Saturday, June 26, 2010


apparently this is my 60th post.

I have blogged quite a lot this year.

this will also be my 20th post this year.

I don't really know the point of telling all this.

Life, as usual when the holidays (permanent?) are here, is boring.

There's not much I can really do.

Well, there are plenty of stuff that I actually can do, but none that i would prefer doing alone.

I guess I'm not that type of person that enjoys solitude very much.

I mean, some people go travelling or go watch a movie all by themselves and have a great time.

Not me. Where's the fun if you can't share it with someone?

But to be fair, watching movies can still be enjoyable if you do it alone.

I mean, its not like I talk that much while watching the movie anyways.

Only if my friend is chit-chatty will I be as well. I try not to annoy other people though. Unless the movie bores me. lol.

I guess thats why I like RPGs so much. Although I'm all alone in front of the computer, I'm surrounded by people inside the game.

But i stopped, cause it was too much fun. And you tend to forget the things you should focus on when you're having too much fun.

But its just sad sometimes. You're with your friends, and you see someone bowling all alone for example. Or you're eating out with your friends and you see this one fella eating at a dark corner pretending not to care.

I think I've grown a lot in the sense that, probably ten years ago i wouldn't have cared if i was all alone, as long as i have my computer games, nothing can go wrong.

Only in secondary school was it clearer to me that its more fun going out and socializing.

what a geekazoid. haha.

in case anyone's wondering, i haven't really truly started searching for a job. haha.

my aunt raised an interesting point the other day when she asked where i plan to work. before that i mentioned that the friend i went to singapore with to go for the job interview, took the job there and is now staying in singapore (for the most part).

so she asked me, where would i be working? the reason behind the question is that since i have only one younger brother and no other siblings, it would probably be a bit hard for my mother to let me go work at faraway places.

i did not think of that before.

to be honest i kinda hoped i would get faraway jobs, so that i can travel and see the world, so to speak.

i guess some things other than what I want must be taken into consideration as well.

on a lighter note, i think that my mother is a bit old-fashioned when it comes to interview attire.

she insists i wear a plain white shirt to interviews.

i seem to recall some friends going for interviews with very colourful formal attire, and some did get the job.


did i mention i look like an idiot when wearing formal attire? haha.

its probably due to my body portions. i have long legs, which makes my upper body look short, which in turn makes me look like an old guy with pulled his pants up too high.

yeap, kinda like this guy.

enough for now.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Catch phrase.

Importance of catch phrases.

By Chowder, my latest favorite cartoon.

going to find more now.


haha. peace.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

no point.

i have attempted many record-breaking in the past.

(yes i am bored, so bear with me.)

i once attempted to grow the longest dust-bunnies in the world. (fyi, dust bunnies = sawang, i think)

these things were growing from the light above my study table in utp, so i thought i'd let them grow as long as possible.

but then as i was gulping down on some canned drinks, something got stuck in my throat.

*cough cough.

some of the dust bunnies fell into my drink. pfft.

after washing off all the dust bunnies in my room, (including my roommate's unintended record breaking attempt, haha.), i realized the foolishness of the idea.

but as i continued gulping down on the contaminated drink, i thought of another thing to do.

world's tallest aluminium can tower. muahaha.

i'm sure i can break the world record easy.

and so i constructed the tower. being someone in the engineering field, i considered how unstable a single tower would be, therefore i decided to construct a twin-tower.

4 years of engineering study put to good use. muahaha.

ah, such a beautiful monument, much like the petronas twin towers themselves, but this looks a bit wobbly..


okay, aluminium cans, not so stable when next to a ceiling fan.

or next to a clumsy giant.

long story short, i decided not to build the world's tallest aluminium can twin tower, but instead, the world's longest aluminium can wall.

and here is the result of this attempt.

hohoho. not bad eh?

may not be the longest one in the world, but definitely the longest in UTP.

i'm so proud of my achievement. hahahaha.

i warned you there might be more of those pointless posts.

here is a beautiful view from my room.

beautiful isn't it. i think so anyways.

sometimes we don't appreciate the things that we have.

and we appreciate too much the things we don't have.

which makes us always wanting more, and never being content.

i googled content to see if i got the spelling right, and i found this picture.

Contentment is the experience of satisfaction and being at ease in one's situation.

much like the fella in the picture i think.

speaking about contentment, here is a creature i think that is content with its current situation.

the galapagos tortoise. largest tortoise in the world, up to 300kg in weight.

"move away before i eat you", says this one.

