Wednesday, June 27, 2007

matters of the heart

heyya...  blog time. so, what have you learned about abdullah yasin from the previous blog...? quite a lot actually. you've actually gone through more than half of his entire life, at the moment.. if i was actually writing an autobiography, it would have been a very short one.. if you compare it with other ppl's autobiography. no wonder ppl write autobiographies when their old! haha. there's not that much to write about yourself when your young... imagine that. i consider myself to be very young, still very young, considering that on top this table, where the computer im typing this blog with is situated, theres a clock, a table clock. its my fathers table clock, and its at least ten years older than i am. haha. funny huh.

i intend on continuing where i left off the last time, but lets have a recap of whats happening in my life rite now first. basically, nothing. haha. nothing to report other than i went out with some of my school friends today. 2, to be exact. there were five of us actually, but each of my friend brought a friend. its quite pathetic to imagine i was actually SO desperate to go out with some friends, i didnt mind going out with only two other friends. haha. beggars cant be choosers. whats even more pathetic is that these were the only ppl i cud actually get hold of, i cudnt find anyone else that would go out with me. haha. im starting to sound like a loser now, arent i? haha.

for one thing, my class during my late years of secondary school wasnt very big. there were only 21 students in the class. 4 guys, 17 girls, if i remember the numbers correctly. with so few ppl, you'd think we would be quite united, quite close, wouldnt we? haha. not really. there was that one time, where the class was literally divided to 3 parts. The good guys, the bad guys, and the guys that didnt give a crap. haha. but we'll get to that later, if we ever get there. safe to say that i was close to some friends, but not that many people stick to their friends once they find new friends.. its amazing really, how ppl can be so close with one another one minute, and the next be complete strangers. how ppl can just break the bonds of friendship, simply because they havent met as often as they usually would.. i guess thats how u truly tell how ur friend is good one. distance. we've discussed this before, in my first blog entry, so no need to go further.

neways, getting back to the trip out, one friend brought his boyfriend. damn. how the hell are we supposed to have fun if she's going to be all lovey dovey with the boyfriend? needless to say, the outing didnt turn out quite the way i expected it to be. i mean, we havent met each other for more than a year, would it kill you to leave ur boyfriend for one damn day?! haiya... well, to be fair to the boyfriend, he did provide the transportation.. still, boring.. plus, i noticed something on this trip. the friend that came with the boyfriend, i'd have to admit. she's cute. pretty. but NOOO, thats not what i noticed on this outing. im getting to that ppl. haha. what i noticed was the boyfriend isnt what you girls would call "hot". haha. but judging by the number of "ugly boy, hot girl" couples ive seen so far, no big deal. but the thing is, this guy's a bloody jerk! seriously man. ntah la, maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i would never call my girlfriend "bongok" no matter how dumb of a mistake she made...(assuming i have a girlfriend, which i dont.. haha. kna letak disclaimer la kt each blog. spupu2 ku mempunyai mata yg tajam, pantang nmpk lain sket..! :P) and you know what the girl did? she laughed, as if the whole thing was funny. somehow i cant find the humor where the person you love calls you stupid. maybe its because im a guy. my ego is bigger. but i would never be with someone that calls me dumb, just because i made a mistake. humans make mistakes. to be called dumb by someone you dont know is hard enough, to be called dumb by the person you love, it breaks your heart, literally. my heart, at least. i just cant see why these two ppl can get together. i mean, the girl is hot, i'll tell you that, guys in my school have been drooling over her for so long, and some still are. the guy, ntah ler, ak xnmpk la hensem nye kt mana. haha. so my point here is, how blind love is. and how some ppl are so desperate to have someone in their life, so desperate not to be alone, that they sometimes stoop so low to have someone. its not my place to say who's meant for who, i know, but still, have some dignity. find someone that really deserves to have you, respect yourself. its really sick to see how some ppl are just suckers for love.. stay rich, stay cool, stay single. hehe.

overall, the outing was lame. i hate to admit it, but it was lame. even my friend said it. but what was interesting about the outing was that i met someone that i havent met in awhile.. another classmate of mine. i was with one of the friend, the one without the bf, when we met her. she was with a boy. but instead of saying hi, she just acted as if we werent there. she did notice, but she didnt stop to say hi. she just walked past us, laughing, while talking to her boyfriend. amazing how ppl change. and again, here is another example of a person that cant be without someone in her life. as far as i know, she has at least 7 ex boyfriends. and those are the ones i know about. God knows how much there actually are. haha. and judging by the look of this new one, im guessing lucky number 8 isnt too far off. haha.

