Monday, December 12, 2011

She's Just Good With Words.

I just HAD to share.

Lets make a million small changes, instead of a really big one.


p/s: pun intended. haha.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Social experiment.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday was my birthday.

I turned 23.

It was an ordinary day. I had to go to work.

I've always wanted to try the Sub-of-the-Day (because its cheaper), but never did (because takut tak sedap).

So I went and bought the Sub-of-the-Day, which was crab, and surprisingly delicious. Also I added on the soup which I always wanted to try but was always sold out whenever I wanted to try it.

Which was also quite nice.

And when I arrived at work, free J Co. Donuts! Sweeett... (quite literally)

It was an OK birthday I would say. I've never been the type to have big celebrations in my honour. I like it simple.

Moving on, I conducted a social experiment.

I changed the birthdate on my Facebook page. haha.

Just to see the ones that actually remember my birthday, instead of relying on Facebook to remind them.

So here is the list of people that wished me on the ACTUAL day itself, in chronological order:

1. Nik (an hour before 12)
2. Salmi (few minutes after 12)
3. Noen (cousin)
4. Syikin (cousin)
5. Smak
6. Kak Ani (all the way from Korea)
7. Ayol (all the way from PJ. lol)
8. Mak
9. Amy
10. Sharina
11. Dee
12. Ayah
13. Chik Gee
14. Adik

So thats about. And thats counting all the sources i.e via phone, twitter, fb.

oh the results of this experiment could have been flawed, because just found out skype also sends out reminders.

Anyways, today alone I've had triple that amount of wishes on FB. and still counting.

One guy was even confident enough he said "aku tau bday ko 11/12, tapi tak tau plak tahun 88"

Shows what he knows. rofl.

OK so what does this tell me.

1. I am probably antisocial, as not that many people know me well enuf. Dang it!
2. Skype sends out personal information to others. Totally gonna sue them. someday.
3. Facebook is a powerful mind-control device that will make people believe and do whatevers.

And thats about it actually.

I'm not sure yet whether I'll tell everyone at Facebook. After all they mean well.

Moving on, for this birthday, I have only one resolution. It shall sum up everything I wish to achieve.

I wish to be the best human I am meant to be.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thats so gay.

I think a potentially gay dude is hitting on me.


What an epic fail of epic proportions.

I probably shouldn't have told him that I was single.

Even after he asked me a few times, for certainty.

Now he keeps on touching and rubbing my hands every once in a while.

Which is kool if i was a cat, or he was a she, but sadly no im not a cat.

Nor is he a she.

Though i think, he tries to. lol.

Does good looking (chewah) + single = gay?


Does this mean I'm accidentally gay now?

Oh dear, how will i tell my parents?

"Mak, ayah, this gay dude sneezed at me the other day, and now i think i caughtt his gay"


And this is not the first time its happened.


Its as if I'm a gay magnet.

A gay-net, if you will.

I mean, lets face it, how many guys do you know have had experience with gays hitting on them?

If only I had the ability to make girls rub their hands and lean on me every now and then....

One can only dream... Sigh.

Speaking of dreams, past my bedtime already.

Lets hope I don't have gays roaming my dreams.

Friggin' fabulous nightmare that would be.