"you smell nice", says this one.

i'll let you guys decide what this one says.

wouldn't it be cool if i could keep one of these guys as a pet. haha.

they live up to a 150 years by the way, so whatever happens you'll still have your pet galapagos tortoise. haha. :)

we have so much information at our fingertips these days, yet we don't really take advantage of it.

i can find out about anything or anyone or anywhere in the world anytime with just a click of a button.


oh well.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i think people need goals in their life.

or at least, need something to do with their life.

i do.

its been almost a day and a half at home, and already i am bored.

i have no games to keep me occupied, no friend that is free to ask out, no work to keep me busy.

i have nothing to do.


now what?

i had hoped to watch some world cup matches at home, only to realize that we don't subscribe to the sports package.


not that im that into football anyways. still, its the world cup.

i don't have a friend to actually ask to come with to the mamak stalls, coz the one friend i usually go out with, his mother does not like him going out at night. LOL.

no offense to him. just that he's been staying at home almost all his life, so i'm guessing his mother is a wee bit protective.

so there are only two solutions to my problem, find a job fast, or find something to keep me occupied.

as i've mentioned before, not that easy finding a job you like.

but what to do to keep me occupied? MMORPGs?

a friend did mention playing this game, but i kinda forgot to get the installer from him.


i am reading this book i just bought, but i think its not the type of book that i would spend hours reading just to finish.

which makes it a very good investment.

see, if i like the book so much, i will read and read and read summore. and finish the book in less than a week. see this is not such a bad thing.

if the book wasn't RM 70.

it is said that a man will pay RM2 for a RM1 item that he needs. so true.

a woman on the other hand, will pay RM1 for a RM2 item she doesn't need but is on sale.

i'll let you guys decide on that one. haha.

i want to go watch movies. the new karate kid movie looks fun. anyone wants to go with me? haha.

since i am somewhat bored, you can expect more posts like these in the future.

posts that don't really have a point. haha.

actually, i did have a point, but i think i'll save it for another day.

i get bored very easily. which is why if you are trying to concentrate in class, you shouldn't be beside me.

because i will come up with all sorts of ideas, things to do, stuff to talk about, to avoid being bored.

i played truth once with some friends while in class. i laughed so hard my jaws hurt.

luckily we weren't told to get out of the class.

we weren't so lucky in another class.

"if you're not interested, either keep quiet or get out of the classroom" is what the lecturer said.

to be fair, the lecture was VERY VERY boring. we were the only ones that bothered to stay awake by chatting. plus it was a bit hard to understand him with his accent.

"if yur not inderezted, eiza keep quiet or get out of zee classrum" is what it sounded like.

kinda like a german-french accent. zat legcheror iz from egypt, i sink.

ok now bored of blogging. must do something else.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


uu, look how pretty the blog is now. haha.

now i feel more motivated to blog more often.... or not.


the presentations are done.
hardbound reports are submitted.
bowling balls were thrown.
movies were watched.
fast food burgers were consumed.
friends were made fun of.
own self was laughed at a few times.
apologies were made.
debts are paid.
hugs were exchanged.
farewells were said.

at long last, the four years has ended.

like, really ended. not "one week break to go to singapore and then prepare for presentation one day before" ended, like no more presentations.

i did okay btw, peeked at my score sheet after the presentation. hahaha.

all thats left is to do my clearance, get out of the uni, and later on come back for convocation.

(i'm all alone here btw, so now you may understand why suddenly the blog looks different.)

and of course, find a job.

or go for masters.

or a very rich girlfriend that doesn't mind having the boyfriend just stay at home and not work.

if only rich girlfriends grow on trees.

i don't think its that hard to get a job.

whats tricky is getting a job you actually want.

you have to go to interviews, answer IQ tests, behavior tests...

and more interviews, and more interviews.

which is well, boring. these companies think they're so above other people, that they have to screen everyone through these ridiculous tests. pfft.

anyways, not really in the mood to blog, just thought i'd have a new post to signify the new design.

coz when you think about it, its kinda hard to imagine that the people we hang on to for 4 years, is no longer going to be there.

well, they'll still be there, but not there there.

you know what i mean right.

life will sort itself out eventually.

for the time being, i'll just follow the flow.

i really was joking about the rich girlfriend thing.

i can't really see myself with a girlfriend at the moment, let alone with a wife.

no, i am not gay so please stop asking. lol.

but some people that i know, are like, so ready, to be in that phase of life, its astounding to me.

they have already thought up of everything, planned everything, and are currently working towards that goal.

to me, that is like, wow.

i don't think i've enjoyed life enough to let myself be stuck in that situation.

because i think that girls especially when they think of marriage, they think of how romantic it is, how it is like the ultimate commitment from the guy, how it is like a symbol of everlasting love and all that crap stuff...

but to me i think it is more towards responsibility. commitment. obligation.

your actions are limited afterwards, you can't go out with other girl friends for fear of jealousy, you are obliged to contact this particular person every day as a show of affection, plus there would be situations like this happening.

fyi, first ever video posted on the blog.

im just a bit bummed all my friends have left. thats all. haha.

not really in the mood to blog more right now, so i'll stop here.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sad day for the hair.