it is human nature to find someone to love, and to be loved in return. i'm human too (really!?!? haha), i intend to find someone someday, but i want that someone to actually deserve my love, and i will do my very best to deserve her love, not just someone you could pick up from the streets. i guess some people just dont see that. i pity them. love yourself, before loving others (ive heard this somewhere, not sure where, any ideas?).

another issue that always comes up when dealing with ppl that have bf/gf is what happens when they need to choose between their lover and their friends. its not a "i want you to leave ur friends if u want to be with me" thing, although this sort of thing does happen, but its more subtle things. heres an example. your classmates at school, whom you havent met for years, is asking you to go out tomorrow. at the same time, your boyfriend/girlfriend, whom you just finished talking to on the phone five minutes ago, is asking you out on a date at the same time tomorrow. so which would you choose? to me, it would be obvious, i would choose the friends in this particular case. but some ppl are so deeply in love with their partner (up to the point of being an idiot), they tend to forget, abandon their friends, just like that. thats just not right! exactly like today, the couple had to leave early, something came up. my friends and i had some stuff to take care off, so they said they'd be back to pick us up later. yeah rite. they left and they never came back. damn. thank god we didnt wait for them. my friend and i took a cab home. really, is this how you treat your friends? hmm... simply ridiculous. im just too tired to say anything to that friend. she did apologise for not picking us up, but really, are you truly sorry? hmm. things like this really piss me off. i dont mind you guys wanting to hang out wit ur partner, for all i care, go rent a hotel room for a couple of nights if you want to "hang out" wit ur partner so damn much, but at least treat your friends with some respect, if not equal respect to your partner. i was the one that asked you out, yet you leave me hanging for someone that i didnt even invite. what the f*** la wei.. sorry for the profanity, what the hell doesn quite capture the emotion that im having rite now. haha.

treat your friends with respect. you may love your partner with all your heart, but who knows, you guys might be breaking up the next day. its the friends that stick thru, real friends that stay with you, rain or shine. i'm not saying that all my friends that have girlfriends/boyfriends are like this, some do give me the respect i deserve. i hv one friend that once said, "if i hang out with my gf too much, u let me know aite?". some ppl are aware of the fact dat if u hang out wit ur girl/boy too much, u neglect ur friends, u're gonna lose some friends. and as for this guy, he knows, and unlike some ppl i know, he actually cares bout how his friends feel, even though he wants to meet up with his girl. ppl like this, i dont mind. i like. i respect ppl like this. its not wrong to meet up with ur partner, no... its not wrong, but dont overdo it. the trick, to me, i think, is balance. keep everyone happy, u'll be happy as well. at least thats what i think. what would i know about things like this neway? haha.

ahh.. nice to get this stuff out of my chest. i dont have much to say this time. the blog isnt as long as the last one... when i started writing the blog, i had every intention to continue to where i left off the last time, when i was in standard six, the spit thing. but, somehow, somethings r better said than written.. :) plus, if i write everything bout myself down, that wouldnt be fun now would it? haha. wheres the fun in knowing someone by reading? you get to know someone by talking to the person, interacting with the person.. not just by reading something. its like im some sort of machine, and the blog is my instruction manual.. haha. plus, i would be losing my mysterious charm. hehehehe. like it ever was there.. oh yeah, update on the things i want to do during the holidays, i now know how to sew a button on my shirt. hehe. i just learned it on monday, i think.. hehe. cool new skill. trying to think up of more things to learn.. oh yeah, i am quite interested in learning a foreign language, though i havent had the chance yet.. we'll see what life has stored for me soon enough. till next time, chow!

p/s: if im not mistaken, the correct spelling for 'chow' is ciao. i think its an italian word, meaning goodbye. i knew this all along, but somehow i prefer spelling it chow. just thought you guys might want to know dat, in case u havent already..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

story of a boy

*i find it necessary to state here that, this time, my blog is very long. very. so, proceed at your own risk! hehe (risk of falling asleep kot.. haha)*

hey ppl. its my 8th blog posting. my fav no i guess. probably coz i was born in 1988. yeah. n im at d moment, 18 going on 19. its d holidays, n im practically doin nothing at all at home. basically wake up, eat, watch tv, n then go back to sleep... argh, pure boredom. time to write a blog...

