminiscing. hehe. lets move on to my primary school years. when i was in standard one, i went to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Methodist (ACS) Ipoh. i was in 1R. at the time, there were 5 standard one classes. 1S, 1R, 1K, 1M, 1I. the first day, my father waited for me, until recess, i think, then he went home. i guess my father knew that i would be ok without him. it is interesting to note dat some of the students parents would stay and watch their kid, even after the 1st week. you'd think the kid would be okay after the 1st week. probably the parents r more afraid than the kids. hehe. i rmmbr the first day, i had honey stars to eat for recess. hehe. and when it was time to go back, my mother fetched me. and i had some leftover honey stars, and i gave some to my new found friend, leong sumthin sumthin was his name, if im not mistaken. mak ak suh bagi sket. ak bagi je la. the good thing about acs, i later realised is that its truly a multiracial school. mixed. almost equal number of malays, chinese and indians. so, i had chinese friends, indian friends, and malay friends. we were very close, regardless of our race. but when i was in standard 3, i passed the pts test, the test dat allows u to jump from standard 3 to standard 5, skipping standard 4. so, i had to stick with a new group of friends. it was also around this time dat i realised that ppl tend to stick to their own race. not dat we werent friends or nething, its just dat b4 dis, i didnt know dat race was all dat important. huhu. part of growing up, i guess. oh yeah, in primary school, i did get into one fight, cant really remember y now. but i remember dat it was with a boy in my school van. yeah, van, not bus. i went to school in a van at dat time. van tok isa. or shud i say, van arwah tok isa. al fatihah kepada dia. dun want dis to be sad, so lets concentrate on d fight. neways, long story short, d boy was crying, but i was, as i recall, quite calm. hehe. i kid u not. ive had worse from my younger brother, fights like the one i jz had, xd hal lah. haha. this dude was crying, and i remember the guy that was comforting him saying to him, "dah ah tu wei, sbr2, dia dah nk nangis dh tu..". with the "dia" being me. haha. kelakar. coz i didnt even feel like crying. and the other guy was crying his heart out. haha. yasin2.. nsb baik la time tu ak xsejahat ak skg, kalo x, ak dh gelak2 dh. hahaha. yasin2...

overall, i wud hv to say dat i am a nice boy. hehe. bdk baik la. always did my homework. nvr skipped class. nvr got into fights.(except for remote cases. hehe). but i did have some naughty moments. hell, nobody's perfect rite? n im no exception. nope, definitely not. haha. i remember this one time, when i was in standard six. after the morning assembly (perhimpunan), usually, students would go back to their classes, but this time, a majority of the students had to stay back, and some would go back to their class. an interesting thing bout acs is that they arrange the classes according to standard. darjah 1 would be at ground floor, darjah 2 would be on the 1st floor and darjah 3, second floor. as for darjah 4, ground floor, but it would be in the morning time. darjah 1,2,3 ms tu time ptg. drjh 4,5,6 pagi. so, i was standard six, therefore, 2nd floor. while waiting for the extra assembly to end, me and a couple of friends decide to look down at the students at the assembly area, see wut they were up to. when the extra assembly ended, and ppl were lining up and making their way to their respective classes, one of my friends, im not even sure who it was, shouted, LUDAH!! haha. tanpa berfikir panjang, aku mencari mangsa, dan melepaskan bom... haha. SPLAT! my spit hit the head of one kid. hahahaha. it was bloody fun, maybe not for the kid that got hit, but we were kids at the time, you cant really blame us. my friends and i got a good laugh, but that was before some ppl got called to the principals office. oops. nvr thought of this. haha. bdk kecik agi ms tu, mn tau apa lagi. needless to say, some ppl got caned, and luck was on my side dat day, bcoz i didnt get caned. reflex action saved me, i guess, bcoz immediately after bombing dat poor kid's head, i ran back into class (and only then i laughed my head off.. hahaha), so nobody knew i was one of the "bombers"... yasin2. jahatnye. i was a kid then. but not nemore.. so i guess, i do owe d kid an apology. so, if by chance the kid dat i spit on is reading my blog, on behalf of my younger,smaller self, i truly am sorry. i now know how wrong it was to do that...

