Tuesday, January 26, 2010


after failing to fall asleep, at 2 30 am, even though i had only around 2 hours of sleep the night before, and a 1 hour nap, i decided to update my blog. even though it has not been a month yet. hopefully the writing will make me sleepy enough.

when you were a kid, did you go for kindergarten? there, surely you played around with plastercine (plastisin)? the modelling clay? play doh? know what i mean? sure you do. i mean, its like common knowledge what that thing is. its the sticky clay like thing that you play around with and make dinosaurs, pizzas, donuts or whatever your imagination wants it to be.

apart from a simple toy, its also useful for covering up simple leaks and cracks in pipes, tanks etc. long story short, i have a leaking pipe, and i wanted to buy plastercine. so while waiting for my dinner to be ready, i went to the 'grocery shop', or whatever it is you call kedai koop in english. (cooperation shop? lol).

"erm bang, ada jual plastisin tak?"

"er plastisin tu apa eh?"

"erm plastisin tu macam... (sambil menggayakan bentuk kotak plastisin yang sangat tak membantu).. camne nak describe eh plastisin... haha"

"haha erm tak tau lah takde kot"

weird. how does one not know what plastisin is? oh, i might need to mention, i just woke up from my nap, therefore my brain is not functioning at its usual efficiency, so apart from it having a rectangle box, i cant think of any other way to describe plastisin. haha.

nevermind i thought, this shop is a bit small anyways, maybe they have it at the bigger shop at the other village (hostel in UTP). and so i went to the other shop.

Me : "ada jual plastisin tak"

Cashier boy 1 : "plastisin? apa tu eh?"

Me : "....(still thinking how to describe plastisin apart from rectangular box)"

Cashier boy 2 : "oh tau, yang tampal2 tu kan?"

Me : "HAA!"

Cashier boy 2 : "tak ada lah..."

Me : "...."

unsatisfied, i searched the shop myself, in case this fella mistook plastercine for a bandage or sticky tape or post-it-note or sumthing.

nope, no plastisin.

grabbing a Cornetto Royale Strawberry Kisses, i exited the shop (after paying of course) and while walking to fetch my dinner, pondered what kind of kindergartens this people went to, or if they even went to kindergarten. surely they played with plastisin before. can't be that their kindergarten, in an effort to cut down costs, gave them tanah liat sungai to play with instead, can it? nah, improbable.

sticky! yes, thats one way to describe plastisin.. bit late, but better late than never they say.

upon returning to my beloved room, i asked my roomate whether he knew what plastisin was. sort of a weird question to ask out of the blue, but i am a bit weird, so thats normal. and yes, he knew what they were.

fuh! was beginning to think i was a spoiled brat playing with plastisin when other people were playing with tanah liat sungai.

then, after a short chat with the roommate, (coz the brain still wasn't warmed up by then), it dawned on me, i may be from a different generation than these shopkeepers. the older shopkeeper, being older than me, may very well did play with tanah liat sungai during his kindergarten days, who knows when the plastisin was invented. but he couldn't be THAT older than me, he looks 20 - 30ish, i can't really tell, i come from a family of awet muda people. (eternally youthful? sigh, very limited vocab).

no joke, i once thought my maths teacher in Form 4 was as old as my grandmother, when thats not logical at all coz my grandmother was 76 at the time. turns out she wasn't even 40 yet, which makes her even younger than my mother, let alone my grandmother. yikes. (note to self : never guess people's age)

and for the younger shopkeeper, my guess is that kindergartens during his time was no longer going for 'fun and creativity' in their activities, maybe more towards 'logical thinking and intelligence', so he probably didn't get the chance to play with the plastisin.

who knows what these kids played with in their kindergarten? for all i know, he probably played with the rubiks cube before nap time and after nap time, solved some sudoku puzzles before playing a game of chess.

sigh, how things have changed. i feel slightly old.


i feel that i am blessed in this department. i was one of the lucky few that got to skip standard 4 in primary school, meaning im one year younger than most of my peers. i am born in december, so you can add in another year there (i don't care what year it is, as long as its not my birthday yet, im still not 22! haha). top that off with the eternally youthful complexion i inherited from my parents and voila! 3 years younger me. haha.

okay2, the awet muda thing may not show that much NOW, but come see me in 40 years, and i'll show you!

but really, young, old, not of that matters when you're eating delicious ice cream.

yum yum.

haha. i think its something i just dont grow out of. ice cream. i still like ice cream now. still like it as much as i did 10 years ago. my parents aren't exactly helping either. kat Mekah dulu makan ice cream tiap2 hari sampai batuk2. haha. guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

wonder if kindergartens nowadays serve ice cream. or maybe they substituted it with supplement pills and Brands Chicken Essence. who knows.. (btw, brands commercial with dafi, arguably one of the stupidest commercials ive seen, which is ironic since its trying to promote that you'll be more intelligent by drinking the thing. "How come you're so smart?" "OH, BRANDS!" are-tard. sorry. so much for being less mean.)

although Westerners prefer to take appetizers first, main course second, desserts last (assuming its a 3-course meal, if there's even such a thing), i prefer to take the desserts first. we should really try to invent our own ways of doing things, instead of just following Westerners blindly for no particular reason.

plus, if i keep the ice cream in the fridge while i eat dinner, it might 'evaporate into thin air', but still, don't follow people blindly. We're better than that. and stealing other people's food. We're better than that as well. Blasted beruang. Maybe I'll write about him someday. or maybe i already have. can't recall tho.

take care. peace!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

birthday wishes.

although i said in the previous post not to, coz u shud be doing it on ur bday instead on new year's, i decided to do so anyways. consider this my list of things i want to do / achieve before my birthday next year, i mean this year..

