Thursday, November 8, 2007


bosan. bosan kan? duh... if you werent bored, you probably wouldnt be here. a friend of mine asked me to update my blog... so, here goes.. :P

dont want to talk so much this time. lets try to simplify things a bit. summarise everything up in short paragraphs.. coz it seems i never have the time to write long ones, so maybe if i wrote short ones, id be more motivated to update often. hehe.

soo.... what to talk about.... reunions. yeah. im having one, in less than a months time. friends from pasum. again. haha. it seems like these are the only people i stick around with, the ones i keep in touch with regularly, without any obligation to do so.. haha. there are ppl you talk to because you want to, and there are those ppl you talk to because you have to, because you meet them everyday, and it would be somewhat impolite not to. ive talked bout this already before. i tend to talk bout things over and over again, am i getting forgetful? huhu.

reunions. it isnt so easy to organise one. believe me. my friends and i took like a few months just to organise this one, and we're a group of ten people. yes, ten. imagine how difficult for those old schools, universities, to organise their reunions. even with my small group, some of them cant make it. quite dumb, isnt it? i mean, we arranged for this thing months before, and for some bloody reason, one guy got involved in something and cant make it. pardon my language. not too happy bout it. there's a bloody reason why we plan things like this early, so that nothing goes wrong, so that everyone can make it. ugh. humans. to err is human, i guess. and i should know, i am one. haha. oh well, lifes like that.

what else... should i talk bout the exams? nah... ive talked bout that loads of times.. why is it that students can never find anything else to talk bout except for studies when we're breaking the ice, or meeting and old friend, or anything for that matter...? or is it just me? am i turning into a geek? arrghh! cant be. i barely study at all !! haha. maybe its one of those topics. something common. not too personal, yet not TOO common. just nice to break the ice. i hope so. dont think im a geek, and not too keen turning into one, either. hehe.

geeks.. what is the exact definition of a geek? yeah. i havent talked bout this before. although the topic did come up in my everyday chit chat, once or twice. how DO you tell if you're a geek or not..? is there a fixed standard, as in the number of books you read per week, or something? its all a blurr, really. my opinion, really depends on you whether you think you're a geek or not. if you dont think that you're a geek, who cares what other ppl think, rite? so even if your idea of an exciting afternoon is deriving the MacLaurins series (mathematical equation, btw. i AM a geek... *sigh*. haha), as long as you think you're not a geek, then you're not, friend. dare to be geeky. =)

moving on. what else do i have to say? life is so boring these days, i cant even think of something interesting to write about. aha. remembered something. hamsters. a friend of mine, has two hamsters, and apparently, the hamsters, well, being hamsters, did what hamsters do best, and now, she has 2 big hamsters and 6 tiny ones, (when i say tiny, i mean, really tiny, according to her, smaller than duit 10 sen..). so, the story goes that she doesnt really want to keep the offspring, so she's giving them out to ppl that want them... and after hearing so many of her hamster stories, haha, (cant get enough of them,really), i asked her for two of the baby hamsters. haha. imagine, the king of slackers, is going to take care of two, extremely fragile creatures. haha. i dunno what i was thinking... haha. but, its a challenge. maybe these little rodents will turn me into the responsible, matured, person im destined to be. eceh... haha. i like hearing updates about those little critters, so im guessing when i have some of my own, ill probably enjoy telling stories bout them, so to all those blog hoppers(thx ayol for the term.. =) ), look out for more of my blogs in the future. ( i always say ill update my blog often, but i never really do it. haha. sori guys. ill try to do it this time around.)

last paragraph, ladies and gentleman. update on my life. haha. erm, i was the emcee of a raya dinner recently. haha. i thought i sucked real bad, but ppl r saying that i only suck a little bit, so not that bad.. haha. although there was that one time, when my mind went blank, and i couldnt say anything, so i said,... 'please enjoy your dinner?'. oh God. THAT, was embarassing. haha. not bad for my 1st attempt. erm, took my deans list cert on that night also. nice. looking forward to taking more of those in the future. hehehe. hopefully. what else.... oh yeah, my dad's bday. slamat ari lahir ayah... =) my bday's on the 10th of December ppl, try not to forget. :P but if you do forget, oh well, cant really blame ya. there's at least 6 billion ppl on earth at the moment, im just another name in the crowd. but if you did NOT forget, thanks mate! dont really expect any gifts, just a simple wish would be great. =)

the actual last paragraph. hehe. cant wait for the exams to end, bored to death. i havent gone to a shopping complex to hang out, for months. geek? yup... cant really say anything to defend myself. not the coolest of ppl. haha. and not exactly the friendliest. ;P but definitely one of the cutest... (did i hear someone barf?) haha. kidding. all the best in life, live life to the fullest, life's too short to live a half-life. if that even makes sense. haha. chow. =)