haha. how fun to reminisce on the good ol' days... i guess thats bout it for now. cant rite too long. (act, i can write on, but, u guys wud probably have trouble reading it...) oh yeah, i'd like to point out that acs is an all-boys school. i would never do that to a girl.. i maybe naughty, but im not evil... hehe. one thing i realised while writing this blog is why nowadays i dont have ne trouble talking to girls, when i logically should, considering i nvr had any social interactions with a girl from kindergarten to the end of my form 3... its a theory, at least. when i was a kid, meaning a little boy, i was friends with girls, as well as boys. i never differentiate my friends, for example in school, i didnt care if my friend was malay, chinese, or indian, and it was d same when i was a small boy, in the sense dat i didnt care if my friend was a boy or a girl, he/she is still my friend. :) i guess it stays the same until today (ur childhood shapes ur adulthood..), coz i dont really mind hanging out with guys or girls, they're just frens... not unlike some ppl dat i know, dat stutter when speaking to girls, or feel the need to look their very best when meeting girls... xcool la cmni beb. haha. chill la sket. haha. but dats a different story.. maybe i'll do a part 2 to this story. hehe. only time will tell.

till next time ppl, chow.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

let the good times roll.... or not.

where did i left off last time? oh yeah, i was in d middle of my exams.. well, i'm done wit dat.. hehe. tgh cuti nih. nothing beats sleeping in the morning, and waking up in the afternoon... to me at least. huhu. so, dun think im gonna write bout d exams nemore, i did all dat i cud, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.

let me ask u guys one stupid question, wut wud u do, afta u've finished ur exams? njoy of course!! so thats exactly wut i did. or wut i intended to do neways... hehe. i had the weeks ahead planned nicely. directly after the exams, i wud break my dota-fasting days n play till my fingers bleed. haha. and then, the day after dat, friday, go to kl, probably hang out wit my frenz from pasum, saturday, join my utp buddies n go to genting. on sunday, probably hang out sum more wit my pasum frenz. tuesday probably, finally go home, and in the weekend, saturday, rumah perak!! for those dat dont know, rumah perak is d place where my family n all my relatives from my mothers side gather during the holidays. they've been doing this since i was in my mother's tummy, for all i know, i probably wasnt even in my mother's tummy yet.. haha.

neways, packed huh? hell yeah!! i mean, i havent studied this hard, havent pushed my brain to the limit like this since last sem's final, in fact, i think i studied harder this sem, coz last sem i was busy playing need for speed carbon during the study week. haha. guess we now know where my dean's list went last sem... probably left it in my lamborghini murcielago, or probably the mclaren mercedes... haha. poyo tahap cipan.. moving on, as the wise man once said, "kita hanya merancang, Tuhan sahaja yg menentukannya...". (ok, the wise man was probably melayu.. haha). blm apa2, d genting plan got cancelled. y? apparently, so many ppl bailed at the last minute, and d ppl dat wanted to go realised dat d date dat we were supposed to go was d beginning of d school holidays.. so, theyre worried dat there wud be too many ppl, so they wont get to ride on most of d rides... aiseh. amnde ah... ntah la, i was thinking, dh plan elok2, n to cancel on such short notice, damn man... but i cudnt really say nething, after all, i'm just hitchiking on another guys car... so okay lah... sem dpn lak kita g...

bcoz of dat little thing, all my plans got screwed. why? bcoz i dont have a ticket to go to kl, how on earth am i supposed to get a bus ticket to kl at 11 in the nite man... so, hanging out wit frenz on friday? postponed to sunday. y sunday? coz my housemate's hitching a ride wit his cousin to kl on sunday, so im hitching dat ride as well. hehe. save duit bas. but i managed to arrange another thing to do while im in kl, meet up wif a utp fren in kl, so i guess all is not lost... or so i thought...

