Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death, as I see it..


usually i dont post more than once a month, but something happened quite recently that kinda stirred my thoughts and emotions, i guess. (chewah)

there was a death, no, make that two deaths in UTP, on thursday and friday. this one guy died of, of all things, a heart attack. imagine that. while playing football. one assumes that when someone plays football, he probably has been playing for awhile, therefore should be fit enough to play the game, and probably know when to stop playing, so to get a heart attack while playing,.. is bizzarre.

the 2nd guy, died in an accident involving himself and... (this may sound funny but try not to laugh coz its disrespectful..), a kerbau. also known as a buffalo. for those that do not know, kerbaus (pandai2 je letak 's' for plural of kerbau. haha.) always roam around the roads infront of utp at nite, and since they are dark in color and there arent any lights lighting up the roads, utp students often hear tales of people having accidents with these behemoths. and believe me, they are quite big and quite strong. there was one story that i heard, a group of ppl were in a kancil and they banged into a kerbau, and the kerbau actually stared back at them for a few seconds before actually moving away. its as if the kancil banging into the blasted kerbau was like a mosquito bite or sumthing. (who'd ever thought i'd use so many animals in one sentence. haha.)

of course, the thought of students, almost the same age as me, dying, is somewhat scary. but who cares rite? ppl die all the time. even babies die. sure its a bit scary, but i dont even know these ppl, so no big deal....

or so i thought.

after finishing our exams, (yeay!), me and the guys went to ipoh to blow some steam.. it was the usual, bowling, movies, some of them went to mcd after that, but i was already lacking sleep, so i passed. quantum of solace is nice, btw, not as nice as casino royale, but still nice. action wise, top notch, but the story was moving a bit too fast for me to fully digest whats going on. but all in all, a nice movie. as for the bowling, i sucked big time. cant really say it was the lane, coz there were other ppl that had better scores even though the lane wasnt in tip top condition,  i guess it was just me. i scored 99 and 98. cant remember the last time i scored BELOW 100, so it kinda sucked for me.

anyways, while waiting for the midnight movie, some of the guys went for karaoke. see, the karaoke place is in the bowling alley area, and so we bumped into other utp friends there. fyi, it is almost impossible for you not to bump into a utp student at jusco during the weekends. especially so after the exams... duh. haha. so anyways, i went there a bit late coz i had to, er, shake hands with the president. haha. and so when i got there, my friend came up to me and told me something that is quite,.. disturbing...

if you guys recall, i became a facilitator for the orientation week this sem. so as a facilitator, i had one group of students to handle. my friend, the one that came up to me also was a faci and also had a group. it turns out that, the guy that had the heart attack, was in his group. and i know that guy..

well, not to say i know him very well, i just know him, as in i know who my friend was talking about when he mentioned it to me.

i guess it has a big impact on me.  as far as i know, none of my friends have died. sure, there have deaths in my family before, but no one that was actually younger than me. yes, he was actually younger than me. born in 1990 if my calculations are correct.

to see this guy alive and well at one time, and to suddenly hear that he's dead, is... i dont know what the word is for this one. guess this goes to show death knows no boundaries.

it really opened my eyes. life is short, shorter than i may think, apparently. i need to live life more. no more wasting time, staying alone at home, doing nothing but sleep and  play computer games all the time. (i barely play any computer games nowadays, but still... ). its time for change. and what better time to make a change in my life than during my internship. i'll be working, which means i will have some extra cash. plus, ill be in the vicinity of kuala lumpur, which means i can try out stuff ive always wanted to try while i was in pasum but never got the chance (i.e: ice skating! :D). hehe.

plus, i should have more money to go travelling. hehe. i do like travelling to new places, just that id rather not go alone, id prefer it if some friends, or family perhaps, could come with me. but thats the problem really, not everyone likes travelling. and not that many people can afford it. even worse, not many people think that its a good way to spend your money... haihs... i guess they've never heard of the proverb "jauh perjalanan, luas permandangan". (dunno what the english version is, but ill find out later).

i feel like writing more, but i dont really have anything else to say, so i guess i'll stop here. oh yeah, in case anyone's wondering, i'll be doing my internship at johnson and  johnson, petaling jaya. hehe. ill be an intern for 8 months, starting this december, so plenty of time to do stuff during that time. hehe. oh yeah, im not sure, but i dont think there'll be any internet connection where i'm staying, so probably wont be blogging so often. (macam la "often" sgt skrg ni. haha.)

erm, another important thing to mention, my parents are going for haji this wednesday (26th november 2008), so i'd appreciate it if you guys could pray for my parents safety and well-being. thanks a lot.

last but not least, i was actually planning something different for this post, but since i didnt even plan on writing this post, the "something different" will have to wait till the next time i blog. hehe.

oh yeah! totally forgot about the majlis doa selamat and tahlil (refer to previous posting). all in all, it was a successfull ceremony. thank you very2 much to everyone that came. it meant a lot to me. semoga Allah memberkati tuan2 dan puan2 sekalian. i'd blog about it, but there really isn't that much to blog about, hehe. but a friend of mine did blog about it, you can read it here. (ive never actually tried linking another page, so forgive me if the link doesnt work. huhu.)

and, the final 'last but not least', hehe, i'd like to wish everyone that have NOT finished their exams, good luck, do your best, to those that HAVE and are in their sweet holidays, happy holidays, stay safe, and to those that are 'unlucky' in the sense that their holidays have been cut short due to the internship programme, good luck with you internship, take care, especially the people that are going overseas, and i'll see you guys in 8 months!

take care everyone.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


apparently, friendster has this new thingy where i can save what i wrote yesterday.... eh wait.

hello ppl. tlupa plak.

k. lets move on. as i was saying, friendster blog has this new thingy (or maybe its an old thingy, coz i never really explore the possibilities with this thing) where i can save what i wrote and come back and finish it off some other time. which is sweeeet, since i always have stuff to say at times, but when i actually do open up my blog to write something, the idea is already boring to me, (although it might be interesting to you guys), so i end up not writing anything... huhu.

so the reason im telling you guys this is that im testing this new(?) feature out. ill write something today (29th October 2008), and maybe when i get the time, i'll write something else, whenever that may be..

actually the reason that got me writing again, a bit early according to my schedule if i might add, is because some of my friends have started writing their blogs, and i dunno, seeing them write, makes me want to write something, which is childish, i know, but what the heck. haha.

is there anything interesting at all to write about today? hmm. not really. all boring stuff, as usual. o yea, a sad fact, i still havent gotten a placement for my internship, but for some reason i myself am not aware of, i am surprisingly extremely optimistic on the matter, even though there is no reason for me to be this way. most of the people in my course, most of my friends, have gotten a placement, some even have more than one, but i am somehow unaffected by all this. sure it kinda sucks when they start talking bout where they're going to stay, what they're going to do, who's going with them, bla3, and i dont really have anything to say to join in the conversation, but i dont really mind. in fact, im actually feeling happy for them. which is something i usually am not inclined to do. haha.

