Thursday, March 17, 2011


Even before humans learned how to speak, we already know that guys have huge egos. They just haven't assigned a word to it yet. But you must be wondering, (girls especially), what is ego anyways? Why is it that sometimes men's ego gets in the way of expressing how we really feel and stuff?

Well, wonder no more, coz Geekazoid's making a tutorial on ego. Men's ego to be exact. Girls pun ada jugak, but I'm not so sure how it works.

In general, our hearts, not the one pumping blood, the heart that supposedly feels emotions, are all the same, regardless of gender. Its very sensitive, or in plain words, its fragile.

But men, being the proud creatures that we are, don't like to appear fragile or broken or weak. This is where ego comes in. Ego kinda protects the heart from being affected by emotions that are considered weak or girly like love, sadness. Its kinda like a bodyguard to the heart, protecting it from being vulnerable.

At most times its a very efficient bodyguard, always keeping cool, protecting the heart from being hurt. Ego is usually even more protective of the heart with new people, because nobody likes strangers. But once you get to know the new person, ego eases up a bit and lets the heart explore a little. But sometimes it takes awhile for ego to open up.

Ego does have its weaknesses though. One, it may be TOO overprotective, thus pushing away the people that wants to find a way into our hearts.

Secondly, it lets its guard down with the people that can hurt us the most, the people we care about the most. Which sometimes sucks bad.

So when this happens, ego sometimes feels overly responsible for not doing his job. so he becomes even more protective then before. this is what we called a bruised ego. It is in this stage that there isn't much that ANYONE can say to calm ego down, so just say words of comfort, don't agitate ego any more than you already have, and let him settle down on his own.

and that's about all there is to know about ego. its not that hard to understand. so in return, try to be more understanding rather than be all emo and whatnot when some guy is being all egoistic on you. there's usually a reason. maybe he knows you can hurt him, so he builds his shields up so you can't. maybe you did something before that makes him slightly more cautious now.

we men aren't so complicated. women on the other hand, fuh, im not sure girls really understand themselves that well, but they're expecting guys to be understanding. lol.

till next time, peace. :)