who wudve thought, my blog cud reach no 8?! n wit ppl actually reading it? haha. dats a plus rite there.. so... wut to talk about dis time? its not like i got nething to say nehow.. oh yeah, if u guys havent noticed, i reverted the font size back to the original size, bcoz it looks nicer wit d small font. the big one jz looks..., ugly. haha. maybe i shud learn to see the beauty in ugly, like jason mraz said. have u guys heard his new single, "beauty in ugly"? its nice. he made it based on the "ugly betty" series. not the spanish/latin (dat part of the world neways..) version, the english version. yeah, theres n english version. i jz found out recently. haha. silly me.

so.. wut to talk bout here. hmm... lets talk about someone. who? hmm. me, of course. haha. not dat i dun wanna talk bout u, i wud luv to, but, i dun really know who u r, i cant really keep track how many ppl read my blog, n i cant write bout all you guys now can i? it occured to me, most ppl dont even know who i am, except for ppl dat ACTUALLY know me. weird huh? not really. my family (sepupu included.. :P), sure, they know who i am, where i was born, where i went to school, stuff like dat. i doubt dat most of my frens know much bout me... not their fault really, i mean, look at my profile, "Hometown : Ipoh, Smallville, Gotham City, Zion, Minas Tirith.". haha. jz my way of having fun. in case some ppl havent noticed wut so funny, i have to say, either you have never really read my profile, or you need to watch more movies.. or, actually understand what the movie is saying, instead of jz watching d moving pictures. haha. Ipoh is actually my hometown, im not bluffing here, born and raised here, Smallville on the other hand, is where the Man of Steel, Superman grew up, Zion, the underground city where the last remaining humans lived (The Matrix trilogy), Minas Tirith, erm, not sure how to describe this place, maybe you should just go watch the lord of the rings... so you see, theres a lot of crap in my page, so i wont go into detail (dont want to spoil it for those dat havent realised all this stuff.. haha.. i pity you..)

so, where to start. from the beginning i guess. i was born on 10th December 1988, or 1st Jamadilawal (cant remember the year in hijrah..). year of the dragon, according to the chinese calendar. the date doesnt really have much significance in history (other than my birthday, dat is. hehe). oh wait, it does. it is said that alfred bernard nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the founder of the nobel institution (the ppl dat gives out the nobel prize every year) died on this date, n they give out the nobel prize every year on this very date, if im not mistaken. boring stuff. moving on.

i was born in hospital besar ipoh (ipoh general hospital). i grew up in a few places, but all of them in ipoh. gunung rapat (or is it maju rapat? not sure.), kg temiang, n finally, puncak meru. i dont really know this, but its said that i first walked on my own in front of the ipoh train station, in the garden in front of it. my mother told me this, i was too young to remember it. i dont know when i first talked, and i cant really remember when i rode my first bicycle. forgetful boy, i am. haha. oh yeah, ppl say dat when i was born, i was very dark-skinned. mcm keling la, haha. mak lompor told me, and she did show me a picture of me at the time. d reason im saying dis is dat a lot of ppl r telling me dat im light-skinned, when i think im dark-skinned. ye lah, not exactly black, tapi kalo nk kata putih tu xleh la kan. plus, when i look at my photos, nmpk coklat je. haha. not putih. ntah ler, mata org, kta pn xleh nk ckp apa.

erm, when i was small, my mother works in kl, while my father works in ipoh ( if i got their story rite..). so i stayed in ipoh, and my mother would come back every week to see me. i cant remember all of this though. haha. im just telling you what ppl told me. oh yeah, when i was small, (not sure how this goes coz im still in d part where i cant remember), i was taken care by my opah (nenek), atok, and my aunt and uncle. so, till this day, i call dat uncle "abah" and the aunt "mak lompor". y mak lompor? hehe. coz after my mother got transferred to ipoh, their family moved to kuala lumpur, or in short, lompor. haha. she did ask me to jz call her mak, but then how would i differentiate her from my mother? haha. now i call them by different names, but still its difficult to determine which one is it when someone says "yasin, mak pggl". haha. i call my parents "mak" and "ayah", btw.