okay. enuf for today. lets wait for next time aite.


its november 4th, 3 32 am. i finally found the time to write something..

you can never really see where your life is headed. sure, you may plan, predict, but you can never truly know where its going for sure, until you're there.

b4, i talked about how i havent gotten any internship placement yet. the next day, i got 2 offers. unexpected. well, i was expecting to get offered somewhere, just not 2 offers, in the same day... and just yesterday, i got another one. so that makes 3. weird huh. out of nowhere these offers pop up. ah well, that is life.

ive run out of things to write about. interesting things, anyway. probably coz my brains in a jam from all the studying and the coffee i just drank.

owh. remembered something. how fun it is, to know that you're in your study week, and some of your friends in other universities, have finished their exams. they are out of their misery, yours is only beginning. -_-"

my family is having a doa selamat and tahlil next week. odds are the ppl that read this blog are invited. if youre not, tell me. a person that reads my blog, should be invited, even though i may not know you very well. its kind of a big thing for me, this ceremony. for the most obvious reason, its a gathering to wish my parents well on their haji trip. 2ndly, bcoz, most of my friends in UTP havent been to my house, so for me to have a solid reason to invite them to come to my house is a good thing.

i really cant think of anything else worth writing now. guess ill stop here and continue some other time.


november 6th, 3.27 am.

this shall probably be the last time i write in this particular post. afraid this post may be wee bit too long if i continue.

honestly, there really is nothing to write about today. apart from celebrating afiq's bday. which was nice i guess.

moving on, im nearing the 2nd half of my study week and i have barely done any studying at all. which is very bad... curse all these projects that need to be finished... why have these useless projects anyways? have i learned anything from them? okay, honestly, yes. one. i learned that if you wait long enough, you can copy somebody else's work. haha.what a waste of time...

and it spoils the study mood. you're supposed to be concentrating on your studies fully during the study week, but since you're swamped with work and other stuff, the concentration's gone. proof? some of the guys went out for bowling just now. and tomorrow, some are going for quantum of solace. (if you dont know what this is, you definitely arent a movie buff). by the way, although i never really was a fan of the bond series, but i definitely liked casino royale.. it was really nice! i am definitely looking forward to quantum of solace.

at this point, for my internship, i shall probably be going to johnson and johnson. yeah, the shampoo company. ive heard only good things bout the place, and the pays not bad. but some seniors have said that the workhours sometimes can be quite long. instead of going off at 5 30 pm for example, try 5 30 am. i kid u not. wow huh? but of course you'll get the next day off.. very interesting eh?


I fell asleep.

november 6th, 1.13 pm.

due to falling asleep, i have forgotten what i was going to write down. but i did get some ideas after reading other ppls blogs. call it a realization if you will (and if there is such a word as realization)

there are so many blogs out there. really. so many. why? ive written some time ago about why ppl stop writing blogs, but never really why ppl start writing blogs..

do we crave the attention? do we need the interaction with other ppl so desperately that we post blogs for ppl to read and comment and go to sometimes extreme lengths to promote our blog? lets ponder about it for a moment. what do we really get when ppl read our blogs? when ppl post a comment?

sure, some of the super popular bloggers can really change the world with their blog (the chancellor of my university for example, che det), and some blogs that are popular enuf, they can have advertising to increase the balance in their pockets...

no. im not talking about these ppl. im talking about us. nobodies. (compared to che det, im definitely a nobody, and so are you, i think, unless ur che det and u've come to read my blog, then that makes me a somebody, coz che det is reading my blog... haha.) why do we write? we dont really have anything to benefit from it. yet we are excited when we spot the new comments on our blog. do we really care THAT much on what ppl think about us? are we really that lame? haha

uish. i should not have brought this up here. this topic on its own could cover one entire posting, and ive already written some stuff... i dont want my blog to be too long, now do i?

here's what i think, if it matters anyway. humans crave attention. we crave it on every level. we sometimes wear clothes that are attractive so that ppl will stare. we sumtimes talk to almost any stranger for no apparent reason than to fill the time or avoid an awkward moment. we bring our handphones everywhere, chat with absolute strangers in chatrooms, join social websites, forums, and last but most definitely not the least, hop from one blog to another and write our own blogs.

it is a way to be heard. blogs. when che det's thoughts couldnt get into mainstream media, he started blogging. and im guessing its the same for us. for every blogger.

blasted ppl keep popping into my room... nk tulis blog dgn aman pun susah..

i shall make it short then. ppl like attention. ppl want to be heard. blog is a way to be heard. some are so desperate for their voices to be heard, they promote their blog to extreme lengths (my opinion anyways, not necessarily true). because in the end, no matter how much we say we dont care, we really do care, if only a little, about what ppl think about us, and whether ppl give a damn about us or not.

so thats why i get happy or excited when i see new comments. there is someone out there that actually cares enuf to actually say something to what i have to say. haha. pathetic eh? i know. in the end, we are all pathetic ppl. haha. nobody can live alone.

and this concludes my experiment on this new style of blogging. i have to say, its been somewhat fun, no pressure to write so much in so little time. but somewhat tiring as well, as i need to face this blog thing for so many days, when i usually face it only once a month. how u guys manage to post so many in so short a time perplexes my timid mind. haha.

damn it, more ppl popping in! perlu ke masuk sini.. -_-" shuh2. stop lah cmni.

tk cr.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

raya n puasa.

yelah, yelah, aku update... lolz.

hello everyone.. slmt hari raya. maaf zahir n batin. halalkan makan minum. sekiranya ada hutang saya yang masih tak terbayar, sila lah ingatkan..

now that thats out of the way, i shall now talk about things i like about puasa n raya in random order. haha. what kind of introduction is this... -____-"

i like raya. it is the one time where everyone is so nice to each other, no one seems to be quarrelling, all arguments are put aside for that one day, and long lost friends pop up out of nowhere to visit you. you suddenly start talking to people you havent talked to in ages, and they too with you. you get to meet all your relatives (most, if not all), be it close or distant ones.. n o yea, did i mention you'll get loads of cash from your suddenly rich aunts and uncles..? hehe.

i used to look forward to raya so much when i was a kid. but now, it just feels like any other holiday. huhu. sad, i know, but its the truth. i dont really care bout the money i get anymore. the only thing i look forward to during raya is the long holiday and the chance to meet most of my relatives at the same time. huhu.

also, its kinda hard to get into the holiday spirit when there's tons of work to be done... i actually had nightmares of not submitting my assignments, not finishing my projects.. haihs. raya is just not the same anymore... i still like it, dont get me wrong, but its just not the same....

