Sunday, May 16, 2010

bad liar

i couldn't sleep soundly. probably due to the heat.

and its already 12 pm.

but i just went to bed at 7 am. 5 hours sleep, not enough.

plus i woke up for about 10 minutes at 10, then decided to sleep again.

the reason for sleeping late is that my friends and i went to McD for breakfast.


it would be impossible for us to wake up at a normal time like most people, so we stayed up until 3 30 am, and drove to McD Ipoh (40 min drive) just to eat breakfast, at 4 am.

when you're graduating, (i've mentioned this before i think), you want to do so many things you haven't done while you still can.

and having breakfast is one of them. haha.

we got stopped by the police cause my friend that was driving had an expired license. we stopped just in front of the road block and i drove the car instead, hoping not to get a fine. haha.

(you can read at my friend/ roommate's blog here.)

anyways, i'm not a good enough liar. i can't lie my way out of things. somebody else would have just sweet talked their way out of the summons, but i couldn't.

but i did keep cool. wasn't afraid even though they were threatening me and all.

still... oh well, stuff to improve on.

or not, lying isn't exactly a very good skill to improve on. haha.

lets not call it lying then, lets call it "acting". haha.

i really respect the really good actors / actresses that can really get into their characters, summon up emotions and feelings that were never there in the first place.

macam, to laugh and show happiness is easy, but to show sadness, pain, thats tough.

whenever i watch movies that are a bit or a lot sad, i sometimes put my macho on pause and try to cry, especially during the sad scenes.

and it works!

tears start swelling up in my eyes, but it never drops though.

except for that one time i closed my eyes real hard to make the tears fall down, and it did.


(you guys must think by now im this heartless monster. muahaha!)

anyways, i find its quite easy to get into the sad mode when the story is sad, but afterwards, when its all happy, i try to make the tears swell up again, not successful.

because its hard! it really is.

so, hats off to all those super talented actors. you guys deserve those million dollar checks you get for each movie.

not only are you people very easy on the eyes, but also very talented.

if you're not that talented, well, at least you're very good looking. LOL.

sometimes in this world thats all it takes.

pretty sure those policemen wouldn't fine people as pretty as you people. haha.

oh, am currently hooked on this song, "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B. such a nice song to listen to.

and oh, did i mention i'm in my study week? no? hmm.

if no then i probably didn't mention i have a paper tomorrow.

this blog post shouldn't even exist! i should be studying non-stop!

(how come there are no funny smileys in blogger? even friendster has them.)

but i'm not. oh well. mungkin pakcik polis boleh saman saya pasal tu daripada sibuk2 tanya pasal hidung saya.

haha. wish me luck for my last final exam.

peace. take care!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

foci point.

found an old friend on facebook.

well, more than an old friend. more like old scandal. LOL.

but we were just friends back then, probably coz we're a bit close that the rumours started.

when thinking about it, we weren't really that close, her in Form 2, me in Form 4.

but we did chat whenever we bumped into each other.

plus she is kinda cute. LOL.

haih, why do i have to be so blurr back then.

i seriously hope im not as unawares now as i was back then.

for all i know someone actually likes me alot and i'm too airheaded to notice.

well, someone i like back anyways. LOL.

dang it so mean that statement. its not that easy, achieving your resolutions.

i'm less forgetful, that is for certain, i recall things more often in my brain rather than move stupidly around with brain on pause.

see its all about what you focus on. lets say you focus on this very attractive girl, you may not notice you've stepped into dog poo.

the same goes with everything else i think.

i seriously have lost sight of what this post was supposed to be about.

dang it there goes another resolution.

which reminds me, i forgot it was mother's day last weekend.

yes2, i know very bad boy, but i have my reasons.

my family and i went to kuantan that day to send my brother for his matriculation.

so waking up early, messed up sleep cycle, preoccupied with other stuff = forgetting it was mother's day.

i did remember on that same day later on, but it was a bit too late.

actually my mother's birthday was the weekend before mother's day, so i kinda hoped the celebration would be a 2 in 1 thing.

okay more mean-ness. not helping with the resolutions.

in my defense, i care about my mother and father dearly, i just don't show it that much.

so thinking on how to redeem myself, i decided to clean up my room before i left for utp just now.

and fyi, if you know me, you'd know that cleaning up my room is a really big gesture.

but i didn't tell her i cleaned it up though.

she'll find out soon enough.

happy belated mother's day.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mistaken Identity

baru perasan this blogger thing doesn't have a word count feature. when i blog in friendster previously i usually stop at 1000+ words to avoid the post from being too long.

since i cant count number of words, means that my posts will be getting super long.

or super short.

anyways, a few years back, a friend of mine said that there was a friend of hers that wanted to befriend me.

me being the sometimes very oblivious fella, said sure why not.

so the friend added me on ym.

so we chatted for a bit. then stopped.

fast forward a few years later, after not logging on to ym for quite some time, logged in.

saw this "new friend" of mine online.

nothing weird about being online, but what was weird was that the friend had a picture of a girl for profile pic.



only now did i realize that this was a girl, not a boy. dah la dulu cakap macam cakap dengan laki je.

no wonder we didn't chat for very long.

coz lets face it, the way we talk is different depending on who we talk with.

we don't talk the same way we talk to our friends when we talk to our parents. we don't talk the same way we talk with strangers when we talk to people we know.

and i'm not sure about others, but i don't talk the same way i talk to guys when i talk with girls.

with boys its usually very harsh, sarcastic, double meaning. but all in good fun. most of the time.

with girls im usually soft spoken. i think. haha. unless ive known that person for some time then its a bit more like when i talk with boys, but still there are limits.

i wonder if i should apologize. LOL. in my defence her yahoo ID sounds kinda like a boy's ID.

and her profile pic does look a bit like a guy. LOL.

or maybe its his girlfriend. hmm.

haih so hard to figure out if its online. this is why its sometimes dangerous to talk to people online. people can be anyone they want to be.

for all you people know i might be a Yellow or Orange Monster With A Forked Tail, Big Horns And Four Eyes.

or charlie brown.

or someone totally different.

its easier for me to be myself faster when im online. a bit hard to do so in real life.

obviously being a Yellow or Orange Monster With A Forked Tail, Big Horns And Four Eyes does have its disadvantages.

enough for now. peace.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Operations Management.

quick post coz i feel like it.

OM test results came out. (refer to 3rd latest entry).

not very good. haha.

oh well.

still tweaking with blog layout. i want to keep that monster pic, but all layouts i find (apart from this plain one) can't fit that picture. not easy removing the watermark, using only paint!

(Got the picture here. sorry for stealing, not rich enuf to pay $20 for a picture. :P )

(no i dunno how to use photoshop. haha)

time for sleep. wish me luck meeting my supervisor tomorrow.


Monday, May 3, 2010

First post on new site.

Hello. I've just moved here from sumplace.
The name of the blog is four-eyed geekazoid.
because mostly i am one.
secondly despite of who we are outside, who we are inside may be totally different.
hence the expression don't judge a book by its cover. plus the header of the blog is definitely not what you'd expect.

not sure if i used hence right...

may take awhile for me to update, as not all geeks are hardworkers, so bear with me.

plus geeks aren't exactly known to have very interesting lives, so, not much stuff to write on anyways.

also, may take me some time to learn to tweak this blogger account, so for the time being, enjoy the boring geeky layout.


p/s: if you're the person that I stole the picture above from, sorry!