sunday, i drove to kl. yes, i did. huhu. 1st time long distance driving. haha. lame, i know, but wut to do.. if i had my own car, things wud be different. not dat i'm asking for one.. hehe. nah, im cool wit d way i am. oh yeah, i forgot to mention another thing dat messed up my plans. initially, i was supposed to meet up wit about 9 ppl in kl. my closest frenz in pasum la. i was supposed to go to kl wit one of d 9, but bcoz dis one guy cudnt make it on dat day (sunday), apparently (i'm not sure myself, but it seems like it, therefore the use of the word apparently..) he persuaded all d other ppl to meet up on another date, n only after he did all dat did he mention it to me.... i was a bit pissed off by this coz i cant make it on dat date, im goin to rumah perak on dat day, but wut to do, all the other ppl hv arranged their schedule to accommodate dat date, not ne other date... so i was bein left out in d plans, even tho it was my bloody idea to meet up in d 1st place, plus in my opinion, the other guys can meet up easily, i mean, most of them r in kl neways, im d only one stuck in tronoh... life's like dat sumtimes, u jz  gotta learn to deal wit it.... damn.

i was upset. ye ah, its not so often i get to meet my frenz, i can only go to kl on holidays, its sumtin i look forward to on every holiday... hmm.. thank God dat i do hv frenz, real frenz, dat hv my back no matter wut. dis girl, part of d grup, suggested to me dat maybe a few of us can meet up when i came to kl. n thankfully, out of the 9 ppl, 2 were able to make it on d day dat i came. hehe. not much, i know, but better 2 than zero... hehe. so dats wut i did after i arrived in kl. but dats only d beginning.. hehe. nice huh? neways, after arriving to kl, i bought a ticket back to ipoh on tuesday, coz i was planning to meet my utp fren on monday... but wudnt u know, she cancelled, n out of all d reasons dat she cudnt come, "ak xd tspot la ari isnin..."... hahahahahahahaha. if u didnt hv a transport, y make plans wit me in d 1st place? haha. buat lwk tul ah. oh yeah, i know dat a couple of ppl r goin to be reading this, so let me just state here dat the "she" referred here is not my girlfriend. hehe. mst ader nye yg tny nnt, so im saying no b4 u guys ask me. she is a girl friend of mine. (note the space between the word 'girl' and the word 'friend'... the space indicates the absence of intimacy in the relationship, i think. hehe.). theres nothing wrong with meeting up wit ur frenz rite?

so bcoz of dat blunder, i didnt have ne plans on monday. so wut did i do on monday, u ask? tido. maybe i shud put some lyrics from jason mraz's song, Sleep All Day here, but, nvmnd. haha. lazy, n proud of it. so, on tuesday, i went back to ipoh... and on saturday, rumah perak! yeah!! at last, sumting dat went according to plan. n i was looking forward to this year's meeting more than ne other year bcoz this year we planned a game to liven things up during our stay there. Win Lose Or Draw. basically, ur team mate has to guess wut is it ur trying to tell them, n u tell them by drawing up stuff. hehe. simple, yet fun. n i wasnt wrong to wait for this year's trip. it was a blast! hehe. even thought my family lost every single nite, (hehe, next year kna practice blk melukis, lagi2 kotak tisu... haha) we still had loads of fun... hehe. pity dat my sister (i dun hv an actual sister, tp kak ani pn xd adik gk, so halal lah.. hehe.) kak ani cudnt make it. org br msk keje baru, xdpt nk  mntk cuti... next year la kak ani oi... hehe. jgn sedey sgt.