owh yeah, the thing i liked most bout this raya, is when my parents talked about when i was young. according to them, i didnt like to smile when i was a kid. haha. my dad told to me, "you were so grumpy, that when this one time you actually smiled to the bread-seller (i bought bread and other junk from this bread-seller almost everyday, fyi), he actually gave you free stuff because he was so happy to see you smile". lolz. when i smiled, i actually got free stuff. maybe my brain at that time stored that little bit of info, coz nowadays i smile almost all the time. i even smile when im in trouble (imagine the joker, but not as scary. haha) . my brain is subconciously trying to get me more free stuff. haha.

i laugh at my own jokes all the time eh? haha. i think its like the sitcoms. they add in the laughs to help make the show funnier. laughter is contagious. so when i laugh at my own jokes, hopefully you'll laugh at them as well. or laugh at me for being so pathetic. haha.

well that was one thing they told me about my childhood. there are other stuff, but i shall not write them here. want to know more, ask me personally. hehe.

erm, getting back to the topic of raya n puasa, apart from that, there was hardly anything special bout this raya. been there done that. huhu. im actually quite bummed because for this raya i couldnt meet most of my cousins and relatives. eh wait, i did meet most of them, but i didnt meet them all at once... i was with one family during the first day of raya, then they left to go somewhere else, and then another family came, and then they left and another family came... etc2. you get my drift. so of course i met most of my relatives, but its not as fun as meeting all of them together at the same time... huhu.

thats about it for raya. what about puasa... o yea, i had sahur with my eyes closed that one time. haha. and after finishing my plate of rice did i realise i had an extra lauk that i didnt see... haha. padan muka. malas sgt. but it was nice to be able to actually SLEEP before sahur. when i got home, my mum would wake me up for sahur. but in UTP, i was the one that was waking ppl up for sahur, most of the time anyways. i have problem waking up, as you all may have already known if youve been following my blog (lolz), so in order to be able to sahur, i usually dont sleep before sahur. i only sleep after sahur...

sometimes, if i were to accidentally fall asleep before sahur, my whole house would not be having sahur. haha. it happened on the last day i was in UTP before i went home for the raya holidays. since it was the last time we were going to have sahur together, my friends and i had planned to go out of UTP for sahur. BUT, most unfortunate, i fell asleep. i fell asleep, so nobody was awake. nobody was awake, therefore nobody woke up for sahur.... haha. funny eh?

so now you guys know why i skip my classes oh so often during the fasting month. at least its for a good reason rite? hehe. (alasan...)

oh yeah, one more thing i'd like to talk about puasa. i used to think that in the fasting month, i would be able to save some cash, since i wont be eating during the day. only after reaching raya did i realise how wrong i was... huhu. during puasa, i eat during sahur time, (which is around 4 am for me n my housemates in UTP), and during berbuka puasa. during non-fasting months, i eat during lunch and dinner time. so even though its puasa, i still eat the same number of time each day! haha. perhaps even more, because during sahur my brain is thinking "eat as much as you can! so that you wont starve to death during the day!". haha. and while breaking fast " eat as much as you can! you almost starved to death during the day, now is the time to recover!" haha.

what makes it worse is that, during puasa, you cant help but want something special to eat during berbuka puasa (break fast, not breakfast). during regular months, i only eat regular food, just to not go hungry, maybe occasionally ill go for something nice. but during fasting month.... huh. its as if i'll die if i dont eat delicious food.. haha. and of course, slightly more delicious food would cost slightly more. and dont get me started on the jamuan buffet berbuka puasa n etc2. haha. therefore, fasting month not equal to saving month. haha. i save better during regular months.

and thats all for now i think. overall, although its not the same as before, i still like raya n puasa. if i dont celebrate n enjoy raya n puasa, what else will i celebrate? when i think about it, its not all that bad. every year's celebration of raya n puasa is unique in its own way. 10 years from now, i'll probably look back to this year and say "those were the good ol' days..". hehe. and its true, isnt it? you have to agree with me on this one. if you look back to your raya celebration 10 years ago, you'd definitely say those days were the best raya you've ever had. i cant exactly remember what i was doing for raya when i was 9, but i know for sure, i enjoyed it a lot. :)


"mawi dah kaya,

siti dah datin,

selamat hari raya,

maaf zahir dan batin."



cant help but laugh at my own jokes. double lolz.

dah la ni pun curi pantun org. triple lolz.

haha. what the fish.


thats all for now ppl.

take care. chows.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Layout!?!


who would've thought i'd actually update my layout?! haha. it was unplanned. i visited my own blog, (haha), just to check n see if anyone left any comments. and i saw that it was blue in color. erk. i dont recall it being blue before...

then i realised that friendster had new designs for its blog... probably realising that ppl do read blogs on friendster, they decide to spruce up the designs and all that, probably to keep up with the other blog websites. so, it automatically updated my old boring layout to a new clean-looking blue-colored layout.

which looked weird to me. haha.

so i browsed thru all the layout designs, before choosing this one. this one looks, relaxed. peaceful. calm. hehe. hope u guys like it.

erm, sumone commented to me that i am mixing english and bm too much, and i should start using proper english in my blog. again, i would like to remind everyone that this is not a place for you to learn english! haha. plus im not exactly the best person to be learning english from, as there are lots of blogs out there that have a very high level of english-ness (see how bad my english is.. huhu) to it. some are even written by englishmen (and women, of course) , so you would assume that their level of english is far greater than mine. hehe. im from malaysia, so i tend to speak a little manglish, though i try not to.

just thought id post something before i take my nap before sahur. oh yeah, its the fasting month, and my sleeping schedule is far from normal. even in normal conditions, some consider it to be abnormal, now.... its even worse. i find myself unable to wake up for morning classes nowadays. haha. big surprise there. which is not so funny anymore considering i promised my mom i would not skip anymore classes.... huhu. dont get me wrong, im not PURPOSELY skipping class, its just that sometimes i cant wake up from sleep, sometimes the lecturer organizes a boring adjunct lecture which has no relevance whatsoever to what is coming out in my tests and exams (i study for exams n tests, not knowledge. huhu), so you cant really blame me for skipping all these classes. huhu.

the number of assignments for this semester is astounding! its as if the lecturers are giving as much assignments as humanly possible before we, the 3rd year students go for internship! haha. imagine, one subject actually has 3 assignments in one week... if that isnt deliberately torturing students, i dont know what is. huhu. perhaps the lecturers think that the abundance of work they give us will actually HELP us in improving our grades. well, its not helping. the number of assignments given is not directly proportional to knowledge gained by a student. haha. its not. even without ANY assignments at all, a student can still excel in his/her studies if he/she wishes to and works to achieve it, and even with ALL the assignments in the world, a stubborn/ignorant student wouldn't gain a thing from all the work he/she has done, if he/she blindly finishes all the assignments without taking a second to understand what he/she is doing, i.e copying. hehe. with so many assignments to be handed in, one can only assume the regular students, such as myself, (or should i say the lazy students, haha), would be copying some, if not all of the assignments... in my humble opinion, lecturers shouldnt give too much assignments. give one per week, tops. that way, students will actually have the time to do the assignments themselves, and by doing so learn more about the task at hand, instead of having to skip class to copy an assignment that he was supposed to do days ago. lolz.