yeay new template. haha.

i wanted to stay with the old one, mostly because that way the picture of the monster stays in the center (coz this new one is a bit to the left), but its very sad looking.

shouldn't be sad.

so the new one looks a bit happier. i tried editing a bit, but not really that rajin to go and find and make my profile so pretty like the other blogs, so ill just leave it like this then.

for now.

plus this new one matches the monster's color.


erm i shall be going back to utp tomorrow, and i will be getting a haircut probably on the next day. sad day for the hair.

and me as well.

never did like having short hair, i feel like it makes me look like an idiot. maybe i'll find a pic and post here.

ah found one on friendster.


told ya i look like an idiot.

i wonder if i can find a job that doesn't require me to have short hair....


and maybe while i'm at it, a job that pays me extra for being late and falling asleep while working.

if only life was that fun.

anyways, it finally dawned on me that there are some of my friends that i will probably never see again in a very long time. since i am graduating and all.

to be honest i have never been the sentimental guy. for the most part.

i think i've blogged about this before so i won't anymore. but that was before i was all grown up.

now i think i've grown a bit emotionally (or not).

so i guess what i'm trying to say is..

i will miss everyone in UTP.

even the ones i'm not close with.

EVEN the ones i hate. because its the people we hate / dislike that give us reminders of what not to be like.

but i will most surely miss my close friends.

how could i have gone through 4 years of engineering without you all.

thank you all for keeping me company when i needed it, and leaving me alone when i needed the space. (although most of the time i prefer being pestered by you people.)

ok enuff mushy stuff. haha.

i didn't really have anything to write in the first place so i'll stop now before i make myself look more gay. hahah.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no longer busy

ah finally time to blog.

been busy the past couple of weeks, with studying, exams, travelling, and meeting up with friends.

the exams were, well some were ok, some were not, especially the last paper, probably because i was not really caring that much about the paper, more on what to do after i finished...

but its done, and nothing to do that can change what happened, so what the hell.

immediately after the exams, well not immediately, the day after the final exams, took a train straight to kl, then took a bus to singapore with a friend. a gay trip maybe? LOL.

went sightseeing, checked out the famous spots, ate the singapore murtabak. it is always nice to go to new places, but singapore was just so-so for me.

i don't really see why its so famous as compared to malaysia, theres not really much stuff to do apart from shopping. maybe because it has good public transport and its super clean there (compared to here) and the people are nice(r).

ok so probably that explains why its famous. plus theres that red light district. he he. (evil laugh)

but honestly, not that many pretty girls in singapore. i mean, the pretty ones are really pretty (or hot, whichever you prefer), but pales in comparison with malaysia. i can't go anyplace without spotting some cute/pretty/ hot girl. hehe.

hujan batu di negeri sendiri, hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik negeri sendiri.

did i use that correctly? nevermind.

so the real reason my friend went to singapore was to go for a job interview, and he got the job, so congrats to him. i just went there for sight-seeing. haha.

haven't really gone looking for a job, just feel like chilling for a bit. maybe i should be a bit more serious, seeing as how some of my friends have already gotten jobs.

so after getting back from singapore, figured i would hang around in kl for a bit, meet up with some friends.

although some were unable to show up due to miscellaneous reasons, did meet up with a few. had a good time.

barely had time to recuperate after the exhausting singapore trip.

then on wesak day, came home to good ol ipoh by hitching a ride with a cousin.

only when i was in malaysia did i found out my father was hospitalised for one night.

no one bothered to tell me.

i only found out because my nephews (cousin's sons) slipped up and told me. kids. can't really control what they say.

suspected heart attack, my other cousin went to say.

a bit pissed that no one bothered to tell me, not even my mother.

but she did have the time to text me

"pergi universal studios? kalau tiket mahal mak sponsor le."


guess she didn't want me to worry and spoil my time there.

turns out it wasn't a heart attack, it was "acid reflux" (thank you pharmacist-to-be) =P

not too serious i guess.

moving on to lighter news, upon arrival home, went to a few kenduris at the old house. so much memories there.

plus things seem so much bigger when you're small.

i see many familiar faces while at the two kenduris, but me being me, a bit afraid to say hi, for fear of them not remembering me. happens sometimes.

theres this one girl that looks very very familiar, but i cant seem to tell who she is and why she looks so familiar. oh well.

after the kenduris, i rushed home and went to meet up with two not-so-very-familiar faces.

Amelia and Asma. =)

nice meeting both of u.

anyways, after that, got home and basically did nothing until today. hectic week, i would say.

next up, final presentation, and looking for jobs.

or maybe look for someone super rich to marry so i won't have to work, but just sit at home and play farmville or something.

and no i do not play farmville. haha. that game sucks the life out of people and turns them into digital-crop-planting zombies.

but i do play plants versus zombies. (almost the same thing if not worse)