so dats bout it. ive still got one month to go. not sure wut to do though. haha. tdo. mkn. lyn fs. men violin. oh yeah, gud news (i think), hehe, i got selected to join utp orchestra, classical and jazz division. huhu. i can barely play twinkle twinkle little star... hahaha. but wut the hell. here's d funny part, only after i signed up for the orchestra do they tell me dat i hv to be back for training on 9th july. i was supposed to go back on 22nd july. haha. nice trick mr orchestra guy. cute. so my holz got cut short. but again, wut the hell, not like im doing nething at home neways. oh wait, i had a few things planned. hehe. nothing fancy really. learn how to sew. hehe. believe it or not, i dunno how to sew. absolutely no idea on how to sew absolutely anything. haha.  a bit problematic when a button on my shirt comes off. cant throw the shirt away jz bcoz a button comes off, dats like throwing away your laptop when the battery runs out. i make it a point to learn these things. for example, i know how to cook. hehe. nothing fancy, hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips, scrambled eggs, omelette du fromage. hehe. cheese omelette, for those dat dont know. not dat im making all dis stuff all d time, but in desperate times, i can make it la. hehe. oh yeah, i also know how to make cakes, sum cookies. hehe. not really. sumtimes i help my mother when she makes them. haha. sp lagi nk tlg selain dpd adik ku dan aku, ktorg mn de adik beradik ppuan. hehe. i learn these things so that i wont be a loser, a slob when im on my own. u know, most of my frenz, d guys i mean, are real slobs. fine, my rooms a bit messy, but still, i iron most of my clothes, i change my towel regularly, i change my bed sheets once a month... if ur a girl, u might be thinking, big deal... hehehe. did u know dat most guys dont do this kind of stuff? for example, towels. some ppl dont change their towel for an entire semester! and damn it, sumtimes, correction, most of d time, they dont even bother to wash it! same thing goes wit d bedsheets. i thank my mother for giving me guidance in these type of things, if not for her, God knows wut i wud look like these days. haha. oh yeah, ironing clothes. when i tell guys i iron my clothes, they laugh! i kid you not. they laugh... haha. wut the bloody hell's so funny bout a guy dat irons his clothes... u sick minded slobs. haha. or is it bcoz u guys r so drop-dead gorgeous, the girls overlook the fact that ur shirt looks like a checkered shirt when its actually not...? haha. ske ati korg la...

wut else, oh yeah, catch up on the series ive missed. lost for example. i have no idea wut happend to those guys. r they still lost? or r hv they already being rescued? for all i know, they've started a new series, rescued. haha. another would be house. the doctor with an attitude problem. haha. i bought a pirate cd of the latest season of house, unfortunately d cd dat i bought doesnt have d entire season... crap. serves me rite, buying pirated cds.. haha. oh yeah, speaking of pirates, i recently watched pirates of the caribbean 3. woohoo..! cool movie, though sum parts i dont get. who cares.. cool movie. wut shall i look forward to in the future, now dat all the cool movies have finished? lotr, done. star wars, done. matrix, done. latest, pirates and shrek. owh, i know, oceans thirteen. haha. not really looking forward for that one, maybe i'll wait until it comes out on hbo or sumtin. hehe.

dats bout it (dh bp kali dats bout it ntah le). oh yeah, one last thing, writing more blogs. hehe. i like writing blogs. its just dat sumtimes i dont have d time to write, or i dont have nething to write on. im not like most ppl dat write real short blogs. i went to a blog the other day, it was like five sentences long... hmm. nice. not to say dat its wrong to write short blogs, hell, its your blog, u write wuteva u want, be it 5 sentences, 5 words, 50 pages... ur choice. but to me, in my personal opinion, if its 5 sentences, u dont call it a blog, u call it a paragraph. 5 words, a sentence. 50 pages, a novel. maybe a short novel. hehe. so how long should a blog be? to be honest, i'm not sure myself. for all i know, my blog cud be a short novel. haha. im sure some ppl think so. i guess a blog is when someone writes something on some topic and posts it for everyone to read. i guess. who cares. moving on, i plan on writing more blogs in the holidays, but im not sure if i can. bcoz i only write when i have something to write on and since on holidays all i do is practically sleep and eat, im not sure that theres much to write on. we shall soon find out... Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya.

ok, im ending it here now. for the ppl dat follow my blog, thanks! n keep on following my "life, as i see it..." its quite rewarding to know dat ppl r interested in what u write, so do drop comments, be it negative or positive . i promise i wont delete ur comments, even if u say i suck like hell ... hehe. who cares, its my blog, not  yours.. hehe. i write because i like it, not because i want people to like it, but if people like it, then i would like that even more. =) chow.

p/s: i changed d font size bcoz sumone told me it was difficult to read my blog wit all d small fonts. tell me which looks better to u guys aite...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