lets stop talking bout studies shall we? im sleepy enuf as it is. erm, i still havent got an internship placement. some friends have already gotten offers, and the number seems to grow by the day. im somewhat shaken, but overall im still optimistic that ill get a relatively good placement. i cant really expect the companies to come beg me to be their intern with an average cgpa.. huhu. some of the companies standards are so high, i dont even meet the minimum requirements to apply for intern, so i decided not to. ah, who cares. in the end, if i still dont get a placement, UTP will secure one for me, so nothing to worry about, really. its just that, obviously everyone has their own preference, where they want to work, what company they want to work with, and i myself am not excluded. but if its not meant to be, then so be it. lets not worry bout things that are uncertain. things will sort themselves out eventually. (slacker mode engaged.) haha.

erm, thats it for now, i think. oh yeah, ive got this one friend who apparently is grammar-crazy nowadays. haha. she deleted her entire blog, partly because she doesnt like all the grammar mistakes that she did. haha. i is not the knowing why she doing that thing, (please dont delete my blog. haha), but she should relax... haha. there's nothing wrong with using bad grammar in your blog. so long as you get your message out, and the blog-hoppers enjoy reading it, its all good... and this post is partly because she asked me to post sumthing. haha. i dont even know if this one is a good post, because im just rambling about random stuff. ill let you guys decide.

eyh, i really should get to sleeping. need to wake up for sahur coz it seems im the chef on duty for tonite. haha.



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my first 20th

hello everyone.

forgive me for not writing so long. its not that i dont have things to write about, i do. i dont know, maybe im not as dedicated to this blogging thingy as i thought. im not even sure i can be considered a blogger. other bloggers update their blog daily, sometimes several times in a day. i am barely able to pen out my thoughts once a month, which isn't very productive now, is it.. haha.

despite of the extremely long gaps between posts, i still have some ppl that read my blog... haha. dont you guys have better things to do? lolz. thanks for visiting. and again, sorry for not updating. this one's for you guys.

since im in the topic of blogs, lets talk about blogs, shall we. when i first started blogging, i often stated that i write only for myself, but if other ppl want to read my posts, its fine with me. then i started liking the comments, be it good or bad, and before you know it, i started writing the blog for other ppl. haha.

if you noticed, my style of writing has changed dramatically from the first post, to this one. i guess even writing styles evolve. in the beginning, i kinda stressed on writing with the correct grammar, correct spelling, a very formal blog if i do say so myself. nowadays... you'd be lucky if you could find one sentence in here that has proper grammar and proper sentence structure and also, a full sentence in english, as i am more and more drawn to manglish... haha. please dont use this blog as a guide to do your english assignment.. haha.

well, waddyaknow... (an example of bad english right here ladies and gents.. lolz). this is my 20th blog posting.. wieee. some ppl might be saying, "20? only 20? lame~". haha. yeah2, i know, but it must count for something right? who wouldve thought id reach 20 posts. im not even 20 years old yet. haha. xd kena mengena, i know. :P

what should i talk about this time? b4 sitting down, i had loads of ideas on what to write, n now, i cant seem to think of anything...  haish.

let's talk bout life then. it is the main theme of the blog, after all. life for me has been okay. i was the faci for my university's orientation. got to meet with the juniors and hopefully helped them settle into university life. passed down my 3 years worth of experience, which was my main objective of joining, so although the organising committee sucked bad, all sorts of things went wrong, it was a nice experience for me.

i joined a treasure hunt for the 1st time this semester. i did join the irc infohunt, but thats like very small-scale. and running around in the library looking for books cant really be considered an actual treasure hunt. haha. for this particular treasure hunt, we travelled a total of about 200 km. there was this one task, where you had to shoot the tin cans down, if you failed, you'd have to eat weird stuff. and my group, all of us being superb sharpshooters, manage to shoot down a grand total of ZERO (0) cans. lolz. so we had to eat the garlic, the asam jawa, the mengkudu, the cup of chilli (or is it chilly, lolz) and 2 raw eggs. wow. i ate the raw eggs. also a first time experience. haha. its not that bad actually. once you get over the thought that it is raw eggs, it doesnt taste that bad... huhu. all in all, it was a fun experience, it was my first REAL treasure hunt, and it was nice for me, i think the committee did a good job on this one. oh yeah, fyi, we didnt win, my team and i, haha. but we did have fun, and thats what matters most.

i also joined a paintball competition. wiee.. im trying all sorts of new stuff this semester. haha. maybe i should try studying instead of wasting time? hahah. actually for the paintball competition, i planned on joining last year, but due to unforeseen consequences, i couldnt. so i was excited to be able to join this year... and wouldn't you know it, my team got into the finals. haha. but we didnt win first place. we came in 2nd. hehe. nvmnd. to be able to go to the finals is good enuf rite? so dont be so hard on chong wei alrite? hehehe. oh yeah, i got shot 4 times in the tournament. huhu. twice in the chest, making me have a new red-coloured birthmark on my chest, once in the elbow, and one headshot.

im going for my internship in december. im not sure im actually looking forward to it, eh wait, i am, because during internship i wont have to study. haha. i applied to several companies, only one has replied, but im thinking that particular company replies to all non-petronas scholars' application. hehe. so im not that special. haha. im planning on going to sarawak, simply bcoz i like travelling. now at first, there were a few of us that wanted to go to sarawak, but one guy backed out, now suddenly everyone doesnt want to go sarawak, which to me sucks bad. but im not gonna change my plans just bcoz my friends are abandoning me.. kalau nak ikut kawan, smpy bila tak maju. so what the hell, if it is fated that i go to sarawak alone, fine by me. i dont mind. sarawak, here i come. hehe. oh ye, i just realised something. im going to be totally alone on my 20th birthday this year. crap. my parents are going for their haji end of this year, and they'll be gone before i go for my internship and also my birthday. which means ill be alone in a place thats completely alien to me, and ill probably be alone, with no friends or family, on that one day that i can truly say belongs to me, my birthday. *sigh*. c'est la vie...

