Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random anecdotes 2

I have never actually been a go-getter, I'm more of a come-hither?

Life has one way or the other, pushed myself in uncomfortable situations, and I am forced to adapt. And I think I adapt well.

I'm an adapter.

But seriously, as the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Or the Malay version, masuk kandang kambing, mengembek, masuk kandang lembu, menguak.

The English one sounds so much nicer.

Very recently did I realise the meaning of the word friendly. Means friend-ly, or friend-like. So when someone is friendly, it means that he acts as if he is your friend, even if he or she is a total stranger.

The fact that it took me 25 years to understand that word, probably means I am not very friendly.

Sometimes I am surprised when someone is overly friendly towards me. "woah, why is this guy being so friendly. this is very curious".

If it were a girl, "she must totally be into me. makes perfect sense".

But sadly, this is almost never the case.

There is this one girl at the office, very friendly to everyone. She's a nice person to talk to.

But she likes to ... touch. Not the funny kind of touch, but sometimes grabs my hand and stuff, which I am not really comfortable with.

Which is awfully funny because she once complained to me that there is this one mat salleh that likes to touch her, and she doesn't like it.


Maybe I should touch her more, see how she likes it. Give her a taste of her own medicine. Only I probably won't be touching her hands...

Joking obviously.

I think some people are comfortable with physical contact. As in, its something normal.

At this oil and gas convention I went to today, I saw this mat salleh woman kissing a guy on both cheeks.

The guy looked TOO happy after that. Probably a pleasant surprise.

But the girl acted like it was nothing.

I once had a guy that was too touchy-feely for me. I clearly was not comfortable, and I showed it. And he noticed, and he dialed it down a bit.

If you've been following my blog, yeah it's this guy.

But the fault is not with him entirely. He was brought up like a girl, more or less. He is more girly than some of the girls I know.

God knows he can be annoying sometimes, but that's like pot calling the kettle black.

Not sure if I'm using that proverb (?) correctly, but I'm trying to say I'm annoying too.

People nowadays are more open to new ideas, new concepts, new looks, new behaviour.

Whereas in the past you'd be shunned by your community if you were gay, or even showed minor signs of gayness, nowadays saying bad things about gays makes you become the intolerant homophobe.

If everyone was gay, humans would be extinct in no time. I'm just saying.

Life is full of ... complications. responsibilities. expectations.

My mother has attempted to set me up with a girl. A cousin's friend.

They showed me her picture. She wasn't to my liking, but I did not have the heart to say.

They seemed awfully excited about all of it. Haha. My mother, my uncle, my aunt.

Oh yes, setting me up HAS to be a family affair, no such thing as hush hush in this family.

So I decided to play along.

Seems my mother has already shown my father the girl's picture, and he said nothing.

So after I saw the picture, I asked my father about it. (my mother was there also)

He kept quiet for awhile, and then exclaimed "NEXT!".

Saved by the father. haha.

Truth be told, marriage was never in my plans. Study, graduate, work, profit, millionaire.

But now I see it probably should have been. It certainly would make things easier for present me.

It's such a big thing, it's hard for me to imagine myself being married.

Plus there's a reason why it's called settling down.

Or, to indulge my romantic / girly side, maybe I've not met the person that makes me want to settle down.

But I'm slowly opening up to the idea of it. Hence the playing along.

Will update on this as time progresses.

I've been tweaking my phone a lot lately. Nearly broke the damn thing completely. But luckily managed to fix it, and got what I wanted.

I'm just bored. I should get a hobby which I'm passionate about.

Something that doesn't involve physical activity...

Time is precious, the seconds, minutes, hours, days that I take for granted are the days I will never get back, and when I'm old, I'll look back and think about these days and wonder why I wasted the time given to me so carelessly.

The paragraph above is basically a signal that the post is coming to an end and I'm about to get all deep and philosophical, so bear with me a few more paragraphs.

In my humble opinion, science can never produce any physical or substantial proof that God exists.

Because if science can in fact prove that God exists, that would mean that science encompasses God. Which would mean Science is GREATER than God.

Which obviously is not possible. Science is merely our way of justifying what is going on around us. Science is purely based on our observations and reasoning.

Both of which are limited.

Take our eyes for example. Our eyes are only able to see roughly 4% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Which means that everything we've seen with our very eyes is only a mere 4% of the entire picture.

Same goes for our reasoning. A child's reasoning is limited if compared to an adult's. Our understanding now is leaps and bounds ahead of what we understood a thousand years back.

Therefore, if you believe in God and are hoping for experimental evidence that He exists, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

But that is faith. Faith is believing in something without any proof.

But does this mean all theists (opposite of atheists, I'm told) , are idiots?

Again, in my humble opinion, atheists too are people of faith.

Only that, they put their faith in Science. They believe in science because it's logical. Because there's physical or conclusive evidence to support what they believe to be true.

It is easier to believe in Science alone rather than to believe in God.

Again, science is limited to what we can prove. They can't prove that God exists, therefore they say He does not exist.

No one reading this post can physically prove that I (the author) exist.

However, this post could not have materialized out of thin air, therefore someone must have wrote it.

It is the same with God.

I leave you with a quote from a funny movie I saw a few years back, which I think sums up my point perfectly.

"A thousand years ago, everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, they knew the Earth was flat. Fifteen minutes ago, you knew we humans were alone on it.

Imagine what you'll know tomorrow."