oh yeah, for those dat just now me by aymni or yasin, my full name is actually abdullah yasin bin mohd nasir. not mohd yasin or abdul yasin or just yasin, like some "frenz" once thought. n d yasin, only 1 's' ye. haha. xksh la. my father gave me this name. my brother's name, my mother gave it. initially, my father had planned to give my brother's name a name dat started with an "abdullah" as well, but apparently it was my mother's turn to give a name. haha. but thats another story. lets move on to the part where i can actually remember most of the stuff. as far as i can remember, i was already staying at the house in kampung temiang (funny name, i know, still, no other kampung like it.). before that i stayed at gunung / maju rapat, but i cant remember. i had my share of friends here, in kg temiang. but there are those ppl that arent exactly what one would call friends. there was one incident dat i remember to this day. i got hit on the head with a rock. haha. sounds funny. but its not. imagine a kid throwing the rock. imagine him being about 50 meters away. he cant really throw the rock to hit me directly, so imagine him throwing the rock as hard as he could into the air, and imagine the rock dropping from a very high altitude i should say, being propelled with the force of gravity, and landing, wouldnt you know it, on my innocent head. ouch. till this day, i have no idea why they (there were a couple of ppl doing the throwing, but that lucky bastard was the one that actually hit me) did that. i remembered crying. but i dont remember experiencing pain. weird huh? but i do remember vividly how ballistic my pak long was when he found out. for ur info, my paklong is about as tall as i am, and he's big. how big? his arm is probably as big as my hip. i remember him taking off my shirt to wipe the blood of my head. i remember the face of the guy that was trying to calm him down. and let me tell you, dat guy was scared. damn scared. uish, kalo pak long ak ngamuk, lari je la. jgn nk buat pe dah. haha. i remember dat we went to the kid's house. i remember dat he got one hell of a wacking in front of me from his father. its not a story dat i would tell my grandchildren, haha, assuming dat i will have some someday, but i will remember it till the day that i die... needless to say, i never again talked with dat guy, and his accomplice. but i was still close to their younger sisters. oh yeah, both were older than me, and both had sisters as old as i am. i am somewhat hoping to meet them, their sisters, i mean, coz wouldnt it be cool to actually meet ur childhood friend when ur all grown up? maybe we'll meet, maybe not. time will tell. apart from them, sometimes, i do accidentally bump into some of my friends when i was small, but either i cant remember them, or they cant remember me, or, after not meeting for so long, u tend not to care. there was that one time, a friend of mine is friends with my childhood friend. i tried to contact her, but unfortunately, lets just say that dat friend of mine is no longer a friend, so connection lost.

forgive me, for i cant remember when exactly that event occured. was it before i went to kindergarten, or after? cant remember. hehe. so moving on, tadika. hehe. tadika perpaduan kuala pari to be exact. hehe. this was fun. i remember being ketua kelas. hehe. i recall myself having many friends. though most of them are only blurrs in my head. i also remember dat it wasnt an all boys tadika, there were girls there as well, but i dont remember talking to them at all. haha. in fact, i cant really say there were girls at that tadika, coz i cant seem to remember even one face or even one name. but i do remember my teacher. she was very sweet. in fact, even when i was in standard one, she still greets me. teachers rarely do that. most of the time, students are supposed to be greeting the teacher, but this teacher greeted me. i can still remember the day dat dat teacher "krm slm" to me thru my fren. hehe. i wouldnt mind being able to meet her again today. aha. here's something interesting. i remember that in drawing class, the only thing i knew how to draw was a rainbow. haha. and it had all d colours dat i had. a colouring set usually has 12 colours, so usually my rainbow has 12 colours. haha. ak mmg xpndy lukis pn, smpy skg mcm tu. tu yg kalah win lose or draw tu. haha. but i remembered being at the top of my class, coz on graduation day, i was told to read a story book, in front of all the parents.... huwaa!! dasat la yasin. haha. but i guess i should have practiced reading the book, coz i got stuck with one word. haruan. as in the fish. i was pronouncing it as ha-ru-an instead of har-wan. haha. kelakar biler igt blk.... i wasnt the most well-behaved student then. hehe. and i still am not today. hua3. i remember getting into fights. i remember throwing rocks at the roof of someones house. hehe. nakal tul. in my younger self's defense, the house was very near the tadika, and there were rocks lying all over the place, the owner of the house is simply asking for it!! haha. at the off chance the owner of house is reading this blog, sori la makcik, sy bg pihak kkwn sy mntk maap. hehe. as for the fights, i remember punching this guy, and his tooth fell out! HELL YEAH MAN! YOU ROCK YASIN! Unfortunately, my mother didnt think so. huhu. to be honest, i didnt really think i was doing nething wrong. i get into fights wit my brother all d time at home, y is this ne different? (altho, i nvr punched my brother in the face, let alone punch out his tooth.) neways, my mother said, "abg jgn la gaduh....", and so i stopped fighting at the tadika. in fact, i nvr fought in primary school or secondary school (except for two occasions.. but we'll get to that in due time.). quarreling, of course, but nvr fought. hehe. i guess i do listen to what my mother says sometimes, even though its not dat obvious... hehe.