3 down, 3 to go

its d middle of d exam week. i'm tired. i havent had enuf sleep. my sleep cycles a bit wacked at times like these. ive still got a lot more to study, but i decided to stop and write for a bit, its relaxing, and i get to see how my english is doing. if i read my blog n see lots of bm, it means my english is getting real bad.. haha. tp kalo sikit2 xksh la, i did it on purpose.

so far ive finished my hse(health safety and environment) exam, my intro to engineering thermodynamics exam, and just today, my structured programming. allow me to stray away a bit; what is it with ppl and d word test n exam? so weird sumtimes. i mean, a test and an exam, quiz, wuteva, in principle, its still d same rite? if i mix up d other words (cant think of ne rite now, brains all messed up..), its  like they dont care, but if i mix exam with test, ppl go like "ehem, its not a test,  its an exam, an examination...". haha. its like ppl r insulted when i mix them up. maybe coz for exams, they study like hell n to degrade it to a mere test, would be an insult to the effort they put in.. haha. maybe. i dont, jz 4 d record.

moving on, the hse test. it was alrite. quite easy. or shud i say, as easy as it gets. y? bcoz d questions r bein taken from tutorials, previous tests, quizzes, n most of d hard ones r already posted in elearning as 'hints'. haha. 4 those dat dont know, elearning is utp's education website, sumtin like dat, where students get all d notes from, d lecturers give announcements at, post d results of 'tests', (yes tests, not exams, for ppl dat r concerned wit d use of d word) latest events held in utp.. stuff like dat. but ppl r saying bcoz da test is a piece of cake( y do they use this term neways? do u know how hard it is to make one piece of cake??!! haha), they r goin to raise d bar for an 'a' grade from 85 to 90... wut the hell???!!! a more polite version wud be wut the heaven??!!, but not feeling too polite rite now. man, i was targetting this as one of da subjects to get an 'a' on... ish. leceh tul. sng sgt pn xleh dpt a, ssh sgt, apatah lagi. bankai!

next, thermo. hehe. dis is one of d feared exams. at least to me. considering for my last test, i got called by d lecturer to his room coz of my "excellent" results. see if u can spot d sarcasm here.. (coz sum ppl r oblivious to sarcasm, they accept things as they are, and dats a damn shame, sarcasm can be so fun!). neways, i was like completely unprepared for d exam, in d sense if i went for d exam during d start of d study week, i would be worried if i cud even pass the exam. so neways, i went and met the lecturer, wit a fren of mine accompanying me, for moral support i guess, haha. surprisingly, d lecturer, whose image was the "if u hv no idea wt im teaching, i'll WACK U ON D HEAD!!" kind of image, (u guys can imagine this kind of lecturers rite? d no nonsense kind, jz in case sum dont understand my english, and if u dont understand what no-nonsense means, then u, r full of nonsense. haha.) wasnt as mean as he publicised in class. ntah la, maybe he was in a gud mood or sumtin dat day, he was quite nice la, no yelling or wut, he was smiling all d time, teaching me step by step on how to do d test (more like guiding me thru d test, coz he's not one to give out solutions, he just guides u on how to solve it, and leaves it at dat). i guess it wasnt dat surprising to find out that other than me, no one came to see him yet bout their tests. he really does look like he has a stick up his *** in class.. haha. no offense. just writing wut i see. guess dats y ppl say u shudnt judge a book by its cover. neways, after dat little episode, i realised how easy dis stuff is, IF u study, dat is. so, thermo went from impossible to possible dat day. hehe. so i tried, studied my *** off, haha, n i think i did considerably better than i did in d two previous tests. my only regret is dat i didnt follow dis subject constantly, its an interesting subject, really, the study of enthalpy, entropy, heat and work transfer.. hehe. im boring u ppl, i know. n 4 d ppl dat have not heard of enthalpy and entropy b4, dont worry, u dont need to know wut it is.