what else is going on in my life... ah yes, it appears that there is an increase in the number of couples in my batch. apparently a lot of ppl have been bitten by the love bug, despite the regular fogging done in utp... huhu. my guess is some of the girls are getting desperate, but then again, when you fall in love, you cant really help it now can you. but what amazes me is how fast these ppl get back into a relationship after getting out of one. its as if they dont really mind who they're with, so long as they're with someone. i mean, would it kill you to wait for awhile, browse thru the choices, and taking your time to make the right choice?.. haih. biarlah kan, asalkan mereka bahagia sudah.. haha.

what else... what else... hehe. lets make this one the longest post ever. to celebrate the 20th posting. hehe. i myself am amazed that i was able to write 20 postings. oh yeah, etp. engineering team project. ppl from the 4 engineering courses group up and come up with an engineering project. my group came up with the magnetoboard. our project is very similar to the child's toy, where you can draw and doodle on the board without using any ink, and you can erase the writings as easily as you draw them. we intend on making an actual whiteboard based on those principles, to be used in classrooms and lecture halls. if it works, it would be a great invention, if i do say so myself, but so far, we've had nothing but setbacks.. but we've managed to overcome the obstacles so far, so pray that we are able to actually fabricate the protoype... huhu.

aha... here's another thing i can talk about here. people and their blogs. now, im all for promoting your own blog. whats a blog without the readers rite? but i tell ya, some ppl, the things they do to promote their blog.... putting your blog link in your gtalk / ym status is fine, but to pm every single person in ur friends list about ur blog... lame~ if ur blog is nice, ppl will visit ur blog even if u dont promote it or EVEN if u dont even update it for 2 months.. lolz. haha. but seriously, try not to go overboard in promoting your blog.

i think i should stop here... hehe. its gotten too long. huhu. i wonder how many ppl fell asleep to this. haha. maybe i should make this into a bedtime story.. once upon a time, there was a blogger named yasin... etc2... and he lived happily ever after. haha. thats all from me. take care. live life to the fullest. learn the ways of the slacker. chill. relax.

till next time, whenever that may be... lolz.


Monday, June 23, 2008


i saw fireflies last friday.


oh yeah, instead of making a very eye-catching title this time, i decided to go with a more simpler one, and just go straight to the point instead of making u guys read the whole entire blog, only to find it wasn't the best way to spend your precious five minutes. ahaha.

hi (or hai) everyone. personally i prefer hai, coz hi just looks weird. but when im writing in english, hai seems weird also. oh well. erm, the first line pretty much says it all. i saw a firefly last friday. how long has it been since i last saw a firefly? in case somebody doesnt even know what a firefly is, its those bugs that have lights on their... rear ends. :P yeah, its a REAL bug! lolz. of course you guys have seen it... but when was the last time you saw it yourselves? dont count the times you've seen them on tv okay.

i remember playing with those things when i was a little boy, plenty of times. at that time, it was something u see quite often. but that was years ago. and last friday, i was in the middle of nowhere. well it wasnt exactly nowhere, i was at a drug rehab centre in the interior parts of kedah. i followed my father to a wedding, the daughter of the person that runs that centre was the one getting married.

the reason im writing about this, it just suddenly hit me, the children of tomorrow arent even going to know things like this, actually exist. they're going to think its just something made-up that often comes out in cartoons, like spongebob, or that purple-coloured dinosaur. so we should do whatever it is we can to help save the environment, to make sure these creatures wont go extinct.

suddenly im an environmentalist. lol. i checked, and it turns out these things arent going extinct anytime soon. huhu. guess i got worried for nothing.

i was planning on writing about my holidays, but i think im going to spare you ppl the agony of going thru ridiculously boring stuff about myself. there really is nothing to talk about. basically i just stayed at home, caught up with the lost series, south park. i couldnt even play games, since the desktop got busted. damn.. what a wasted holiday this has been. i didnt meet up with any of my long lost friends. didnt even get to go anywhere special since the redang plan blew up in smokes. boy, i sure was bloody upset when the redang plan got cancelled. you'd think you can rely on some ppl after knowing them for almost 2 years, but i guess you can't... oh well. lifes like that. i can go all nite talking bout these sorts of stuff, but really, whats the point, so ill just leave it at that..

here's something interesting. i was watching lost, in the first  few days of the holidays, and there was something that charlie did that caught my interest. you see, charlie was about to die, and he knew exactly when and where he was going to die. how did he know? well, theres this other guy called desmond, and basically, he can see the future. so.. this dude, desmond, he's been saving charlies life over and over again, but apparently the universe has a way of self correcting itself, so no matter how many times desmond saves charlie from death's grasp, sooner or later, he's going to die. the reason charlie decides to die this time, was because desmond said, they were going to get rescued, (they as in all the people stranded on the island), and he particularly saw claire (charlie's love interest) getting on a helicopter and going away, but before that happens, charlie has to die....

Sooo, anyways, before charlie dies, he lists down the top 5 moments of his entire life, intending on giving it to claire. and it got me thinking, 'hmm, that isnt a bad idea after all'. not that i plan on dying anytime soon, (no worries ppl :D), but it is something interesting to think about. while at utp, i sometimes talk to my friends about something similar. its not a list of my top 5 moments in life, but instead a list of things i intend to do before dying. since the list of things i want to do before dying grows all the time, for now i guess i'll list down the top 5 moments of my life, so far.

number 5 - all of my relatives from my mothers side singing me happy birthday, and actually getting a coconut for a birthday present from some crazy lunatic. lolz. close friend, act. u know who u are. ;)

number 4 - coming into class 50 minutes late, with food in one hand,
thru the front door, and able to bullsh*t my way out of trouble... :P

number 3 - surviving one week stranded in sabah with friends.

number 2 - stopped a toddler from running into the middle of a busy road (basically, being a hero :P ), and although planned to keep it quiet, close friends found out.

number 1 - being congratulated by a total stranger for getting good grades. came up to me, shook my hand, and said she was proud of me, and told me to keep up the good work..

its not much really, but its my top 5. and for your info, all these things except for number one happened while i was in pasum.. so you can guess why i like going to pasum so much, and why even after 2 years i still go through the trouble of going to kl and meeting friends from pasum, and why i bother trying to arrange reunions when most of them dont really care that much anyways.. it was my first hostel experience. my first time doing everything on my own. the first time i met with ppl from various states, from various backgrounds. being exposed to the real world for the first time. my first taste of university/college life. those were the days..

dont get me wrong though, i like it here in utp, but in terms of the true college experience, my bet is theres no place like UM. when i first started in UTP, i felt a huge difference in UM and UTP. my god, the first week, i realised that the nearest shopping complex was about an hour away... and from that moment on i knew that life was probably never going to be the same, ever again.

oh well, life is full of surprises. you'll never know where you're going to end up in the future. i better stop here, im going to watch another episode of south park before going to bed.

till next time, chow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a rock came down from the sky, and landed in my front yard....