im having so much fun writing all this stuff. hehe. never thought it would be so much fun reminiscing. hehe. lets move on to my primary school years. when i was in standard one, i went to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Methodist (ACS) Ipoh. i was in 1R. at the time, there were 5 standard one classes. 1S, 1R, 1K, 1M, 1I. the first day, my father waited for me, until recess, i think, then he went home. i guess my father knew that i would be ok without him. it is interesting to note dat some of the students parents would stay and watch their kid, even after the 1st week. you'd think the kid would be okay after the 1st week. probably the parents r more afraid than the kids. hehe. i rmmbr the first day, i had honey stars to eat for recess. hehe. and when it was time to go back, my mother fetched me. and i had some leftover honey stars, and i gave some to my new found friend, leong sumthin sumthin was his name, if im not mistaken. mak ak suh bagi sket. ak bagi je la. the good thing about acs, i later realised is that its truly a multiracial school. mixed. almost equal number of malays, chinese and indians. so, i had chinese friends, indian friends, and malay friends. we were very close, regardless of our race. but when i was in standard 3, i passed the pts test, the test dat allows u to jump from standard 3 to standard 5, skipping standard 4. so, i had to stick with a new group of friends. it was also around this time dat i realised that ppl tend to stick to their own race. not dat we werent friends or nething, its just dat b4 dis, i didnt know dat race was all dat important. huhu. part of growing up, i guess. oh yeah, in primary school, i did get into one fight, cant really remember y now. but i remember dat it was with a boy in my school van. yeah, van, not bus. i went to school in a van at dat time. van tok isa. or shud i say, van arwah tok isa. al fatihah kepada dia. dun want dis to be sad, so lets concentrate on d fight. neways, long story short, d boy was crying, but i was, as i recall, quite calm. hehe. i kid u not. ive had worse from my younger brother, fights like the one i jz had, xd hal lah. haha. this dude was crying, and i remember the guy that was comforting him saying to him, "dah ah tu wei, sbr2, dia dah nk nangis dh tu..". with the "dia" being me. haha. kelakar. coz i didnt even feel like crying. and the other guy was crying his heart out. haha. yasin2.. nsb baik la time tu ak xsejahat ak skg, kalo x, ak dh gelak2 dh. hahaha. yasin2...

overall, i wud hv to say dat i am a nice boy. hehe. bdk baik la. always did my homework. nvr skipped class. nvr got into fights.(except for remote cases. hehe). but i did have some naughty moments. hell, nobody's perfect rite? n im no exception. nope, definitely not. haha. i remember this one time, when i was in standard six. after the morning assembly (perhimpunan), usually, students would go back to their classes, but this time, a majority of the students had to stay back, and some would go back to their class. an interesting thing bout acs is that they arrange the classes according to standard. darjah 1 would be at ground floor, darjah 2 would be on the 1st floor and darjah 3, second floor. as for darjah 4, ground floor, but it would be in the morning time. darjah 1,2,3 ms tu time ptg. drjh 4,5,6 pagi. so, i was standard six, therefore, 2nd floor. while waiting for the extra assembly to end, me and a couple of friends decide to look down at the students at the assembly area, see wut they were up to. when the extra assembly ended, and ppl were lining up and making their way to their respective classes, one of my friends, im not even sure who it was, shouted, LUDAH!! haha. tanpa berfikir panjang, aku mencari mangsa, dan melepaskan bom... haha. SPLAT! my spit hit the head of one kid. hahahaha. it was bloody fun, maybe not for the kid that got hit, but we were kids at the time, you cant really blame us. my friends and i got a good laugh, but that was before some ppl got called to the principals office. oops. nvr thought of this. haha. bdk kecik agi ms tu, mn tau apa lagi. needless to say, some ppl got caned, and luck was on my side dat day, bcoz i didnt get caned. reflex action saved me, i guess, bcoz immediately after bombing dat poor kid's head, i ran back into class (and only then i laughed my head off.. hahaha), so nobody knew i was one of the "bombers"... yasin2. jahatnye. i was a kid then. but not nemore.. so i guess, i do owe d kid an apology. so, if by chance the kid dat i spit on is reading my blog, on behalf of my younger,smaller self, i truly am sorry. i now know how wrong it was to do that...