SP? not simple plan ppl, structured programming. c language. language of computers. hehe. i can speak to computers, how cool is dat?? haha. maybe not as gud as micah in heroes, but still, its a start. hehe. dis is one other subject dat i target an 'a' for. y? coz ive learned dis subject b4.... kt pasum. i actually wanted to drop dis cos, ye lah, coz ive learned it already, why take it again,but unfortunately for me, d lecturer, seemed skeptical of my knowledge in c language, and decided to ignore my request. he seemed sumwhat cocky, mcm dia x consider lgsg d probability dat maybe this student can actually do c language. mcm dia sorg je leh buat. ntah la, maybe dia xcaya kot. biar lah. but in the end, it wasnt so bad, coz dis subject cud help me in my cgpa... so, bcoz ive already learned dis b4, sng je la kt dlm lecture. ppl started noticing, these two boys from pasum r gud in c language! haha. but to be honest, at first, yeah, it may seem like we r very gud in programming, but actually we're not dat gud.. its just dat we had a head start. in d tests, there were a few ppl dat got marks higher than us, but they didnt get noticed.. all in all, sp wasnt so bad. ok lah. dunno if i wud get an 'a' or not, but at least i tried. dats wut matters most.

so, 3 down, 3 to go.  my asasi test, (i dun giv a damn if it is an exam, im still calling it a test!), my fluids exam, and my meb test. pray dat i get thru d exams ok, bcoz theres a possibility dat i might hv to repeat my asasi next sem, my test results werent so gud. to those dat r concerned, do not worry too much, it wont affect my cgpa, its just a university requirement, worse comes to worst, ill jz hv to repeat it next sem. xnk la repeat kan, buang masa je, so ill give it my best to not fail dis course. fluid n meb, the two killer subjects. havent done ne preparations for dis two. we'll see how it goes. more sleepless nites ahead i guess.

theres one more subject i havent mentioned, engineering graphics. EG. technical drawing, using autocad, stuff like dat. it doesnt have a final exam, its an all coursework and test course. so im done with dat subject like a month ago. dis is d final subject dat im targeting an 'a' for. hopefully, it'll help me in my pointer for this sem. i've promised my parents a better pointer this semester, wudnt want to break dat promise, so im giving it my very best to score for this semester, and maybe i wud learn my lesson and start studying constantly for next semester.. haha. its hard to do, studying constantly, trust me, ive tried it tons of times, but it doesnt work wit sumone as lazy as me. haha. so, again, pray dat i make it thru d exam week in one piece, wish me all d luck dat i need, and i'll see u guys during the sem break! hehe. take care ppl. chow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

time to change. long has it been?ive been very busy. too busy. and still, i have to waste on all those unnecessary stuff.such as writing blogs. haha. but wut the hell, tonite, ive got to release sum tension, chill for a bit, even if its for one day...

i jz had my thermo test this evening. and the best way to describe it, catastrophic. only God can save me. i had no idea how clueless i was on this subject. seriously. im as blind as a bat without the sonar(or wuteva it is dat bats use to navigate their way around) in dis subject. crap. crap. crap. need to get back on track....

its funny, how i say dat so often, yet i never seem to be able to do so. i jz get hyped up for a moment, and then, its gone. damn. wut the hell is wrong wif me? argh.. how i miss d days when all i had to do is eat, sleep and have fun... haha. dumb, i know, coz during the holidays i always get as bored as hell, and at dat time, i wud think, how "cool" wud it be to have sumtin to do rite now, such as study for exams.. haha. dumb and dumber.

no idea wut to do bout this. i hv another test dis friday, n i havent studied at all. im a bit worried, yet i dont show it. ignorance is bliss. no denying dat. but they shud hv told us dat regret hurts hell of a lot more than how blissful ignorance is. haha.

y is it dat humans(specifically, me) like to repeat their mistakes? is it in our genes? (the heroes fan talking here.. hehe. if u havent watched the series, u shud!)... we seem to know dat wat we're doin is wrong, yet we still do it. do we lack the courage to do so? most of d time, no. it is bcoz we chose to do so. it is determination dat we, or more specifically, i lack. i do not hv the determination, d strength, d willpower, to do wut i need to succeed. in the end, it all comes down to dat one little attribute dat defines me so perfectly. its d thing dat keeps u in bed supposedly jz 5 minutes more.. d thing dat makes u finish ur assignment tomorrow instead of today. d very thing dat makes u fail ur exams(most of d time neways) n makes u bloody fat (haha). laziness. yes, the root of all things bad. laziness.