hows that for a blog title?!?! lol. hai guys. n gals. long time no see. or hear. or read. wuteva. apologies for not keeping in touch, you know how i am.. true friendship prevails no matter what rite? ;) but feel free to give me a call, drop me a msg or nething, i may be quiet, but i never deliberately not reply someone, and i always make it a point to always say goodbye or bubye or that sort of stuff b4 i stop msging, not the one to suddenly stop msging or chatting and leaving the guy/gal hanging, coz thats just not me. n fyi, i dont like to be left hanging also.. ;)

so here i am, in the middle of my holidays, basically bored to the max at this point. and the fact that i cant play any computer games isnt helping. at all. so basically, what ive been doing are things that i normally wouldnt be doing, since i would be busy playing computer games. bugging ppl i wouldnt normally bug. reading blogs that i normally wouldnt be reading. going to sleep after being awake for only 1 hour... wait, i do that all the time.. haha.

i'm sure you guys are wondering right now, "when the hell is he gonna start talking bout the rock?!?!" hehe. patience my friends. surely a few more paragraphs of my ramblings wouldnt be too much of a wait for you? i mean, you guys waited around two months for this post ( assuming you ppl act waited.. haha), whats another few minutes right.....  i knew you'd understand. :)

hmm, lets see. ah yes, rumah perak. always something interesting to talk about rumah perak. the lukis dan menang ( previously known as win, lose or draw.. apparently some campaign to use the malay language by the organiser, keluarga azmi.. ;P) game this year, has been won, again, for the 2nd time by keluarga haji hassan basri. congrats to them, with only 3 family members and one imported family member (lolz), they emerged victorious this year. my family got 3rd place.. hehe. yeay for us! although, we definitely couldve won, but since my father broke the rules by doing gestures instead of drawing, we were disqualified.... hahaha. the category was fruits and the fruit was 'pulasan'. lol. he drew a sort of like rambutan, then he started 'memulas' ngan tgn dia. haha. (what is memulas in english anyways? squeeze? twist? yeah, thats it. twisting.) apologies for my broken english. so we were immediately disqualified and got 0 for that round. haha. but if we did get to answer that one, we would've been the champions... oh well, there's always next year. but dunno if i'll be able to make it to rumah perak next year, with my internship program and all that.. we'll just have to wait and see. all in all, definitely a memorable trip, i wouldn't miss it for the world...

no, no, it's not yet time for the story of the rock... pls! don't rush me! haha..

currently im planning a trip to pulau redang with my friends. but the thing is, some of them won't even reply my messages. i mean, come on, you said you wanted to go, but you can't even reply my messages? im doing everything else, you just have to reply when i ask you something... haish. only thing i need now is to confirm when we'll be going and book the hotel, and off we go.. oh well. we'll see how it goes. i'll be sure to blog about it (if we ever actually go... haha).

rock? what rock? owh THAT rock... haha. ok2. yeah, i guess its about time.. i'm running out of things to talk about anyways... haha.

it all started last saturday. there was a wedding in my housing area. a close friend of my mum was the mother of the bride. that morning, we were act in penang, my... man my english sucks. what do you call 'atok sedare' in english? lets see... if atok is grandfather. and my father/mother's brother is uncle, so i guess my grandfather's brother is my, grand-uncle?.. =_=" haha. not so sure, but we'll go with that for now. so, moving on, my grand-uncle passed away last friday. al-fatihah. no worries, i wasn't really close with him. don't think i've ever really had a conversation with him. still, family is family. plus he is my father's uncle, surely he was somewhat close with him. so we went back after friday prayers, and we got in time just before they buried him. it went smoothly, the funeral. the thing i noticed at my grandfather and my grand-uncle's funeral is that there were so many people. what normally would be a quiet little house is now packed with friends, families, distant relatives. i can only hope that i am remembered, loved enough by that many people when it is my turn.

eh, im getting sidetracked. huhu. sori. getting back to the main storyline, there was a wedding, and the walimatul urus was on saturday. since my mum was close friends with the bride's mother, she had to be there, lend a helping hand greeting the guests and all that. and so it happens, one of the many people that were invited to the wedding was the contractor that built my house. yeah, my mum is friends with the boss of the contractor that built my house. is it any wonder why we got our house at a rather cheap price? ahaha. another interesting fact would be that this contractor was not the small-time contractor, this was the type of contractor that would usually be making an entire housing area, instead of just one measly house. but he did our house anyways, and he helped us cut costs building the house by a lot, so in time my parents became good friends with the contractor... (notice how i don't like to put in any names in my blog? hehe. just a habit really. no reason.)

so the story goes that after the kenduri, the contractor came by our house for tea. see, at our house, there's this rock. no, this is not the rock thats in the title. but i'm getting there. you know the kinds of rocks thats all shiny, and some people like to collect it, put it in gardens and stuff. you know, the big ones, the kind that chinese people like to collect. yeah that one. (not sure which rock you're thinking of, but lets assume thats the one.. haha.) my dad bought it a long time ago for some reason, never knew he liked rocks, but who cares. haha. oh yeah, did i mention that the contractor was chinese? i didnt? ok well im mentioning it now. haha. so that day also, i found out that the reason that chinese like to collect these rocks is because they believe it brings luck. so when the contractor guy saw this kind of rock at my house, he offered to my father this rock that he found in one of his construction sites. apparently, chinese also believe that if you find something good, present it to someone, and it will bring you luck also. or something like that. lolz. im not exactly the fung-shui expert, so the facts might not be so accurate.

the thing you should know about my father is that, he has a hard time saying no to someone. anyone for that matter. there was this one time, this one guy was selling keropok ikan from house to house, and everytime he came, he would ask for my dad since he knows my dad will buy the keropok, even though it is double the usual price for that keropok. (no joke, went to tesco or jusco, not sure, and saw the same keropok at 2 ringgit plus, the guy was selling it for 5 bucks a packet..) so whenever he came, me being the not-so-nice guy, would often tell the guy to go away. mean, i know, but he was ripping my dad off, what would you do if your dad was being ripped off? haha. but later i found that the guy was very poor, so i guess that explains a lot. haha. very2 bad, yasin. yeah2, i know. im all for helping the poor, but when someone comes to your house almost everyday selling overpriced keropok, you cant help but be somewhat annoyed... hehe. not funny? okay. im shutting up now. XP

ANYWAYS, back to the original story, my father, being the person that he is, accepted the offer. i believe it was on sunday when that contractor came back to our house. turns out he liked the rock that my father bought that he asked him to take him to the place that he bought it. and so he did. and believe it or not, when he got to the place, the contractor bought all the rocks on sale there. 500 bucks.. for... rocks... rocks. lolz. he has money to spend i guess, let him be. and so at that very same day, he took my dad to see the rock. the rock that would soon come down from the skies above...