haha. how fun to reminisce on the good ol' days... i guess thats bout it for now. cant rite too long. (act, i can write on, but, u guys wud probably have trouble reading it...) oh yeah, i'd like to point out that acs is an all-boys school. i would never do that to a girl.. i maybe naughty, but im not evil... hehe. one thing i realised while writing this blog is why nowadays i dont have ne trouble talking to girls, when i logically should, considering i nvr had any social interactions with a girl from kindergarten to the end of my form 3... its a theory, at least. when i was a kid, meaning a little boy, i was friends with girls, as well as boys. i never differentiate my friends, for example in school, i didnt care if my friend was malay, chinese, or indian, and it was d same when i was a small boy, in the sense dat i didnt care if my friend was a boy or a girl, he/she is still my friend. :) i guess it stays the same until today (ur childhood shapes ur adulthood..), coz i dont really mind hanging out with guys or girls, they're just frens... not unlike some ppl dat i know, dat stutter when speaking to girls, or feel the need to look their very best when meeting girls... xcool la cmni beb. haha. chill la sket. haha. but dats a different story.. maybe i'll do a part 2 to this story. hehe. only time will tell.

till next time ppl, chow.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

let the good times roll.... or not.

where did i left off last time? oh yeah, i was in d middle of my exams.. well, i'm done wit dat.. hehe. tgh cuti nih. nothing beats sleeping in the morning, and waking up in the afternoon... to me at least. huhu. so, dun think im gonna write bout d exams nemore, i did all dat i cud, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.

let me ask u guys one stupid question, wut wud u do, afta u've finished ur exams? njoy of course!! so thats exactly wut i did. or wut i intended to do neways... hehe. i had the weeks ahead planned nicely. directly after the exams, i wud break my dota-fasting days n play till my fingers bleed. haha. and then, the day after dat, friday, go to kl, probably hang out wit my frenz from pasum, saturday, join my utp buddies n go to genting. on sunday, probably hang out sum more wit my pasum frenz. tuesday probably, finally go home, and in the weekend, saturday, rumah perak!! for those dat dont know, rumah perak is d place where my family n all my relatives from my mothers side gather during the holidays. they've been doing this since i was in my mother's tummy, for all i know, i probably wasnt even in my mother's tummy yet.. haha.

neways, packed huh? hell yeah!! i mean, i havent studied this hard, havent pushed my brain to the limit like this since last sem's final, in fact, i think i studied harder this sem, coz last sem i was busy playing need for speed carbon during the study week. haha. guess we now know where my dean's list went last sem... probably left it in my lamborghini murcielago, or probably the mclaren mercedes... haha. poyo tahap cipan.. moving on, as the wise man once said, "kita hanya merancang, Tuhan sahaja yg menentukannya...". (ok, the wise man was probably melayu.. haha). blm apa2, d genting plan got cancelled. y? apparently, so many ppl bailed at the last minute, and d ppl dat wanted to go realised dat d date dat we were supposed to go was d beginning of d school holidays.. so, theyre worried dat there wud be too many ppl, so they wont get to ride on most of d rides... aiseh. amnde ah... ntah la, i was thinking, dh plan elok2, n to cancel on such short notice, damn man... but i cudnt really say nething, after all, i'm just hitchiking on another guys car... so okay lah... sem dpn lak kita g...

