Monday, December 10, 2007

the day it all began...

today was like any ordinary day. i woke up somewhat early by my standards, around 11. had breakfast, although i should be eating lunch. roti telur. teh. (what do they call roti telur in english anyways?) my eating schedule is never normal during the holidays, due to my abnormal sleeping pattern..

after grabbing a bite, went straight upstairs to continue playing this new game i just started playing. World of Warcraft. the game's not bad, not bad, although im not very good at it at the moment. continued playing till evening, stopped because frankly, my butts fallen asleep and i got left behind twice by my group in the game. huhu.

had a bit of lunch, and its 5 pm. i sometimes feel that eating is a burden, im really the 'eat to live, not live to eat' type of guy. im so lazy i feel eating is too much work, with all the chewing and the swallowing... haha. maybe i should get an IV for my next birthday. huhu. besides staying alive, most of the time i eat because if i dont, my mother gets somewhat angry.. so i guess im more of a 'eat to not get scold by my mother' type. haha.

went to bed. yup. i slept some more. why? ntah la. no, i wasnt tired. but thats what i do sometimes when i get bored. i force myself to sleep. haha. i think im getting better at it. cant remember the last time i couldn't sleep. one heck of a way to pass the time eh? ;P... although having too much sleep does have its side effects.. for one thing, its addictive. sleep, among other things, is something you can never get enough of. if you eat, when you're full, you stop eating, but if you sleep, when you're done sleeping, you still linger in bed and if not for that important thing you have to do, you wouldnt mind sleeping for a few more hours.. :P be warned though, too much sleep can make your head a bit dizzy.... trust me, im an expert. :P

woke up. time for dinner. dinner is the only meal which i eat on time. because if i eat too late, there wouldnt be anything to eat. haha. had pizza today. yeay! havent had one in a long time. also had the seafood lasagna and some garlic bread. did i mention my favorite type of food is fast food, specifically italian food? hehe. well, so far the only italian food ive ever had are pizzas, lasagnas, spaghettis... dunno any other italian dishes anyways, but the ones ive had are nice, so im guessing i like italian food. for this type of food, i dont mind all the chewing and the swallowing.. hehe. bring it on!

finished eating.. that was nice. went on to watch some tv. watched this movie with nicholas cage in it, the weather man. its about this weather guy, whose basically losing his family since he got divorced with his wife. so he tries to patch things up with his ex-wife so that they can be one big family again. very interesting movie. the moral of the story is things dont always go the way you plan it, but you live with it anyways.. "sometimes in life you just gotta chuck some things.." very interesting indeed. i wonder what my life would be 19 years from now.. =) ever really wondered what you would be doing in the future? i think about it all the time. what work ill be doing, am i really going to be a chemical engineer, how rich will i be, what my family would be like, if i am ever going to have a family, will i lead a fulfilling and successful life or be one of those ppl that waste their lives... only time will tell.

after that movie, nothing good was on tv, so i went back upstairs to my computer, and here i am. today was like any other day, except that today is my birthday. or should i say yesterday was my birhday. its 1 12 am rite now. its amazing really, how something that means so much to someone, can be of absolutely no meaning whatsoever to another. for instance, today, its my birthday, surely its a big deal for me, but to the guy next door, its like any other day. in fact, the other guy is having the right idea. it IS like any other day. i dont feel any different. i look the same as i did yesterday. im still the same person. i still act the same way. probably the only difference is that instead of saying 18, i now say 19 if someone asks my age.. so why celebrate anyways?

ive never really had a big birthday party. usually its just a quite dinner with my family, only the food is somewhat special than it usually is, and i get a present. so ive never really wanted a big fancy birthday party. and as i grow older, i realise that as it really is like any other day, the excitement slowly fades away.. i remember as a kid, i used to get so hyped up i would blab about my birthday a week earlier. haha. and when i was in school, how i would be completely mum about the whole birthday thing, acting all natural, but secretly waiting to see if anyone cared enough to remember it.. hehe. but nowadays, its like any other day, except for the fact i was born on this day, 19 years ago. no more blabbing, no more keeping mum. wait, i still keep quiet,  but only because not to make a big deal out of it. hehe.

but, as always, i do look forward to the wishes. who wouldnt be upset not to be remembered on the day they were born? but i never really cared for presents.. (why do we give presents on birthdays anyways?) and it seems even though sometimes it may not seem like it, a lot of people still remember my birthday. hehe. thanks guys. and so today, like the year before, i celebrated my birthday with my family. only this year we had pizza, last year we had cake, if memory serves me correctly. the only truly big birthday ive had was in pasum.. it wasnt all that big, coz i wasnt even there on my birthday, a relative of mine got married on that day (talk about stealing your thunder! haha.), but i got all these presents, and everyone was wishing me, so it was great! but the best part was when i got to the house where everyone was gathering for the wedding. i just arrived, went inside, and almost all of my relatives were there in the living room. and suddenly, everyone in the room started singing happy birthday..! wow. that was the best bday ever.

i guess i now understand why some ppl like to go all the way when it comes to their birthday party. perhaps i knew that all along, just wasnt that obvious. when you have a brain as cluttered as mine, writing your thoughts down in a blog helps alot. hehe. anyways, i guess that explains why i try to wish all my friends on their birthdays, and if possible, give them a present, or at least treat them to dinner or something (apart from being a good friend, of course..:P). after all, it is the day you were born. if no one cared if it was your birthday, wouldnt that be depressing? so, ppl, if someone you know is having his or her birthday, wish him/ her happy birthday. its a small gesture, but it goes a long way. it may be like any other day, and he or she may act like there's nothing to it, but to them, there's no other day like it. take care ppl. chow.

p/s: even though it is my birthday, in case i missed your birthday, happy belated birthday! :P