for those of you that were thinking " omg, a meteor landed in yasin's house? why isn't it in the news?", sorry to disappoint you guys. no meteors or rocks from outer space here. hehe. so why the title then? aha, here's why. the rock that the contractor wanted to give to my dad was a LOT bigger than the rock we had at home. the one we had was about the size of a... bowling bag. yeah, thats about it. this other rock, when standing upright, (the rock, that is), is taller than i am, assuming there is such a thing as a rock standing upright. hahaha. and it would take 2 me's to fully hug the rock. so you get the idea of how big it is. neways, its so big, that you cant exactly expect someone to carry in into my yard.

so how exactly did the contractor brought it into my yard? him being a contractor and all, got hold of a truck, and a crane. yes friends. a crane. so the truck brought the rock to the front of my house. the crane unloaded it from the truck. then, the crane lifted the rock up into the air, moved it a bit to the side, and landed the rock in my front yard.....

and that my friends, is how a rock came down from the sky, and landed in my front yard. haha. wasn't exactly what you expected? yeah, i may have exaggerated a bit with the title.. hehe. but come on, how often do you get to see a rock bigger than yourself dangling in mid-air, and to top it all off, land in your front yard? and with that being a wicked sight as it is, surely the blog that tells the tale deserves a title befitting its wickedness... hahaha. you've got to admit, its a nice title.. attention grabber. it grabs your attention. makes you interested. and that my friends, is good advertising. hehe.

guess thats it for this time. oh yeah, so sorry for not posting any pics of the
rock. any rock for that matter. i wanted to, but its now almost 5 in
the morning, and i didnt snap any pictures during the day. but come
back later, and i will post it either in my profile, or right here.

UPDATE: the pics, i have uploaded in my profile.. spent almost half an hour trying to arrange it here, but failed. visit my profile to see it...

till next time, chow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

enough about me, lets talk about you!

been busy. sorry. no updates in a long time. hopefully none of u guys were actually waiting.. huhu. bet u guys thought i act stopped blogging. haha. no lah. just too busy / lazy to write.. act, im still busy rite now, having a test tomorrow, but what the hell.. felt like writing, and didnt really feel like studying... :P

so, whats up with you guys? yeah. im trying a different approach. writing about somebody else for a change, instead of blabbing on and on about my life. as if anyone really cares. hahaha. some ppl are having their final exams, so ive heard. good luck to those guys. some ppl i see have started writing back on their blogs (ibs). nice job man. looking forward to more posts, although if you do stop for a long time, i understand. writer's bloc. ahaha. suke atie ko la.

erm, and it seems, due to the stress of the exams, some ppl are actually thinking of quitting blogging altogether (ayol).... maybe i should've included this in my previous slide.. haha. oit, jgn la stop blogging... what will i do if i cant read your blogs.. relax la. dun go deleting the posts just yet. keep it for fun. buat cam aku.. marinate (not sure its spelled this way.. ahaha) your blog for a bit.. bl dah rasa nak tulis, then go ahead. so, dun stop blogging ayol!! we love (and by we i mean myself and your other blog readers..) your blogs, albeit the sometimes not-so-perfect grammar and stuff. alaa, relax la. who says ur english isnt improving, im sure as hell it has improved quite a bit, maybe you just dont notice it... besides, im sure everyone makes grammatical errors sumtimes... i very the sure, the peoples that u thinking have perfect grammar, are havings very the bad grammar... ahahaha. (this does not imply that im one of the perfect-grammar guys, this just shows my grammar is very bad. OBVIOUSLY. haha) so, in conclusion, jangan la stop blogging. continue ah blogging eh? hehe. do it for the fans! hehe. ttba rs nyesal lak correcting ur grammar.

actually, im not even sure if she's reading this stuff. hehe. after all, it's been like two months since my last post. oh yeah, for those that don't know, ayol is a friend from pasum, an EXCELLENT blogger, and a very happening blog-hopper (can't really remember what was the term she used to describe herself...) anyways, she likes to write blogs and likes reading blogs as well. and her blogs, if i do say so myself, is quite ENTERTAINING. she updates often, talks a lot about lots of stuff, but mostly bout food, travel, and generally life. here's the address, check it out if you guys have the time.

DEFINITELY loads more fun than my boring and plain, all-words and no pictures blog... hehe. dah puji melambung2 dah ni, kalau tutup gak blog, tak tau nak ckp apa dah. n oh yeah, ayol, if ur reading, got problems wif my ym, so cant really pm u. huhu.

okay, enuf bout other ppl. let's talk bout me. ahaha. i got nothing to say really. my life is really as boring as i say it is. haha. but what the heck, you guys took the time to come here, might as well say something... erm... lets see. joined the chemE carnival committee. (chemE = chemical engineering.) actually, i just got back from one of the events, and after a whole day of working non-stop, finally the event that my department was assigned to, is done, with great success. of course, there were certain bumps and blocks along the way, but all in all, it was a success... shouout to CnP department of ChemE Carnival 2008, u guys rock! (or shud i say gals, since im the only guy in the department... ahahaha). looking forward to work with u guys again in the future. thanks for everything!

i guess i should've said what exactly was the event all about, but... malas la pulak. ahaha.... ok la, ok la, i'll tell u guys, since u guys asked so nicely. ahaha. basically just boring study related stuff, the first event was the Chemical Paper Presentation Competition. 7 groups, present a paper on a renewable energy, and the best gets picked to represent UTP to National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACES). the 2nd one, the one that just finished was the Chemical Engineering Dean's List Award Ceremony. (btw, i didnt get one last sem. huhu). oh yeah, interesting to note, i was the mc for the dean's list ceremony. hehe. reason for this is, i was in charge of finding the emcees, and since my batch's got a test tomorrow, practically no one wants to be, everyone wants to study... so, i kinda volunteered myself. hahaha. since i still have to go to the event anyways, coz i'm part of the committee, so why the hell not.. hehe.

oh yeah, back to someone else. my bro got offered to go to a boarding school. hehe gud for him. dunno how he's doing there, but from what i hear from my parents, so far so good.. he's coming back home this weekend, so i intend to go back, but im not really sure if i can, since i'm actually skipping one event that i have to attend in order to go back. plus, a friend kinda asked me for a big favour, which is to be the mc for ANOTHER event, Majlis Anugerah Kolej Kediaman (MAKK).. huhu. but i said to her, i'll think bout it first.

for some reason, i feel like im being marked as an mc nowadays.. haha. personally, im not really sure if im cut out to be an mc, coz im not really known for my spontaneity (again, is this the right spelling? haha. ayol, take note. me = loser wif bad spelling :P ) and in my opinion, an mc should be spontaneous, just in case something unexpected happens, and you're not just standing there like an idiot, trying to say something smart, but just coming up with "errrrr......" haha. but tonite, i tried to be somewhat spontaneous, since some things didnt turn out as planned, and i think i did okay.. hehe. although i did call out the vip, for an event that wasnt there. ahaha. that was embarassing. haha. but thank God the vip was the 'cool' type, so she didnt really mind. again, sorry mrs head-of-chemical-engineering-department, please dont kick me out of the university. hehe.