bcoz of dat little thing, all my plans got screwed. why? bcoz i dont have a ticket to go to kl, how on earth am i supposed to get a bus ticket to kl at 11 in the nite man... so, hanging out wit frenz on friday? postponed to sunday. y sunday? coz my housemate's hitching a ride wit his cousin to kl on sunday, so im hitching dat ride as well. hehe. save duit bas. but i managed to arrange another thing to do while im in kl, meet up wif a utp fren in kl, so i guess all is not lost... or so i thought...

sunday, i drove to kl. yes, i did. huhu. 1st time long distance driving. haha. lame, i know, but wut to do.. if i had my own car, things wud be different. not dat i'm asking for one.. hehe. nah, im cool wit d way i am. oh yeah, i forgot to mention another thing dat messed up my plans. initially, i was supposed to meet up wit about 9 ppl in kl. my closest frenz in pasum la. i was supposed to go to kl wit one of d 9, but bcoz dis one guy cudnt make it on dat day (sunday), apparently (i'm not sure myself, but it seems like it, therefore the use of the word apparently..) he persuaded all d other ppl to meet up on another date, n only after he did all dat did he mention it to me.... i was a bit pissed off by this coz i cant make it on dat date, im goin to rumah perak on dat day, but wut to do, all the other ppl hv arranged their schedule to accommodate dat date, not ne other date... so i was bein left out in d plans, even tho it was my bloody idea to meet up in d 1st place, plus in my opinion, the other guys can meet up easily, i mean, most of them r in kl neways, im d only one stuck in tronoh... life's like dat sumtimes, u jz  gotta learn to deal wit it.... damn.

i was upset. ye ah, its not so often i get to meet my frenz, i can only go to kl on holidays, its sumtin i look forward to on every holiday... hmm.. thank God dat i do hv frenz, real frenz, dat hv my back no matter wut. dis girl, part of d grup, suggested to me dat maybe a few of us can meet up when i came to kl. n thankfully, out of the 9 ppl, 2 were able to make it on d day dat i came. hehe. not much, i know, but better 2 than zero... hehe. so dats wut i did after i arrived in kl. but dats only d beginning.. hehe. nice huh? neways, after arriving to kl, i bought a ticket back to ipoh on tuesday, coz i was planning to meet my utp fren on monday... but wudnt u know, she cancelled, n out of all d reasons dat she cudnt come, "ak xd tspot la ari isnin..."... hahahahahahahaha. if u didnt hv a transport, y make plans wit me in d 1st place? haha. buat lwk tul ah. oh yeah, i know dat a couple of ppl r goin to be reading this, so let me just state here dat the "she" referred here is not my girlfriend. hehe. mst ader nye yg tny nnt, so im saying no b4 u guys ask me. she is a girl friend of mine. (note the space between the word 'girl' and the word 'friend'... the space indicates the absence of intimacy in the relationship, i think. hehe.). theres nothing wrong with meeting up wit ur frenz rite?

so bcoz of dat blunder, i didnt have ne plans on monday. so wut did i do on monday, u ask? tido. maybe i shud put some lyrics from jason mraz's song, Sleep All Day here, but, nvmnd. haha. lazy, n proud of it. so, on tuesday, i went back to ipoh... and on saturday, rumah perak! yeah!! at last, sumting dat went according to plan. n i was looking forward to this year's meeting more than ne other year bcoz this year we planned a game to liven things up during our stay there. Win Lose Or Draw. basically, ur team mate has to guess wut is it ur trying to tell them, n u tell them by drawing up stuff. hehe. simple, yet fun. n i wasnt wrong to wait for this year's trip. it was a blast! hehe. even thought my family lost every single nite, (hehe, next year kna practice blk melukis, lagi2 kotak tisu... haha) we still had loads of fun... hehe. pity dat my sister (i dun hv an actual sister, tp kak ani pn xd adik gk, so halal lah.. hehe.) kak ani cudnt make it. org br msk keje baru, xdpt nk  mntk cuti... next year la kak ani oi... hehe. jgn sedey sgt.

