Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my first 20th

hello everyone.

forgive me for not writing so long. its not that i dont have things to write about, i do. i dont know, maybe im not as dedicated to this blogging thingy as i thought. im not even sure i can be considered a blogger. other bloggers update their blog daily, sometimes several times in a day. i am barely able to pen out my thoughts once a month, which isn't very productive now, is it.. haha.

despite of the extremely long gaps between posts, i still have some ppl that read my blog... haha. dont you guys have better things to do? lolz. thanks for visiting. and again, sorry for not updating. this one's for you guys.

since im in the topic of blogs, lets talk about blogs, shall we. when i first started blogging, i often stated that i write only for myself, but if other ppl want to read my posts, its fine with me. then i started liking the comments, be it good or bad, and before you know it, i started writing the blog for other ppl. haha.

if you noticed, my style of writing has changed dramatically from the first post, to this one. i guess even writing styles evolve. in the beginning, i kinda stressed on writing with the correct grammar, correct spelling, a very formal blog if i do say so myself. nowadays... you'd be lucky if you could find one sentence in here that has proper grammar and proper sentence structure and also, a full sentence in english, as i am more and more drawn to manglish... haha. please dont use this blog as a guide to do your english assignment.. haha.

well, waddyaknow... (an example of bad english right here ladies and gents.. lolz). this is my 20th blog posting.. wieee. some ppl might be saying, "20? only 20? lame~". haha. yeah2, i know, but it must count for something right? who wouldve thought id reach 20 posts. im not even 20 years old yet. haha. xd kena mengena, i know. :P

what should i talk about this time? b4 sitting down, i had loads of ideas on what to write, n now, i cant seem to think of anything...  haish.

let's talk bout life then. it is the main theme of the blog, after all. life for me has been okay. i was the faci for my university's orientation. got to meet with the juniors and hopefully helped them settle into university life. passed down my 3 years worth of experience, which was my main objective of joining, so although the organising committee sucked bad, all sorts of things went wrong, it was a nice experience for me.

i joined a treasure hunt for the 1st time this semester. i did join the irc infohunt, but thats like very small-scale. and running around in the library looking for books cant really be considered an actual treasure hunt. haha. for this particular treasure hunt, we travelled a total of about 200 km. there was this one task, where you had to shoot the tin cans down, if you failed, you'd have to eat weird stuff. and my group, all of us being superb sharpshooters, manage to shoot down a grand total of ZERO (0) cans. lolz. so we had to eat the garlic, the asam jawa, the mengkudu, the cup of chilli (or is it chilly, lolz) and 2 raw eggs. wow. i ate the raw eggs. also a first time experience. haha. its not that bad actually. once you get over the thought that it is raw eggs, it doesnt taste that bad... huhu. all in all, it was a fun experience, it was my first REAL treasure hunt, and it was nice for me, i think the committee did a good job on this one. oh yeah, fyi, we didnt win, my team and i, haha. but we did have fun, and thats what matters most.

i also joined a paintball competition. wiee.. im trying all sorts of new stuff this semester. haha. maybe i should try studying instead of wasting time? hahah. actually for the paintball competition, i planned on joining last year, but due to unforeseen consequences, i couldnt. so i was excited to be able to join this year... and wouldn't you know it, my team got into the finals. haha. but we didnt win first place. we came in 2nd. hehe. nvmnd. to be able to go to the finals is good enuf rite? so dont be so hard on chong wei alrite? hehehe. oh yeah, i got shot 4 times in the tournament. huhu. twice in the chest, making me have a new red-coloured birthmark on my chest, once in the elbow, and one headshot.

im going for my internship in december. im not sure im actually looking forward to it, eh wait, i am, because during internship i wont have to study. haha. i applied to several companies, only one has replied, but im thinking that particular company replies to all non-petronas scholars' application. hehe. so im not that special. haha. im planning on going to sarawak, simply bcoz i like travelling. now at first, there were a few of us that wanted to go to sarawak, but one guy backed out, now suddenly everyone doesnt want to go sarawak, which to me sucks bad. but im not gonna change my plans just bcoz my friends are abandoning me.. kalau nak ikut kawan, smpy bila tak maju. so what the hell, if it is fated that i go to sarawak alone, fine by me. i dont mind. sarawak, here i come. hehe. oh ye, i just realised something. im going to be totally alone on my 20th birthday this year. crap. my parents are going for their haji end of this year, and they'll be gone before i go for my internship and also my birthday. which means ill be alone in a place thats completely alien to me, and ill probably be alone, with no friends or family, on that one day that i can truly say belongs to me, my birthday. *sigh*. c'est la vie...

what else is going on in my life... ah yes, it appears that there is an increase in the number of couples in my batch. apparently a lot of ppl have been bitten by the love bug, despite the regular fogging done in utp... huhu. my guess is some of the girls are getting desperate, but then again, when you fall in love, you cant really help it now can you. but what amazes me is how fast these ppl get back into a relationship after getting out of one. its as if they dont really mind who they're with, so long as they're with someone. i mean, would it kill you to wait for awhile, browse thru the choices, and taking your time to make the right choice?.. haih. biarlah kan, asalkan mereka bahagia sudah.. haha.

what else... what else... hehe. lets make this one the longest post ever. to celebrate the 20th posting. hehe. i myself am amazed that i was able to write 20 postings. oh yeah, etp. engineering team project. ppl from the 4 engineering courses group up and come up with an engineering project. my group came up with the magnetoboard. our project is very similar to the child's toy, where you can draw and doodle on the board without using any ink, and you can erase the writings as easily as you draw them. we intend on making an actual whiteboard based on those principles, to be used in classrooms and lecture halls. if it works, it would be a great invention, if i do say so myself, but so far, we've had nothing but setbacks.. but we've managed to overcome the obstacles so far, so pray that we are able to actually fabricate the protoype... huhu.

aha... here's another thing i can talk about here. people and their blogs. now, im all for promoting your own blog. whats a blog without the readers rite? but i tell ya, some ppl, the things they do to promote their blog.... putting your blog link in your gtalk / ym status is fine, but to pm every single person in ur friends list about ur blog... lame~ if ur blog is nice, ppl will visit ur blog even if u dont promote it or EVEN if u dont even update it for 2 months.. lolz. haha. but seriously, try not to go overboard in promoting your blog.

i think i should stop here... hehe. its gotten too long. huhu. i wonder how many ppl fell asleep to this. haha. maybe i should make this into a bedtime story.. once upon a time, there was a blogger named yasin... etc2... and he lived happily ever after. haha. thats all from me. take care. live life to the fullest. learn the ways of the slacker. chill. relax.

till next time, whenever that may be... lolz.