imagine wut the world wud be like if sir isaac newton was lazy. instead of creating newtons law of gravitation and all sorts of laws of physics, he probably would've jz taken a bite from the destined to be famous apple and be happy dat he has food in his stomach. and that poor apple probably wudnt b as famous as it is today. haha. side tracking a bit, that apple is probably the most popular fruit in the history of mankind. if not for that particular apple, we probably wud be in the stone age. haha.

getting back to the main topic, lazy. this blasted attribute dat i have clearly is my primary attribute. it defines who i am. if i am not lazy, u cud say im not yasin. but there are times when i got rid of this ... curse.(i hv no idea wt 'sifat' is in english other than attribute. haha. God help haha. chem engineer in d making) i mean, in my school years, nearing d big exams, im no longer lazy, im like super hardworking(from my point of view lah, for most ppl dat may look like an average study routine..). but y cant i do it nowadays? hmm...

who knows really...  if its d environment, all my housemates r basically bookworms. haha. no offense guys. not all of u nehow. but most of you. me? im probably a cyberworm. haha. never a bookworm, never not a cyberworm. haha. maybe ive changed. i cant really say. its all in me, and it seems, i dun want to score as bad as i thought. i mean, if i did, i'd surely be studying rite now instead of writing stuff in a blog.. hehe. kidding, mr blog. i like writing stuff here, and im gonna continue doing so as long as i can, for as frequent as can be, even though at times 'frequent' may not be the appropriate word to be used.

so, here i am, blabbing on and on bout how my test was disasterous, catastrophic, and me being lazy as hell, when all i have to do to change dat is simply to change. jz start being more hardworking from this very second. be more disciplined, no more slacking, no more foolin around. but change, even though it can be so easy at times, other times, its practically impossible. hmm.more crap. all talk, no action. argh!

dah la, i'm tired of writing. y write bout all dis crap, y. when all im goin to do after dis, is sleep, wake up late, play games, watch movies n practice on my violin? oh yeah, i jz got my 1st violin! woohoo.. im officially a violin player, i guess u cud call me a violinist.. huhu. although, if the use of the word is dependent on ur ability to play the violin, i hv a LONG way to go b4 neone can call me a violinist. if the word violinist even exists lah. haha. teruknyer my english. im talking manglish! argh! i never want to speak manglish. but it is inevitable i guess, after all, im in malaysia, and i speak english, its bound to catch up to me, sooner or later. manglish is definitely easier to speak, easier in the sense it takes less time to say sumtin in manglish then in proper english. example? say u see sumone staring at u. if u were speaking PROPER english, u wud probably say, "excuse me, but i noticed that u were staring at me. by any chance, do we know each other?". but if u were speaking PROPER manglish(if there is such a thing.. haha), u most probably wud say "what look look?". haha.

neways, enough digressing, as i was saying, im tired. really. im tired of getting crappy marks. im tired of studying, jz to find out later dat ive barely studied squat. im tired of having to stare around d exam hall, jz to get an idea of wut the hell it is dat the exam question wants from me. i'm tired of feeling like crap, each time i finish a test or exam.... im tired of feeling unprepared each time i take a test.... i need to change. simple as dat. change. as digi put it, its time to change. and wut a time it is. nearing d exams. nearing d deadlines to all d projects. it IS time to change. i'll try. wish me luck guys. i'll need every prayer i can get. we'll see wut becomes of me in my next blog.

finally, id jz like to say, even though it might be a bit late for most of u guys, especially my peeps in um, but gud luck. may all ur exam question seem relatively easy to u due to the abundance of knowledge in ur brain. may u no longer feel unprepared, unconfident of ur capabilities in scoring. may u have d best of marks possible, n may u do so with the highest integrity possible( in manglish, no tiru-ing la.) huhu. to ibs, we shud b motivating each other. haha. bl lagi nk jadi mcm dl. main xigt dunia, tp score tetap gempak. hehe. we were d very definition of cool. haha. to be cool is to be yasin, to be ibs. to be lame wud be un-yasin or un-ibs like. haha. too much exaggeration. klah, im trying to make a change in my lifestyle here... gotta stop wasting time. hehe. take care ppl. chow.