so dats bout it. ive still got one month to go. not sure wut to do though. haha. tdo. mkn. lyn fs. men violin. oh yeah, gud news (i think), hehe, i got selected to join utp orchestra, classical and jazz division. huhu. i can barely play twinkle twinkle little star... hahaha. but wut the hell. here's d funny part, only after i signed up for the orchestra do they tell me dat i hv to be back for training on 9th july. i was supposed to go back on 22nd july. haha. nice trick mr orchestra guy. cute. so my holz got cut short. but again, wut the hell, not like im doing nething at home neways. oh wait, i had a few things planned. hehe. nothing fancy really. learn how to sew. hehe. believe it or not, i dunno how to sew. absolutely no idea on how to sew absolutely anything. haha.  a bit problematic when a button on my shirt comes off. cant throw the shirt away jz bcoz a button comes off, dats like throwing away your laptop when the battery runs out. i make it a point to learn these things. for example, i know how to cook. hehe. nothing fancy, hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips, scrambled eggs, omelette du fromage. hehe. cheese omelette, for those dat dont know. not dat im making all dis stuff all d time, but in desperate times, i can make it la. hehe. oh yeah, i also know how to make cakes, sum cookies. hehe. not really. sumtimes i help my mother when she makes them. haha. sp lagi nk tlg selain dpd adik ku dan aku, ktorg mn de adik beradik ppuan. hehe. i learn these things so that i wont be a loser, a slob when im on my own. u know, most of my frenz, d guys i mean, are real slobs. fine, my rooms a bit messy, but still, i iron most of my clothes, i change my towel regularly, i change my bed sheets once a month... if ur a girl, u might be thinking, big deal... hehehe. did u know dat most guys dont do this kind of stuff? for example, towels. some ppl dont change their towel for an entire semester! and damn it, sumtimes, correction, most of d time, they dont even bother to wash it! same thing goes wit d bedsheets. i thank my mother for giving me guidance in these type of things, if not for her, God knows wut i wud look like these days. haha. oh yeah, ironing clothes. when i tell guys i iron my clothes, they laugh! i kid you not. they laugh... haha. wut the bloody hell's so funny bout a guy dat irons his clothes... u sick minded slobs. haha. or is it bcoz u guys r so drop-dead gorgeous, the girls overlook the fact that ur shirt looks like a checkered shirt when its actually not...? haha. ske ati korg la...

wut else, oh yeah, catch up on the series ive missed. lost for example. i have no idea wut happend to those guys. r they still lost? or r hv they already being rescued? for all i know, they've started a new series, rescued. haha. another would be house. the doctor with an attitude problem. haha. i bought a pirate cd of the latest season of house, unfortunately d cd dat i bought doesnt have d entire season... crap. serves me rite, buying pirated cds.. haha. oh yeah, speaking of pirates, i recently watched pirates of the caribbean 3. woohoo..! cool movie, though sum parts i dont get. who cares.. cool movie. wut shall i look forward to in the future, now dat all the cool movies have finished? lotr, done. star wars, done. matrix, done. latest, pirates and shrek. owh, i know, oceans thirteen. haha. not really looking forward for that one, maybe i'll wait until it comes out on hbo or sumtin. hehe.

dats bout it (dh bp kali dats bout it ntah le). oh yeah, one last thing, writing more blogs. hehe. i like writing blogs. its just dat sumtimes i dont have d time to write, or i dont have nething to write on. im not like most ppl dat write real short blogs. i went to a blog the other day, it was like five sentences long... hmm. nice. not to say dat its wrong to write short blogs, hell, its your blog, u write wuteva u want, be it 5 sentences, 5 words, 50 pages... ur choice. but to me, in my personal opinion, if its 5 sentences, u dont call it a blog, u call it a paragraph. 5 words, a sentence. 50 pages, a novel. maybe a short novel. hehe. so how long should a blog be? to be honest, i'm not sure myself. for all i know, my blog cud be a short novel. haha. im sure some ppl think so. i guess a blog is when someone writes something on some topic and posts it for everyone to read. i guess. who cares. moving on, i plan on writing more blogs in the holidays, but im not sure if i can. bcoz i only write when i have something to write on and since on holidays all i do is practically sleep and eat, im not sure that theres much to write on. we shall soon find out... Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan segalanya.

ok, im ending it here now. for the ppl dat follow my blog, thanks! n keep on following my "life, as i see it..." its quite rewarding to know dat ppl r interested in what u write, so do drop comments, be it negative or positive . i promise i wont delete ur comments, even if u say i suck like hell ... hehe. who cares, its my blog, not  yours.. hehe. i write because i like it, not because i want people to like it, but if people like it, then i would like that even more. =) chow.

p/s: i changed d font size bcoz sumone told me it was difficult to read my blog wit all d small fonts. tell me which looks better to u guys aite...