what else can i say about the people around me? oh yeah, couple of my friends are going to bandung, indonesia, tomorrow. wicked eh? they're going because the event that they joined, Technology, Education and Career exhibition, had excess sponsors, so their using the extra cash to treat the hard-working committee members. huhu. oh, in case ur wondering, no, the event that i joined, isn't THAT big, that we get to go to another country, once we're done. huhu. mine's just a small one. so small that we actually don't have enuf sponsors.. haha. but lets not talk bad bout my event. after all, the lecturers that came for the event were actually impressed, considering that we put up a good event, even though we didnt have sufficient sponsorship... :P

well, i think ive run out of things to say. i hope you guys liked the new concept. write about other ppl in ur own blog. hehe. trying to be less self-centered. don't want to end up a cocky bastard when im older. huhu. although i think im slowly turning into one... haha. note to self : write more about other ppl. hehe.

till next time.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

the reason why people stop writing blogs...

it seems i missed a month.. didnt write anything in january.. oops. sorry. huhu. writer's bloc, i guess. well, here i am, infront of my laptop, writing my next entry. here goes..

why do i even bother writing blogs...? huhu. sometimes i feel like im forcing myself to write something, even though i dont feel like it.. haha. looking back on my first post, it seemed as if at the time, i couldn't wait to write a blog, but now, i cant wait to finish writing.. haha. only the very dedicated bloggers continually update their blogs (me being semi-dedicated.. huhu), but unfortunately, for some blogs, despite kicking off to a bloody good start , suddenly goes silent for no apparent reason. its as if the writers have run out of batteries or something.. haha. i think my batteries are running out also.. must.... recharge... can someone help me find the charger? haha.

my theory for losing one's interest to write blogs is that most people suddenly realise, their lives are not as interesting as they thought.. yeah, i kinda realised that from writing my blogs.. haha. at first, i was thinking, 'what a great blogger i can be.. ive got so many interesting things to tell the world!!'.. now, its more towards ' my life is boring.. so boring, i cant even fathom why i even started this dumb blog...' haha. sad, but true. it seems almost everytime i find something interesting to write in my blog, my mind quickly finds a distraction for me..

a common scenario in my brain....

'now THERE'S something interesting to write about... where's that laptop of mine...
'wait, i havent eaten yet, better go eat first, with a full stomach, the ideas will come pouring in...'

after eating...

'hmm, that was nice, now off to the laptop u go...'
'hey, lets check out whats on tv! there's gotta be something good on!'


you get my point rite..

i used to write in a diary. used to. same thing is happening with my blog. in the beginning i would pour out all sorts of stuff to write, up to the point there wasnt enuf room in the damn diary, now, its collecting dust in a drawer i keep locked. hehe. safety first. dont want private stuff falling into the wrong hands.

here's something interesting. (at LAST! haha) if you were to have a diary, you would do your very best to keep it secret, not let anyone else read it, (with the exception of your closest of friends or your other half, maybe..), but its the total opposite for blogs. you WANT ppl to read your blog. you're actually advertising your thoughts on the internet. (and some ppl actually make loads of cash doing this... not me though. haha) so the thing here is, has the internet changed our way of thinking? i mean, there are things you can share with ppl, but some things you should keep to yourself! yet these select bloggers, they put it in the most insecure place there is, the internet! where a person living a 1000 miles away, could easily access it! more points to ponder upon. sometimes ppl can be so secretive, (an easy example for me would be my close friends not telling me their results... wink2 guys.), yet some times, they dont seem to have the slightest bit of care if their innermost thoughts and feelings are being read by an absolute stranger...

in fact, some ppl actually get upset if their blogs arent being read. logical, i guess, since the reason you put it online is because you want people to read it. but for me, its not really the main reason, although seeing comments DOES boost up my drive to write more blogs.(again, wink2 guys.. hehe). its more towards me wanting to write things that are bottled up inside. writing in a blog gives me chance to review my thoughts, sometimes it can get crowded inside my brain. anyways, there are some ppl that write for the sole purpose of seeing people read their writing, and they get upset or discouraged when people dont exactly queue up to read their blog. and this is another reason why ppl stop writing blogs. ive got a friend that stopped writing precisely because of this. im not saying any names, but if you're reading this, you know who you are.. huhu.

but i guess they have a right to be discouraged. lets face it, if nobody read harry potter and the philosopher's stone, would j.k rowling write 6 more books about harry..? nope. i guess when people write, they seek recognition from other people. which is probably why im losing interest in writing a blog. i write not to seek recognition from others, i write to seek the truth behind my thoughts. i cant remember a single entry that i have written, that didnt give me new insights on my thoughts and feelings. with every word that i write, i uncover more truths in my already congested mind. the haze clouding my judgement, my true feelings, are being swept away by every keystroke, and suddenly everything seems so clear.. wow. i should be a novelist.. haha. dream on buddy... haha.

hmmm. so why the sudden lost of interest? ive been blabbing about it all this time, yet i cant pinpoint the reason... let me see.. i cant figure it out. the reasons that i gave just now definitely are reasons why someone ELSE would stop writing, but not me....


i guess, there are some things in life you cant really explain... it just happens. example, why is it when you're a kid, you desperately want to be older, but when you're all grown up, you wish you could be a little child..? why is it when you're feeling cold, you want it to be warm, but when its warm, you want it to be cool? why is it that one day, you're head over heels in love with someone, the next day, the feeling's suddenly dissappeared? some things just happen. another appropriate example would be : why is it that almost a year ago, I cant wait to start writing a blog, yet now i cant even think of an appropriate title for this post? haha. some things just happen, i guess. yeah. thats the best answer, for me at least...

hah! another mystery solved. maybe i should do this more often. think of another one of life's questions, and discuss it with me, myself, and i in the blog. haha. i think a forum would be more appropriate for this. but who cares. haha. in harry potter, the headmaster has a machine or gizmo called the pensieve, where he can store his memories in it, and he (or anyone else, for that matter) can review his thoughts by actually reliving the memory or thought once more...  well, obviously, my blog cant do that, but its about as close as it gets, i guess.. hehe.

oh yeah, finally thought of a nice title for this entry. hehe. took me awhile to figure it out. and dont worry, not planning to stop writing anytime soon.. hehe.

"Its a Pensieve.. Very useful,if like me, you find your mind a wee bit stretched.."

If you still cant tell that im a harry potter fan, you're completely mental.. haha.

Take care, ppl.