1 .less clumsy

2. less forgetful

3. less mean to people (sarcastically or not)

4. friendlier to people i don't / barely know

5. be more confident when dealing with people

6. figure out what i'm going to do with my life

7. possibly start taking violin lessons again.

i'm extremely clumsy and forgetful. and it really gets on my nerves sometimes. nobody's fault really, just mine. i sometimes forget the most simple of things, but sometimes remember the smallest of details. just the way my brain works i suppose. it CAN remember these things, but sometimes the mind just blocks out some stuff that it thinks isn't important. which would explain my high-ignorance level. (not stupidity, well, maybe some stupidity, but more to my ability to ignore stuff.) and also my absent-minded-ness. if i wanted to get a pair of scissors for example, i look into the pencilbox and find my calculator, i'll then remember to calculate my homework and forget all about the scissors. i'm easily distracted, easily bored, which does not make me a very good listener, unless its something that interests me, or something juicy... lol.

so, my birthday resolution number one and two is to be less clumsy, (i.e break / destroy less stuff unintentionally.) and be less forgetful.

next thing on the list is be less mean to people. haha. i've been working on this for quite a while now. i can be very mean to people sometimes. most of the time unintentionally. very rarely intentionally, but it does happen. sometimes i am very sarcastic. sometimes sarcastically mean. most of the time i don't realize that i'm being mean, but i'm trying to change that. it's not that i'm mean to EVERYONE... it's just that i realize now that i haven't been very nice to some people in the past and could have been nicer. therefore i would like to be nicer. maybe a good spanking will lead me in the right direction... (or the wrong one... LOL).

see, i have this problem of talking to new people. i don't want to. i don't like talking to strangers. there's a reason why it's called "strangers". they're strange. STRANGER than strange. but it's not necessarily a good thing. sure when you're a kid its good not to talk to strangers, but as you grow up, its expected of you to do so, to socialize with people, and if you don't, people are going to think you're the strange one. and so i changed. when the need for it arises, i talk with people i don't know. friendly as hell. but if there's no need for it, i mind my own business. i couldn't care less if you're a ridiculously hot 21 year-old supermodel that's been eyeing me for the past half hour or someone that looks awfully familiar, i will not talk to you unless you talk to me first.

plus i tend to treat people like they're NPCs.

According to Wikipedia

A non-player character, often shortened to NPC, is a character that is controlled by the gamemaster in role-playing games. When this definition extends to video games, an NPC in a video game is usually part of the program, and not controlled by a human.

In games such as WoW, people only interact with NPCs when they need something. Lets say your character needs some food, you go to the NPC that sells food, you buy the food, you leave. People don't normally interact with NPCs, socialize with the NPCs, unless they're ridiculously bored and have nothing to do, then they might. (although wouldn't count on a response, except for those specially programmed NPCs). it would not be so polite if lets say you bought food from someone, almost everyday but never have the time to chat or at least know their name. i tend to do that sometimes. its bad, i know, but its not because im rude or anything, its just that i wouldn't know what to say, or what to talk about. i'm not exactly creative..


Penjual roti canai : Eh bos, u pun potong rambut dekat sini ka?

Me : Aah...

Penjual roti canai : Sudah abis cuti ka sekarang? Lama jugak tara nampak u.

Me : Aah...

Penjual roti canai : .....

(awkward silence)

Me : (trying to break awkward silence) err... hari ni banyak canai roti ke?

Penjual roti canai : .....


next item on the list would be.... more confident when dealing with people. yeah, very similar to the item before, due to my lack of interest in interacting with people, i also do not like dealing with people i don't know. it just feels very weird to ask someone you barely know to do something for you, or to ask something from them. maybe getting to know the person would help in this department. hmm.

The next one is a tough one. figuring out what to do with my life. Further studies? Work? Something else? So many choices. Throwing a dice would be an easy way to choose. But living with the choice afterwards? Not so easy. haha. Time will tell.

last but not least, violin. i learnt the basics here in UTP. FOC. but the very basics. can barely play on my own. due to the lack of violinists however, was absorbed into UTP Orchestra. performed twice, once during the Symphony Fest, the other during Convocation ceremony. Sadly, not long after, violin section was removed from the orchestra due to... musical differences with the new conductor. I like playing the violin. I may have loathed going to the training sessions, but once I got kicked out, that's when I realized how much I miss practicing the violin with my friends, no matter how awful I sounded at the time. haha.

Although I have my own violin, and generally speaking I can play it on my own, its not as fun / easy as it would be if I were in a group of people. playing on your own, being as knowledgeable about violins as those Islamophobes are about Islam, I can't really improve, nor do I enjoy the 'music' that comes out from my violin. at least when you're in a group your mistakes are not so obvious. haha. would really2 like to start learning it back.

that is all for now.